MeeGo AppLab Desktop Summit 2011 - Submission and Validation


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Sulamita about MeeGo, App submission and validation

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MeeGo AppLab Desktop Summit 2011 - Submission and Validation

  1. 1. Sulamita Garcia @sulagarcia APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT FOR MEEGO AND APPUP1
  2. 2. /me
  3. 3. And now the Intel AppUp store SM comes to MeeGo*4
  4. 4. AppUp supports MeeGo*, a cross-device, open OS Netbooks/ Entry level Connected Handhelds/ desktops TV Smartphones Auto Tablets & more OS & Sys. Infra. Intel AppUp℠ developer program and OS & OS & Sys. Infra. Intel AppUp center Sys. ℠ Infra. MeeGo: Cross-device, open source OS Platforms based on Intel® Atom™ processors About MeeGo* compliance:* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. 5
  5. 5. Community ByThe Numbers 25,801Members of 31547 wiki page edits (mix) 5890 mailing list posts 2255 forum posts (users) 410-520 people in #meego IRC most days (dev) More at
  6. 6. MeeGo Architecture Netbook UX Handset UX Other UX’s ... UX Netbook UI + Apps Handset UI + Apps Other UI + Apps Netbook UI Framework MeeGo Touch Framework Other UI Framework MeeGo APIs Qt Toolkit MeeGo WebRunTime OS Middleware Comms Internet Visual Media Data Mgmt Device Personal Services Services Services Services Services Services SECURITY Connection Mgmt Layout Engine 3D Graphics Media Framework Content Framework Device Health PIM Storage ConnMan WebKit OpenGL / GL ES GStreamer Tracker DSME Tracker / QSparQLMeeGo Core Camera Telephony Web RunTime 2D Graphics Gstreamer plug-in Context Framework Sensor Framework Device Sync oFono WebKit QPainter ContextKit SensorFW Buteo Codecs Gstreamer plug-in VOIP, IM, Pres. Web Services Package Manager Resource Mgr Accts & SSO GTK / Clutter Telepathy libSocialWeb PackageKit System Policy Mgr Accts-sso Audio PulseAudio Bluetooth Location Services X/Wayland Backup & Restore BlueZ UPnP GUPnP OS Base System Libraries Message Bus Platform Info Settings Database Linux Kernel glibc, glib, etc libudev GConf D-Bus HW Adaptation Software
  7. 7. Differentiate-Able User Experiences• Customizable Look and Feel• Pre-integrated Apps and Services• Full Internet• Rich Media• 3D Animation• Application Stores
  8. 8. Getting Your App in AppUp • Join Intel AppUpSM developer program Join the Program • Set-up your development environment Download SDK Suite • Download Intel AppUp™ SDK Suite 1.2 for MeeGo* • Create, Test and Tune your app using Intel AppUp™ Create App SDK Suite 1.2 for MeeGo* • Submit your app to Intel AppUpSM developer Submit App program for validation9
  9. 9. AppUp supports C/C++ & a variety of runtimes, and offers porting resources. •Lightweight SDKS •Support for integrated development environments including wizards •Support for standards such as DirectX* & OpenGL** Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. 10
  10. 10.
  11. 11. App development for AppUp12
  12. 12. AppUpSM SDK • A library to interact with the store backend • Contains: • API Libraries • Documentation • Intel AppUpTM Software Debugger (simulates store backend)13
  13. 13. The AppUp SDKs are lightweight.This C++ example shows simple validation.const ApplicationIdmyApplicationID(AdpConstants.ADP_DEBUG_APPLICATIONID); /// Note: replace AdpConstants.ADP_DEBUG_APPLICATIONID with the actualapplication IDint main(int argc, char** argv) { Application * myApplication = NULL; try { myApplication = new Application(myApplicationID); } catch (AdpException& e) { // Validation failed cout << "Caught exception in application: " << e.what() << endl; }} Get started at
  14. 14. AppUpTM SDK Services Authorization – verify that end-user device is authorized to run the application Instrumentation – record application’s usage statistics and post it on the developer’s dashboard Crash Reporting – registering all crashes – attempting to collect crash data (such as call stack) – reporting statistics and crash data on developer’s dashboard In AppUpgrade – Change free to paid Apps15
  15. 15. Software Debugger (ATDS) Simulates the AppUp store – Initialization, authorization and communication with backend Shows communication between your app and the store16
  16. 16. App submission and validation17
  17. 17. Application Submission Create metadata in several languages!18
  18. 18. Application Beta Testing – Test your app live in the AppUpSM center, but app won’t be seen by end user – Catch errors quickly without waiting for failing validation19
  19. 19. AppUp – ready to serve Open Source licenses Many open source licenses Required to submit source package Great opportunity for reaching huge market of desktop and netbook users20
  20. 20. Application Beta Testing – Download AppUpSM Center – Create a user account in AppUp center - Add AppUpSM Center login emails in the “Invite” box - New users are also possible - All receive an invitation!21
  21. 21. Application Beta Testing – AppUpSM Center – Beta app will appear in your account under “My Apps” – Install, launch and test your app – Try uninstall too!22
  22. 22. Application Validation How We Validate Your Application • Check your submission information (rating, categories, submitter notes, intended targets and runtimes, etc.) • Install the application, Run several types of validation tests to check for compliance to the submission guidelines. • Pass or Fail the app and notify the developer of the results. How to Ensure a Smooth Validation • Review and ensure MeeGo* Compliance • Reviewed the Validation Guidelines us/article/validation-guidelines • Test your application internally before submitting to Intel.23
  23. 23. Packaging24
  24. 24. Packaging for Meego • RPM • rpmbuild tools • Meego SDK • OpenSuse Build Server25
  25. 25. AppUp Encapsulator for WebApps/HTML26
  26. 26. Supporting innovative MeeGo* application development Worldwide application labs Funding for developers and ISV’s Enter by August 29! Best App for Multiple Devices Rewards for superior MeeGo apps27
  27. 27. Get Started Join the Intel AppUpSM developer program – Enroll at – Benefits: Worldwide distribution channel, development support, low barrier to entry infrastructure, easy validation Create, Tune and Publish Apps To Intel AppUpSM – Intel AppUp™ SDK Suite 1.2 for MeeGo* Collect rewards and be recognized for innovative MeeGo* apps and early submissions. Get support for app development –
  28. 28. 29