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Burnmark and FinLeap Webinar - Insurtech

BrightTalk webinar with Christopher Oster (CEO of Clark) Devie Mohan (CEO of Burnmark) and Inna Leontenkova (Entrepreneur in Residence, FinLeap). We cover insurtech topics including investments, business models, regulation and future predictions.

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Burnmark and FinLeap Webinar - Insurtech

  1. 1. InsurTech: Opportunities and Disruption Potential What are some of the most fascinating innovations in InsurTech? Moderator: Devie Mohan (CEO, Burnmark) Christopher Oster (CEO, Clark) Inna Leontenkova (Entrepreneur in Residence, FinLeap) 7 December 2016
  2. 2. Insurance as a sector with high disruption potential • What makes insurance a sector that is so lucrative for disruption? • What are some of the pain points faced by insurance firms today that insurtech firms are able to solve?
  3. 3. Exciting new use cases within insurtech • What areas or innovation coming up in insurtech is most exciting for you? Source: CBInsights
  4. 4. The insurance value chain • How do you see the insurance value chain changing? • Do you think there could be consolidation or large scale partnerships to achieve scale in the insurtech space?
  5. 5. Regulations and challenges • What has been your experience with regulators? What are some of the biggest regulatory challenges in the space? • How can insurtech firms achieve the balance between regulation and innovation?
  6. 6. Insurtech vs Fintech • Is Insurtech really much larger than fintech? • Do you think there is a much bigger scope of disruption and much bigger market sizes available for insurtechs?
  7. 7. Trends and Predictions • What are some of the insurtech challenges yet to be solved? • What is your outlook for 2017?
  8. 8. Thank you! Devie Mohan • Christopher Oster • Inna Leontenkova •
  9. 9. Do download the awesome Burnmark report on Insurtech