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Black bear devanie chavez


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Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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Black bear devanie chavez

  1. 1. Devanie ChavezComputer apps. p1
  2. 2.  Scientific name Range Diet Physical description Breeding Special behaviors Weird info Video/ sound file Conclusion
  3. 3.  Ursus americanus
  4. 4. Mostly in Canada
  5. 5.  Plants, honey, salmon, fruits, and small mammals Occasionally kills young deer or moose calves.
  6. 6.  Height: 2-3ft at shoulders Length: 4-7ft from nose to tail Weight: Males average of 150- 300lbs, females are smaller. Lifespan: Around 10 years. Can live to 30 in the wild. Fur color: Black, brown, and blonde.
  7. 7.  # of babies: 1-6 (2 is most common) Born: live birth Mating season : Summer Stay in dens during winter months if they have young.
  8. 8.  Extremely adaptable Sometimes forage in fields and meadows Tend to be solitary Do not have to hibernate Have shorter claws
  9. 9.  fur color can be grayish blue Cherokee revered the bear as a spiritual guide. Legend: A young boy kept disappearing. Elders asked what was going on. The boy had spent time with bears. Left to live with bears. They said “We are going where there is food. Do not fear to kill us, for we will be ever alive.”
  10. 10.  video
  11. 11. The End