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SOA - Service Oriented Architecture ( Basic Concept & Principle )

SOA - Service Oriented Architecture ( Basic Concept & Principle ) By Rajeev Tiwari

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SOA - Service Oriented Architecture ( Basic Concept & Principle )

  1. 1. Service Oriented Architecture An Introduction Rajeev Tiwari
  2. 2. Evolution of SOA Procedural Programming Object Orient Programming Service oriented Programming
  3. 3. Procedural Programming Function is everything Limitation: How to reuse the same code? Difficulties in code Management.
  4. 4. Object Orient Programming Classes and Object are everything Limitation: how to communicate between applications, especially when they have been written using different languages or technologies Object oriented principles - Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and polymorphism OOP increased the reusability and thus improved the code management
  5. 5. Service oriented Programming Service is everything A service is a function that is well-defined, self-contained, and does not depend on the context or state of other services Services communicate with each other using messages. Messages are standard formats which everyone (every service) can read and understand
  6. 6. Service oriented Programming • Service Provider • Service Repository • Service Consumer
  7. 7. Patterns In simple words Pattern is a solution to a problem in a context Architectural Patterns Architectural Pattern is something which solves our problem at sub system level or in short module level. Design Patterns Design pattern talk about problems at class or function level
  8. 8. What is SOA? SOA or Service oriented architecture is an architecture style for building business applications by means of services
  9. 9. • Technology neutral • Statelessness • Standardized - WS* • Loose coupling • Reusability • Consumable • Abstracted • Published • Formal Contract Basic Principles of SOA
  10. 10. Questions & Suggestions