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Background problem

  1. 1. A. Background Problem At Era of globalization as it is now, in public life have not only affected by the social networking site, but the impact is beginning to be felt in the world of education. The worst impact in the world of education that may result from the social networking site was started decreasing concentration of students. If the concentration of students in the learning process has followed the decline, how good learning performance can be achieved? This is the background for me to give you an idea of the “impact of Facebook Social Network Against Student Learning Activities”. B. Goals & Benefits In detail, the purpose of the research and writing of this paper are as follows: 1. Determine the impact of social networking site facebook on student learning. 2. Provide a solution of the negative impact caused by the social network facebook. 3. Anticipate the misuse of social networking facebook during study hours of students. C. Definition of Social Networking Sites Social networking or social network is a social structure made up of the nodes (generally individuals or organizations) that are tied by one or more specific types of relationships such as values, visions, ideas, friends, descendants, and so forth. This network shows the way in which they are related because of the similarity of sociality, ranging from those that are known from daily life to the family.
  2. 2. D. Various Kinds of Social Networking Sites 1. Facebook Facebook is a social networking website where users can join in communities such as city, workplace, school, and region to connect and interact with others. People can also add their friends, send messages, and update your personal profile for others to see about him. 2. Twitter Twitter serves a kind of portal that lists the daily activities of its members. So if we joined in twitter we will know what else is done by friends in our network. Twitter is a social networking service and is now a very popular service, especially in the United States and Europe. E. Positive Impact Of Social Networking Sites 1. Expanding the network of friends, with social networking sites could get new friends. 2. Tighten the relationship, the social networking site to meet old friends and finally communication can be continued up to the present, to the extent that can hold a small reunion. 3. Quickly get up to date information about our friends. 4. Media refreshing, members can always be more rilex when open social networking site. 5. Increase sales figures, for those who have a business or business social networking site is a media campaign that is free and very effective for businesses. 6. Means of discussion, on social networking sites we can join the various communities / groups.
  3. 3. F. The Negative Impact of Social Networking Sites 1. Cyber crimes 2. Make Anyone Aloof and hard Mingle 3. Lack of socialization with the Environment 4. Spend Money 5. Reduced Student Learning Time 6. Reduce performance 7. Reduced Attention on the Family 8. Limitation of Personal and Social Sphere Become Blurred 9. The spread of Improper Important Data 10. Fraud 11. The rise of Gambling G. Impact Of Social Networking Sites Student Learning Activities 1. A decrease in concentration of students in upper division courses in progress 2. Reduced student learning time as part of the time only used to linger lamaan surfing social media facebook 3. The social networking users admitted their study time indeed has been taken. On average the students of social networking users lose time between 1-5 hours to 11-15 hours of study time every week to play on the internet social networking. 4. Concentration of these students are also learning to be reduced because of concerns over social networking rather than academic achievement alone. 5. From the research that has been carried out, showing that the students active users of social networks like facebook turns out to have a lower value than the students who passively using social networking site facebook. 6. Of the 30 students interviewed, 18 students active facebook users often turn out their facebook open during hours of learning takes place. Tired of listening to the teacher explaining the reason for hours lessons.
  4. 4. 7. Based on the research results in Yahoo Indonesia in collaboration with Taylor Nelson Sofres in 2009, the largest users of internet are aged 15-19 years, by 64 percent. H. Strategic Measures Implementation Ideas 1. Attempt to provide guidance to students in order to know the functions and benefits of social networking so that no one in their use. 2. Provide insight to students about the dangers and effects of social networking sites 3. Provide limitations on use of cell phones and laptops that can access the internet (social networking site) at the time the learning takes place I. Conclusions & Suggestions 1. The average student is expected to use facebook by an average of 3-5 hours / day 2. In student learning time should be used to study instead used for online social networking site. 3. It turns out that social networking sites have a negative impact, negative impact caused to the misuse of social media has lowered the concentration of student learning 4. As a student who has reason and critical thinking to the problems that exist, it would be better if you use social networking sites more wisely and in accordance with the rules, so that the negative impacts be reduced.
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