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2014년 4월 24일 진행된 Developer Direct LIVE! 2014 세미나에서 발표자 짐 맥키트(Jim McKeeth)가 발표한 세션 진행자료 입니다.
다운로드가 필요하신 분들은 다음 링크를 이용하세요: http://goo.gl/KpuwEZ

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20140424 developer direct live 2014 jim mc_keeth_what's new in xe6

  1. 1. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIESEMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES What’s  New  in  XE6!   Empowering  VCL  and   extending  to  multi-­‐device
  2. 2. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES 2 About  your  Presenter  –  Jim  McKeeth • Lead  World  Wide  Developer  Evangelist   • Administrator  of  the  Embarcadero  MVP  Program   • Host  of  Podcast  at  Delphi.org   • Longtime  Delphi  developer   • Also  Java,  JavaScript,  C#,  Objective-­‐C,  etc.   • Invented  and  patented  swipe  to  unlock  in  2000   • US  Patent  #  8,352,745  &  6,766,456,  etc.   • Improvisational  performer  with  ComedySportz  Boise   • jim.mckeeth@embarcadero.com  or  @JimMcKeeth  
  3. 3. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES • 09:00-­‐09:15   Introduction:  The  Big  Picture   • 09:15-­‐09:45   Empowering  Your  VCL  codebase  and  developer  productivity     • 09:45-­‐10:45   Database,  integration  and  scalable  services  with  RAD  Studio   • 10:45-­‐11:15       Coffee  Break   • 11:15-­‐12:00   Embrace  and  Extend  Your  VCL  and  Mobile  apps   • 12:00-­‐12:45   "Turning  on"  to  mobile  and  The  FM  Application  Platform   • 12:45-­‐13:00   Evolution  within  a  Revolution:  Summary  and  Q&A Agenda  at  a  Glance
  4. 4. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Embarcadero Technologies • Founded  1993   • 3.2  Million  Customers  -­‐  97%  of  Fortune  2000   • 35+  Product  Awards  –  Consistent  Innovation   • 500+  Employees  in  29  Countries
  5. 5. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Embarcadero Product Portfolio Design' Develop' Deliver'
  6. 6. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES What  is  RAD  Studio? RAD  Studio  is  the  complete  software   development  solution  for  building  true   native  applications  for  Windows,  Mac,   iOS  and  Android  from  a  single  codebase   and  get  them  to  market  fast
  7. 7. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Introducing  RAD  Studio  XE6! • Quality,  Stability,  Performance!   • C++Builder  development  for  Android   • New  VCL  Styles  and  Components   • Mobile  In-­‐App  Payment  and  Advertising  Services   • New  Backend-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  Client  Components   • …  and  much  more!
  8. 8. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES XE6:  Something  for  Everyone
  9. 9. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIESEMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES The  Big  Picture Your  VCL  applications  are  key  to   drive  the  business  to  multi-­‐device
  10. 10. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Research  Goal The  primary  research  goal:  Quantify  the  current  levels  of   experience  and  expertise  among  developers  making  the   move  from  Windows  desktop  to  mobile  applications. A  recent  market  study  of  Windows  developers  and  mobile Methodology Windows  developers  from  around  the  world  were  invited  to   participate  in  an  online  survey.  They  were  asked  a  series  of   questions  about  demand  for  mobile  applications,   experience  with  delivering  apps,  and  challenges. Participants 1337  individuals  completed  in  the  survey.  
 All  had  responsibility  for  development  of  Windows  desktop   applications.
  11. 11. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Windows  developers  must  deliver  mobile  apps  on  iOS  and   Android  and  continue  to  support  Windows 11 Will  you  still  be  required  to  develop  and   support  your  existing  Windows  applications? What  mobile  platforms  are  most  important  for  your   users  to  have  applications  for? Other BlackBerry Windows  RT Windows  Phone Apple  iOS Android 0.833 0.673 0.328 0.174 0.135 0.035 1%# 4%# 95%# No,#we#will#cease# development#and# support#of#Windows# applica;ons# We#will#provide# support#only,#no#new# features# Yes,#we#will#con;nue# all#development#and# support#for#the# foreseeable#future#
  12. 12. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Do  you  believe  natively  compiled  apps  deliver  a  better  user  experience  and   performance  than  a  scripted/interpreted  language  solution
 (i.e.  HTML5,  Java,  JavaScript,  Python,  etc.)? 85%  say  native  apps  are  best  for  users Yes$ 85%$ No$ 15%$
  13. 13. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Would  it  be  valuable  to  have  a  tool  that  would  allow  you  to  use  common   source  code  to  produce  both  desktop  applications  and  native  mobile  apps   with  a  single  development  effort? 95%  see  value  in  common  source  code  for  mobile  and  desktop   Yes$ 95%$ No$ 5%$
  14. 14. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Why  RAD  Studio  XE6? • Your  way  to  mobile   – Multi-­‐device   – True  native   – Single  source   • Your  key  to  Windows   – Expanding  VCL,  best  Windows  library     – Desktop/mobile  integration
  15. 15. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIESEMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Empowering  your  VCL  codebase   and  developer  productivity • Win  7/8  taskbar  buttons   • Improved  VCL  Styling   • Supercharge  VCL  apps  with  Visual  LiveBindings
  16. 16. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Windows  XP  End  of  Life  –  April  8th,  2014 What  does  it  mean  to  ME?
  17. 17. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Win64  ?   Unicode  ?   User  Interfaces?   Modern  Language  Features?   Visual  LiveBindings  ?   FireDAC  ?   Cloud  Services? Reality  Check
  18. 18. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES VCL  Styles • Update  the  look  of  your   Windows  applications  with   new  VCL  styles   • Includes  Windows  tablet  styles   and  supports  Windows  7  &  8.1   • Fully  style  your  apps  including   menus  and  borders  
  20. 20. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES TaskBar  Preview  Component • Present  previews  of  your  app’s   windows  in  the  Windows   taskbar   • Use  button  controls  within   previews   • Show  progress  and  overlay   icons  on  the  taskbar  buttons
  21. 21. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES VCL  Sensor  Components • Access  location,  movement   and  other  features  on   Windows  tablets   • Access  device  sensors  from   VCL  apps     • Accelerometer,  GPS  and   gyroscope  functionality  
  22. 22. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES More  New  Features  in  XE6 • A  New  Look  in  the  IDE!   • Sensor  components  available  to  VCL  applications   • JSON  support  refactorings   • TWebBrowser  on  Windows  updated  to  the  latest  IE   • Apache  HTTP  Server  modules  support  in  WebBroker   and  DataSnap   • DirectX  11  API  support
  23. 23. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Visual  LiveBindings • Introduced  in  XE2   – VCL  and  FireMonkey   – C++Builder  and  Delphi   • Based  on  relational  expressions,  called  binding  expressions   – Can  be  unidirectional  or  bidirectional   – Standard  converters  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box   – Custom  converters  can  be  added   • Can  be  used  at  design  time  /  runtime
  24. 24. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Visual  LiveBindings Bind  data  and  properties  by   simply  drawing  lines   between  objects Organize  large  numbers  of   bindings  using  Photoshop-­‐ like  “layers”   Visualize  your  data   bindings  at  a  glance  
  25. 25. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Rapid  Prototyping  with  TPrototypeBindSource
  26. 26. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIESEMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Database,  Integration  and  Scalable   Services  with  RAD  Studio • What’s  new  in  FireDAC   • Building  DataSnaps  services   • InterBase
  27. 27. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES What  is  FireDAC? • High-­‐performance,  easy-­‐to-­‐use,  enterprise  database   connectivity   • Universal  data  access,  but  with  many  database   specific  features   • No  drivers  required  and  full  source  code  provided   • Compatibility  with  the  BDE  means  easy  migration  of   legacy  applications  with  “reFind”  utility   • Database  applications  development  is  fun  again  with   FireDAC
  28. 28. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES New  FireDAC  Features • FireDAC  Data  Explorer  integration   – Drag  and  drop  with  proper  components  and  naming   • Streaming  refactoring  and  JSON  serialization   format   • New  FireDAC  Informix  native  driver   • Support  for  encrypted  backup  /  restore  for   InterBase
  29. 29. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Improved  FireDAC  Features • TFDMemTable  design-­‐time  enhancements  (Load   from  File,  Save  to  File,  Assign  Data)   • TFDPhysXxxxDriverLink  component  usage  is   optional,  proper  unit  added  by  default   • Major  improvements  to  Centralized  Cached   Updates,  better  support  for  joins   • Local  SQL  improvements  better  handle  ad-­‐hoc   datasets
  30. 30. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES NEW!  DataSet  Automatic  Field  Creation  Control • Flexible  management  of  TFields  lifetime  with  new   FieldOptions  property  (for  all  datasets)   – AutoCreateMode  indicates  how  to  combine  fields   – PositionMode  determines  sequence   • Goal:  persistent  fields  can  be  merged  with  dynamic  ones   – Supports  calculated  fields  with  no  other  persistent  fields   – Supports  dynamic  queries  with  some  persistent  fields   • User  code  backwards  compatible   – Custom  DataSets  code  compiles,  requires  clean  up
  31. 31. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Build  Scalable  Services  with  DataSnap • FireMonkey  added  to  DataSnap  wizards   • Flexible  server  architecture  and  hosting   – NEW!  Apache  2.4  Web  Server  hosting  on  Windows   • REST  Clients  and  RESTful  interfaces   – NEW!  FireDAC  JSON  Reflection   • Role-­‐based  authentication  and  authorization   • Secure  transport  and  communication  filters   • Callbacks   • Multiple  client  types
  32. 32. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Why  Multitier? • Scalability   • High-­‐availability   • Security   • Fault-­‐tolerance   • Monitoring   • Messaging   • Provisioning
  33. 33. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES End-­‐to-­‐End  DataSnap  Scenarios
  34. 34. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES INTERBASE Embed,  Deploy,  Relax The  highly  scalable,  powerful,  embeddable,  encrypt-­‐able  database   that  works  on  multiple  platforms,  including  iOS  &  Android
  35. 35. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES InterBase®  -­‐  Suited  to  Mobile,  Desktop,  Server • Overview   – Highly  scalable,  powerful,  embeddable  database.   – Small  memory  and  on-­‐disk  footprint,     – Simple  installation  /  deployment     – Near  zero  administration     – Encryption  built  into  all  paid  versions*   – Low  TCO   • Notable  Features   – Full-­‐featured  DBMS     • SQL92  compliant   • SQL  Domains   • ODBC   – ACID  compliant  /  Multi-­‐version  architecture   – Automatic  crash  recovery   – SMP  -­‐  Multiple  core  support   – Self-­‐tuning  engine     – Fully  featured  in  all  editions     • Some  features  limited  in  run-­‐time  royalty  free  IBLite   – Database  monitoring  and  statistics  built  in • Security   – Embedded  user  &  role  based  authentication   – Full  database,  table  or  column  encryption   • DES  (weak)     • AES  (strong  256bit)  encryption   – Decryption  by  user  /  user  role   – Allows  developers  to  focus  on  creating  fast,  resilient   applications.   • Disaster  Recovery   – Journaling   – Data  dumps   – Partial  Backups   • Also….   – Window  Direct  I/O  support  &  Amazon  EC2  certified   – Tight  integration  into  Embarcadero  Development  tools,   but  also  works  with  Visual  Studio,  Xcode,  Eclipse,  Ruby,   PHP  etc   – ODBC
  36. 36. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Video  &  White  Paper  on  demand!   • http://embt.co/ibxplatformdb   • Learn:   • Basics  of  data  protection  (from  a  developers  view)   • Legal  responsibilities  around  data   • Risk  around  secure  data   • Case  studies     • What  happens  when  it  goes  wrong  and  the  costs!   ! • http://embt.co/MobEntWP     • In  addition  learn:   • Top  mistakes  made  when  “Mobilizing  enterprise  data”.   • How  to  avoid  them
  38. 38. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIESEMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Embrace  and  Extend  Your  VCL   and  Mobile  applications • App  Tethering   • BaaS  Components
  39. 39. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES App  Tethering • Easily  expand  your  existing  Windows  apps  to   mobile  devices   • Mobile  companion  apps  are  the  answer  for   our  Windows  VCL  customers   • Control  and  interact  with  existing  Windows   apps  from  mobile  apps   • Simple  communication  components  on  each   side   • For  example,  a  Google  Glass  app  can  control   aspects  of  an  existing  Windows  app
  40. 40. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES App  Tethering 40
  41. 41. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Why  App  Tethering? • Build  companion  mobile  apps   – Mobile  enable  desktop  VCL  apps  with  companion  apps   – Embrace  and  extend,  rather  than  migrate   • Automatic  discovery   – No  configuration,  IP  setup,  server  management   – Peer-­‐to-­‐peer  model,  across  same  app  /  companion  apps
  42. 42. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES App  Tethering • VCL  and  FM  apps  can  communicate   and  pass  data  over  WiFi  with  a  simple   component     • Open,  component-­‐based,  pluggable   architecture   • TCP/IP  connectivity,  more  to  follow   • Use  Case:  Mobile  FM  “remote   control”  apps  for  existing  VCL  apps
  43. 43. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Cloud  Service  (BaaS)  Integration • Use  push  notifications  to  engage   your  users   • Access  data  and  object  storage  in   the  cloud   • User  authentication   • Supports  popular  BaaS  providers   with  a  common  API  component  
  44. 44. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES BaaS  =  Backend  as  a  Service • Most  mobile  apps  need  server  storage  for  data,   images,  files   – Build  yourself  (with  DataSnap)  or  buy  a  scalable  cloud   solution  (with  Cloud  or  BaaS  services)   • BaaS  =  cloud  solution  with  mobile  users  management   – Also  usage  analytics,  push  notifications  (cross  platform,  and   more
  45. 45. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Backend-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  Client  Components • Based  on  REST  Client  architecture   – Introduces  in  XE5   • BaaS  clients  for  Kinvey  and  Parse   – Native  providers  to  use  services  directly   – Providers  integration  with  framework  for  common  services   – Framework  works  with  these  providers,  open  for  future   extensions
  46. 46. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Backend-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service  Model • Supports  abstract  features,  provider  independent   – Create,  retrieve,  update  and  delete  (JSON)  objects   – Signup,  login,  retrieve,  update  and  delete  users   – Upload,  download  and  delete  files  or  streams   – Query  objects  and  users   – Send  push  notifications   – Register  for  and  receive  push  notifications  on  a  device
  47. 47. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Push  Notifications  Scenarios • Send  reminders  to  mobile  apps  even  when  not  active   – App  to  app  notifications  (via  push  server)   – Server  to  app  notifications  (triggered  by  server  events)   – Client  notifications  (for  example  VCL)  to  companion  app ➔
  48. 48. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Multi-­‐Device  Application  Platform Client   Devices BAAS   Providers Enterprise   Data DataSnap   On  Premise
  49. 49. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIESEMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES “Turning  on”  to  Mobile  and   The  FM  Application  Platform • Android  support  in  C++Builder   • What’s  new  in  FireMonkey   • App  Monetization  components
  50. 50. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Device  diversity  will  continue  to  expand!
  51. 51. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Multi-­‐Device  True  Native Apple   Google   Microsoft Single   Device Multi   Device ScriptedTrue  Native Multi-­‐Device True  Native Embarcadero HTML5  and   JavaScript    
  52. 52. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Visual  Rapid  App  Development
  53. 53. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Get  to  Market  Fast! • Single  source,  multi-­‐platform,  is  here   today   • Rapid  Prototyping   • Reusable  and  extendable  visual   component,  building  blocks  for  faster   and  highly  maintainable   development   • Quick  and  easy  connectivity  to   enterprise  databases  and  services
  54. 54. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES The  Vision  is  Now  Complete! Android iOS Windows Max  OS  X C++ Object  Pascal
  55. 55. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Build  Android  apps  with  standard  C++ • The  first  C++  visual   development  environment  and   user  interface  framework  for   Android   • Develop  apps  for  Android   tablets,  smartphones  and   Google  Glass   • Develop  visually  and  compile   natively
  57. 57. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES NEW!  Android  Support  in  C++Builder • New  C++  Compiler  for  the  Android  Target  Platform   – First  native  C++  development  tool  and  IDE  for  Android   • Common  C++  codebase  for  iOS  and  Android   • Based  on  Clang   • C++11  Standards  Compliance   • Automatic  Reference  Counting   • GNUSTL   • Also:  package  support  for  Windows  64-­‐bit
  58. 58. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES New  C++  Compiler • Declaration  now  require  a  type.  Cannot  use  an  implicit  “int”   • Open  array  definitions  use  „Data_High”  instead  of   “Data_Size”   • “Generate  .map  symbols  file”  option  disabled  by  default   • HPPEMIT  Delphi  compiler  directive  for  linking  and   generating  C++  namespace  declarations
  59. 59. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES The  FM  Application  Framework  Architecture Language 3D  API Platform Desktop Mobile Framework
  60. 60. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES New  and  Improved  FM  Features • New  TintColor  and  IconTintColor  properties  in  buttons  and   toolbars     • TGrid  Improvements   • TListView  enhancements   • Most  FM  enumerated  types  redeclared  as  scoped   enumerations   • New  TWebBrowser  methods  for  static  content   • New  TAlphaColorF  Record/Struct
  61. 61. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Develop  Apps  for  Google  Glass • Google  Glass  optimized   style   • Visual  design  template   • Multi-­‐device  dev  now   includes  smartphones,   tablets  and  wearables
  62. 62. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES In-­‐App  Payments  and  Advertising • Monetize  your  apps  with  in-­‐app   payments  and  advertising   • Sell  content,  functionality,   services  and  subscriptions     • Supports  the  top  ad  networks   and  app  stores
  63. 63. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIESEMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Summary  and  Q&A Evolution  within  Revolution!
  64. 64. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Primary  Benefits  of  XE6 Migration  off  of   Windows  XP  and   modernize   to  Windows  7  &  8.1 Expand  existing   Windows   applications   to  mobile  and   beyond Use  Standard  C++  to   develop  Android  (iOS,   Windows,  and  OS  X)   Apps
  65. 65. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Migrate  from  Windows  XP  and  Modernize • Apps  need  to  be  migrated  off  of   Windows  XP  and  modernized   • Windows  7  and  Windows  8.1   • 64-­‐bit,  Unicode,  UI,  LiveBindings,   database  access,  modern  language   features,  REST,  cloud,  multi-­‐device   • Resource  page  available
  66. 66. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Expand  Windows  applications  beyond  Windows • Easily  created  tethered  mobile   companion  apps  to  your  existing   VCL  apps   ! • Integrate  Backed  as  a  Service   (Baas)  services   ! • Design  and  build  Google  Glass   apps
  67. 67. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES New  for  C++Builder  developers • First  multi-­‐device  C++  development  solution,  now  with   Android   • 64-­‐bit  package  support   • Find  definition  and  find  references  (64-­‐bit  Windows,  iOS  and   Android)   • Modernize  Windows  VCL  apps–  styles,  new  components   (sensors,  taskbar),  app  tethering   • Multi-­‐device  development  –  in-­‐app  purchase,  advertising,   BaaS  connectivity,  Google  Glass
  68. 68. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Quality,  Performance  and  Stability • Get  the  best  development  experience   and  deliver  the  best  user  experience  for   your  users     • Addressed  over  2,000  reported  issues     • Increased  overall  application  runtime   performance  on  all  platforms   • Out-­‐of-­‐IDE  compilation  for  large  projects
  69. 69. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES RAD  License  Recharge  Plan Continually  get  every  major  upgrade  in  a  year     for  less  than  the  cost  of  a  single  upgrade   ! 1. Be  on  the  latest  version   2. Recharge  your  license  when  every  new  version  is  released   and  you  get  the  lowest  recharge  upgrade  price   3. Recharge  twice  a  year  for  less  than  the  cost  of  one  upgrade
  70. 70. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Recharge  your  license  starting  with  XE6 Each  time  a  new  version  is  released,  simply  recharge  your  existing  current   version  license  for  a  low  cost  fee.     ! • Affordable  to  stay  current    and  get  every  release  –  all  recharges  in  a   year  costs  will  always  cost  less  than  a  single  annual  upgrade     • Easy  -­‐  Auto-­‐recharge  notification  upon  each  new  release   • No  upfront  fee  -­‐  Pay  as  you  go,  no  upfront  fees  or  contracts  -­‐  Recharge   via  eShop,  Rep,  or  Partner   • Keep  current  –  Get  every  upgrade  and  update.  License  being  recharged   must  be  immediate  prior  release  (ie  XE5  to  XE6)  in  order  to  recharge
  71. 71. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Recharge  Plan  vs.  Support/Maintenance RAD  License  Recharge  Plan • Pay  for  each  release  as  it   becomes  available   • Does  not  include  a  support   component   • Stay  up  to  date  with  the   latest  releases Support  and  Maintenance • Pay  in  advance  for  a  year  of   upgrades   • Includes  support  (3  support   incidents)   • Stay  up  to  date  with  the   latest  releases   • Costs  less 71
  72. 72. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Bonus  Pack Offer  ends  June  30
  73. 73. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES RAD  Studio  XE6 Versions: • Starter   • Professional   • Enterprise   • Ultimate   • Architect Includes: • C++Builder   • Delphi   • HTML5  Builder   • InterBase
  74. 74. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES What’s  Cooking  in  the  “RAD”  Labs? • RAD  Studio,  Delphi  and  C++Builder  Roadmap   March  2014   • Check  it  out  at:  http://edn.embarcadero.com/ article/43677  
  75. 75. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Summary • XE6  has  something  for  everyone   – VCL  developers  –  modernize  apps  with  new  components,  styles,   app  tethering   – Multi-­‐device  developers  –  take  mobile  apps  to  the  next  level  with   advertising,  in-­‐app  purchase,  BaaS  integration,  Google  Glass   – C++  developers  –  develop  Android  apps,  64-­‐bit  Windows  package   support,  and  all  of  the  above   – Quality,  performance  and  stability
  76. 76. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIESEMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES Thank  you jim.mckeeth@embarcadero.com     Twitter:  @JimMcKeeth   Blog:  Delphi.org