How big of a development news geek are you?


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Test your knowledge of #globaldev events in the first half of May 2014.

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How big of a development news geek are you?

  1. 1. Photo by: Benedikt von Loebell / World Economic Forum DevQuiz #1 How big of a development news geek are you? Test your knowledge of #globaldev events in the first half of May 2014
  2. 2. Photo by: Asian Development Bank Q1: This year, Kazakhstan hosted the Asian Development Bank annual meeting. Which country will host it next?
  3. 3. Answer: Azerbaijan (in 2015) Read more: The road ahead for ADB after Astana
  4. 4. Photo by: Jolanda Flubacher / world Economic Forum Q2: Oxfam International has announced it will move its headquarters from Oxford to the global south. Which international NGO made a similar move 10 years ago, relocating its HQ from London to Johannesburg?
  5. 5. Answer: ActionAid International Read more: Oxfam confirms plans for global South transition
  6. 6. Photo by: U.S. Agency for international Development Q3: The U.S. Agency for International Development has released a new policy framework promoting the use of local systems. How many principles does it have?
  7. 7. Answer: 10 Read more: Taking USAID's 'local solutions' beyond 30 percent 1. Recognize there is always a system. 2. Engage local systems everywhere. 3. Capitalize on our convening authority. 4. Tap into local knowledge. 5. Map local systems. 6. Design holistically. 7. Ensure accountability. 8. Embed flexibility. 9. Embrace facilitation. 10. Monitor and evaluate for sustainability.
  8. 8. Photo by: European Union Q4: Kristalina Georgieva, the European commissioner for international cooperation, humanitarian aid and crisis response, spoke with Devex about the future of global development. According to her, what needs to be improved to decrease the need for humanitarian aid?
  9. 9. Answer: resilience (the risk or vulnerability of communities to shocks) Read more: What's the right humanitarian/development aid funding mix?
  10. 10. Photo by: IRIN Q5: Which country just pledged to spend more than half of its foreign aid on Africa?
  11. 11. Answer: China Read more: Is the time ripe for China's own aid agency?
  12. 12. Photo by: IUSAID Afghanistan Q6: International Relief and Development is currently being investigated for its use of U.S. aid funds. Although IRD leaders maintain they did nothing wrong, some observers worry that the NGO could face a similar fate to another group, which faced allegations of improper conduct in 2011 and eventually disbanded. Which group was it?
  13. 13. Answer: AED (FHI acquired AED in 2011 and rebranded itself as FHI 360) Read more: IRD's damage control
  14. 14. Photo by: IRIN Q7: "With inequality rising almost everywhere in Asia, governments need to urgently expand and improve their public investments in inclusive growth." Who said this?
  15. 15. Answer: Takehiko Nakao (president of the Asian Development Bank) Read more: PPPs future of Asia-Pacific infrastructure development — ADB
  16. 16. Photo by: The White House Q8: On the eve of Mother’s Day, U.S. first lady Michelle Obama spoke in strong support of which global campaign?
  17. 17. Answer: #BringBackOurGirls (which seeks the freedom of more than 200 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, an Islamist militant group committed to preventing children in Nigeria to have western education) Read more: 'A test case that should not be ignored'
  18. 18. Photo by: Henry Donati / DFID Q9: It’s been six months since Typhoon Haiyan struck central Philippines. How much have public and private donors committed and contributed to the humanitarian response, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs?
  19. 19. Answer: $800.5 million (as of May 15, 2014; the amount is slightly lower than the 2012 gross domestic product of Guinea- Bissau, at $822 million) Read more: Six months later, (still) mixed feelings on post-Haiyan recovery
  20. 20. Photo by: IRIN Q10: Which country is the worst place to be a mother, according to Save the Children’s 2014 State of the World's Mothers Report?
  21. 21. Answer: Somalia Read more: Niger's persistent problem
  22. 22. Photo by: Benedikt von Loebell / World Economic Forum How did you fare? 9-10: Certified aid news junkie! 6-8: You did good. You did well. 0-5: Get your Devex fix now! Join Devex and follow us on Facebook