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wireless power transfer


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Devendra bhardwaj


Published in: Engineering
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wireless power transfer

  1. 1. The End Of The Plug? Submitted by. Devendra Kumar Girja Uike Mani Kumar Dakshini Tomeshwar Kumar Sahu Guided by Mr. Rahul Gupta Department of electrical engineering
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  This is a special kind of transmitting of a power. In which there is no need of any kind of communication wire to connect the power supply. In this process where electrical energy is transmitting from a power source to an electrical load across an Air gap using induction coil. From this circuit we can charge mobile or other devices wirelessly in short range
  3. 3. Block Diagram Transmitter side of the wireless power transfer
  4. 4. Receiver side of the wireless power transfer
  5. 5. Working Principle  This circuit mainly work on the principle of mutual induction. Power is transferred for transmitter to receiver wirelessly based on the inductive coupling.
  6. 6. Circuit Diagram
  7. 7. Bridge Rectifier
  8. 8. Circuit Diagram - Transmission Side Oscillator
  9. 9. Circuit Diagram –Receiver Side
  12. 12. 2. Using In4007 as Bridge rectifier 3. Capacitors Filter(470µf) 4. 5v Regulator 5. Relay
  13. 13. -:Advantage:-  Low Cost.  Low Power consumption.  Easy to install.  Effective in battery less device.  Compact  Short circuit avoided  Eco Friendly
  14. 14. -:Limitations:-  Low efficiency For long distance electricity transfer  Losses or energy due to winding or coil
  15. 15. -:Applications:-  Medical devices.  Battery less passive devices.  Mobile phone charging.  Contact less activation and detection.  Running low current devices. ----Wireless power transfer is used in ----
  16. 16. -:Conclusion:-  In conclusion that Resonant Inductive coupling power transmission would be extremely beneficial to society if it is were implemented in home and home electronics. From an environmental stand point this technology could repulsed disposable battery and Cords. Reducing dangerous chemical and potential for poisoning communities resonant inductive coupling has also health benefiter
  17. 17.  Some people worry about health risks of being exposed to the magnetic field coursed by the resonant inductive coupling  Many people see the huge benefit offer by resonant coupling there are the medical patent who can be help with this technology  The limitation of the wireless power grandly outweighed by the benefit and from an ethical standpoint thus it is necessary further developed wireless power technology to the point large scale production
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  20. 20. Thank you