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50 states devanie chavez


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50 states devanie chavez

  1. 1. 50 States By Devanie Chavez Computer Apps. P1 19 January 2012
  2. 2. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We’d love to show you around. Capitol city- Boston Flower- Mayflower Constitution- 6th state Admission to statehood- February 6,1788 Tree- American ElmMassachusetts
  3. 3. Wild and wonderful Capitol- Charleston Flower- Rhododendron Constitution- 35th State Admission to statehood- June 20, 1863 Tree- Sugar MapleWest Virginia
  4. 4. North! To Alaska Capitol- Juneau Flower- Forget Me Not Constitution- 49th State Admission to Statehood- January 3, 1959 Tree-SitkaspruceAlaska
  5. 5. Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Capitol- Providence Flower- Violet Constitution- 13th state Admission to Statehood- May 29, 1790 Tree- Red MapleRhode Island
  6. 6. A Better Place to Be Capitol- Raleigh Flower- Dogwood Constitution- 12th State Admission to Statehood- November 21, 1789 Tree- Longleaf PineNorth Carolina
  7. 7. Maine is on the Move Capitol- Augusta Flower- White pine cone and tassel Constitution- 23rd state Admission to statehood- March 15, 1820 Tree- Eastern white pineMaine
  8. 8. Smiling Faces Beautiful Places Capitol- Columbia Flower- Yellow Jessamine Constitution- 8th State Admission to Statehood- May 23, 1788 Tree- Cabbage PalmettoSouth Carolina
  9. 9. Come be Our Guest Capitol- Des Moines Flower- Wild Prairie Rose Constitution- 29th State Admission to Statehood- December 28,1846 Tree- Northern Red OakIowa
  10. 10. So Many Things To Do So Close Together Capitol- Annapolis Flower- Black-eyed Susan Constitution- 7th State Admission to Statehood- April 28, 1788 Tree- White OakMaryland
  11. 11. A Little Trip To The Extraordinary Capitol- Olympia Flower- Pink Rhododendron Constitution- 42nd State  Admission to Statehood- November 11,1889 Tree- Western HemlockWashington