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.net CLR


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.net CLR By Ashu Chauhan

Published in: Technology
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.net CLR

  1. 1. CLR Basic Introduction By Ashu Chauhan
  2. 2. • What is Platform Independent? • Are C/C++/Java/.net languages platform independent? • Portability: Delivering portability is a key aspect when developing a program targeting a wide range of platforms. A couple of questions need answers to enable execution on multiple platforms: What kind of CPU is used? What Operating System (OS) will the program be running on? • Implicit Compilation: The implicit way delivers portability quite more effortlessly, because the first step of the process is much more platform agnostic. Each target platform has a JIT compiler deployed and as long as the IL can be interpreted the program can execute. The initial compiler does not need to know all of the places where the software might run. • Java vs .net
  3. 3. • Common Language Infrastructure (CLI): It is an open specification developed by Microsoft and standardized by ECMA(European computer manufacturer association). It defines the characteristics of a runtime environment that supports the development of portable application written in multiple language. Microsoft .NET Framework and the Mono project are based upon this CLI. Microsoft published the source Code for implementing the std, Known as Rotor. Overview of CLI Virtual Execution system: Provide an environment for executing managed code
  4. 4. • Component of CLI:
  5. 5. • How .net code get compiled:
  6. 6. Role of CLR in .net Framework: The main function of Common Language Runtime (CLR) is to convert the Managed Code into native code and then execute the Program. It acts as a layer between Operating Systems and the applications written in .net languages.
  7. 7. • Class loader:This Load classes into runtime. • MSIL To Native code Compiler: Converts MSIL to native code. • Code manager: • Garbage Collector: • Security Engine: • Type Checker: • Thread Support: • Exception Manager: • Debug Engine: • COM Marshaler: • BASE Class Libraray:
  8. 8. • CLR Execution Process: