The Dream and Real Life: What is happening in the outskirts of Luanda - Cholé Buire 25/10/2013"


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Debate a Sexta Feira 25 de Outubro de 2013, "O Sonho e a vida real: o que esta acontecer na periferia de Luanda". Apresentadora Cholé Buire da University of the Witwatersrand, Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo. Cloé Buire, doutora em geografia falou sobre: o sonho da vida real que todo angolano guarda em seu coração. O tema foi bastante interessante onde Cloé com sua simpatia e conhecimento cativou os participantes a estarem melhor informados acerca do que se tem passado nas periferias de Luanda.

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The Dream and Real Life: What is happening in the outskirts of Luanda - Cholé Buire 25/10/2013"

  1. 1. The dream and the ordinary: What is new with the periphery in Luanda? Chloé Buire – Post-doctoral Fellow – School of Architecture and Planning / CUBES Debate da Sexta-Feira – Development Workshop Angola – Luanda – Outubro 2013
  2. 2. 1 km PANGUILA PANGUILA (2003) KILAMBA CITY (2011) KILAMBA CITY 1 km Source: Development Workshop Angola
  3. 3. Panguila (April 2012) When they took us out, oh I cried... I really cried, I lost weight. I didn’t want to stay here. (…) Bush! Bush, bush, bush! Up to the entrance of the street! When I meet guys and I tell them I’ve got my I will never move out from here. Even if my own house, they don’t believe me. Once a husband says that we’ve got enough to live in colleague came all the way to Panguila to see if the city. I don’t want to go. it was true.
  4. 4. “One million houses”: a new discourse on “social housing”
  5. 5. Kilamba City August 2012
  6. 6. The Suburban Dream (on facebook)
  7. 7. A tool of governmentality IN PANGUILA The project works like an embassy. It is in foreign territory but there are more rules, more laws. The municipal administration has to go through me when they want to develop a project. It is as if it was a condominium. Here the people don’t have the culture yet. They don’t know how to live as a community. They want everything for themselves; they don’t want to do anything together. IN KILAMBA CITY Prices in July 2012 Prices in February 2013
  8. 8. “… Luandans today are as empowered as those who inhabited the city during colonialism” Satellite cities for Luanda (Vieira da Costa 1948)
  9. 9. Politicizing the periphery… again!
  10. 10.