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EU refugee crisis: Same old, same old?


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Humanitarians working to support refugees within Europe are in unchartered territory, and have never seen such desperate conditions. Devex met with IRC on the ground in Lesbos, Greece, to see the scale of the challenge it is facing and find out staff calls to action.

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EU refugee crisis: Same old, same old?

  1. 1. How are humanitarian aid agencies working to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in Lesbos?
  2. 2. r ~. « ~-- - : ». . » in-/1 . W1.» .7 The unprecedented number of refugees arriving in Europe has grabbed the world's attention. According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees an estimated 309,000 people have landed in Greece so far this year; over half of those to the island of Lesbos alone. Do Gaga Do It Well ‘ . ... .
  3. 3. ., -- ’-. , '/ J; l: The Syrian refugee camp at Kara Tepe is a dusty sit scattered with niform beige tents and olive trees on a former car park, just a few kilometers from the island's . _ capital, Mytiline. It was initially established to accommodate around 500 people, '0 V 5 but since then it has been bursting at the seams with up to 3,000.
  4. 4. The camp is a site of collaboration: Shelter Box provided the tents and there are medical sites where Medicins du Monde and Medicins Sans Frontieres are stationed.
  5. 5. Groups of refugees gather around International Rescue Committee protection officers who field a wide range of questions — from how to get to the doctor, to how to get a SIM card or a ferry ticket — and to help with any issues preventing them from getting off the island. devex S ‘5” ‘ ‘A La ’ .
  6. 6. Providing information not only satisfies an urgent need but also serves as an entry point to protection programming. The team has to quickly build rapport and trust in orderto identify the most vulnerable cases, such as women and children travelling alone. devex Do Good Do It Well '
  7. 7. g MSF staff coordinate clean-up efforts. Along with IRC, the team have shared "V the responsibility of meeting the most urgentwater and sanitation needs. There are now 20 toilets in place, showers and medical facilities installed. But facilities are still lacking. devex Do Good Do It Well '
  8. 8. Devex met with the International Rescue Committee on the ground in Lesbos to discuss the enormous challenges humanitarian workers face in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable, and their calls to action going forward. Read about it on Devex hie.