Reach Out, Engage & Empower Customers through a Proactive Outbound Notification System


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I’m happy to share with you this presentation which helps you to learn how enterprises can take advantage of Sensiple’s sturdy, multi-channel outbound notification tool to precisely tune the message to the right recipient at the right time using Voice, Email and texting

I would be happy to schedule a demo of our Notification System.

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Sensiple is a System Integrator with 14 years of experience in providing Web Technologies, Contact center solution & Web Customer Experience solution.

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Reach Out, Engage & Empower Customers through a Proactive Outbound Notification System

  1. 1. Reach Out, Engage & Empower your Customer Date: 27th June 2013 Time: 10 AM US EST Sensiple’s Interactive Outbound Notification System
  2. 2. Agenda & Time Distribution Need for Outbound Notification System Demo Q & A Session Minutes Minutes Minutes Sensiple – An OverviewMinutes ALL RIGHTS RESERVED2013 - SENSIPLE Industry Expert PredictionsMinutes Sensiple Notification System – Walk throughMinutes
  3. 3. Hosted Outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services in North America will double to $524 million by 2013 ~ Datamonitor 88% of consumers surveyed were very interested in receiving proactive notifications from financial services institutions.* *Source: Forrester Custom Research Study, Q3, 2008 Industry Expert Predictions Aberdeen Group - multi-channel analytics results in: • 89% customer retention • 87% first-contact resolution • 12% in annual reduced support costs DMG Consulting Outbound IVR notification market will grow by 20%, 18% and 16% between 2011 and 2013
  4. 4.  New customer welcome messages  Product availability updates  Personalized offers and promotions  Travel-related notifications  Problem Reporting  Appointment reminders  Transaction confirmations  Past due billing reminders  Debt recovery  Delivery reminders  Overdue book reminders  High-volume, time-critical emergency notification  Transaction confirmation Typical Outbound Applications “Is a product in stock? Notify me when it is” “Storms are causing two-hour flight delays across the northeast” “Your account is overdrawn” Examples of Proactive Notification
  5. 5. Need for Automated Notification- the new frontier in personalized services Customer demand that outbound delivery be quick, targeted & appealing One person can reach 500, 5000, or 50,000 in just minutes For every alert sent via an automated notification system, customer is likely to save $0.50/customer in paper, print supplies, labor, mail supplies, etc. One inbound agent call can cost anywhere from $4 to$8 , whereas an automated outbound call costs between 5 and 26 cents ~ IAUG Global Conference 2011 Interactive and engaging, getting customers to want to participate on the spot time sensitive sales decreases the chance of lost revenue 10-times return on investment
  6. 6. Sensiple Notification Platform is • a high-speed, Multi Channel outbound notification system • Services time sensitive information to 100s or 1000s by Voice, email, SMS messages Simple Self Service Solution to effectively engage your audience Want to go from 8% to 123% Helps to build Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction
  7. 7. Features  Robust reporting features provide valuable data for measuring the success of campaigns  Deliver proactive, personalized and efficient outbound notifications via phone, email, SMS text messaging  Supports English. Plans in place to support 5 other languages  Hosted and on-premises Web-based models with an easy-to- use graphical user interface (GUI)  Intuitive, easy-to-use administration system for script development, system monitoring, notification tracking and reporting  Concurrent execution of multiple campaigns across multiple platforms  Blocked Calls Detection  Watch Dog – Monitors application server, database, web services and reports issues  Retry of failed calls  Automatic detection of system error and aborts the running campaign. In a fully connected world, every second counts.. Customers respond with certainty to exchange of informative alerts Move from a Traditional Telemarketing to more Proactive and Collaborative Approach
  8. 8. Sensiple Notification System Architecture  Multiple voice platform, email & SMS gateway support  Intelligent load balancer  Multiple time zone support  Optimum port allocation  Static/Dynamic(recipient specific) /Audio files/ Combination based Notification
  9. 9. Modules Dashboard Campaign Admin Reports & Billing Campaign Summary  Ports allocation Summary  Priority Settings  Campaign details  Recipients  Message  Delivery Rules  Test  Tenant Management  Role Management  User Management  Platform Configuration  Call flow configuration  Session Log  Campaign Reports – All Channels  Voice call Report  Report by FTP data file  Survey Report
  10. 10. Dashboard Dashboards Campaign Summary Priority Settings Port Allocation Summary For a selected period campaign summary channels used, status and owner of the campaign can be viewed Live Platform ports details static ports & dynamic ports priority campaign launch details Priority Indicator Changing Priority Settings – Normal, High, Custom & Emergency
  11. 11. Reports & Billing Campaign Report Voice Call Report FTP Data File Report Survey Report Sensiple Notification System generates campaign report for all channels, call disposition details & Role level and campaign level survey report
  12. 12. Benefits  Detailed reporting for program analysis and efficiency optimization  Sales cycle average 4-6 weeks  99.99% delivery & reentry  Desktop notification is bidirectional, allowing monitoring and tracking.  System architecture is easily integrated with third parties using a series of APIs.