DevOps Maturity Assessment Webcast


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In this webcast we look at the Ranger4 DevOps Maturity Assessment and how it helps customers to create:

- A Baseline assessment of where an organization is on several measurements on the Ranger4 DevOps maturity scale
- A Vision of a future desired state
- A Roadmap to that desired state

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DevOps Maturity Assessment Webcast

  1. 1. DevOpstastic Ranger4 Webcast DevOps Maturity Assessment
  2. 2. DevOpstastic Agenda •  Why DevOps? •  Where to start •  The DMI (DevOps Maturity Index) •  The DMA process •  The DMA deliverables •  Customer story •  How to get an assessment
  3. 3. DevOpstastic “DevOps  refers  to  the  emerging   professional  movement  that  advocates  a   collabora7ve  working  rela7onship   between  Development  and  IT  Opera7ons,   resul7ng  in  the  fast  flow  of  planned  work   (i.e.,  high  deploy  rates),  while   simultaneously  increasing  the  reliability,   stability,  resilience  of  the  produc7on   environment.”   Gene  Kim  
  4. 4. DevOpstastic “For  most  organiza7ons  applica7on  releases  are  analogous  to   extremely  tense  and  pressurized  situa7ons  where  risk   mi7ga7on  and  7ght  7me  deadlines  are  key.  This  is  made  worse   with  the  complica7on  of  internal  silos  and  the  consequent   lack  of  cohesion  that  exists  not  just  within  the  microcosm  of  IT   infrastructure  teams  but  also  amongst  the  broader  departments   of  development,  QA  and  opera7ons.  Now  with  the  increasing   demand  on  IT  from  applica7on  and  business  unit  stakeholders   for  new  releases  to  be  deployed  quickly  and  successfully,  the   interdependence  of  soNware  development  and  IT  opera7ons   are  being  seen  as  an  integral  part  to  the  successful  delivery  of  IT   services.  Consequently  businesses  are  recognizing  that  this  can't   be  achieved  unless  the  tradi7onal  methodologies  and  silos  are   readdressed  or  changed.  Cue  the  emergence  of  a  new   methodology  that's  simply  called  DevOps..”   Archie  Hendryx,  VCE  
  5. 5. DevOpstastic “DevOps  finally  proves  how  IT   can  be  a  strategic  advantage   that  allows  a  business  to  beat   the  pants  off  the  compe77on.   This  is  the  moment  we’ve  all   been  wai7ng  for.”   John  Willis  
  6. 6. DevOpstastic “DevOps  is  the  merger  of  the   realms  of  development  and   opera7ons  (and  if  truth  be  told   elements  of  product   management,  QA,  and   *winces*  even  sales  should  be   thrown  into  the  mix  too).”   James  Turnbull,  Puppet  Labs  
  7. 7. DevOpstastic “So  …  why  should  we  merge  or  bring   together  the  two  realms?  Well  there  are   lots  of  reasons  but  first  and  foremost   because  what  we’re  doing  now  is  broken.   Really,  really  broken.  In  many  shops  the   rela7onship  between  development  (or   engineering)  and  opera7ons  is   dysfunc7onal  to  the  point  of  occasional   toxicity.”   James  Turnbull,  Puppet  Labs  
  8. 8. DevOpstastic TIP:Watch ‘The Real DevOps of Silicon Valley’ from AppDynamics on YouTube
  9. 9. DevOpstastic A Short History of DevOps 2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   Andrew  Shafer   Agile  Conference,   Toronto   Patrick  Dubois   Agile  System   Administrators   Group   DevOps   Days   Belgium   #devops   John  Allspaw  &   Paul  Hammond   FlickR   ‘Gartner  Explores   DevOps’  Cameron  Haight   Mike  Gualateri,   Forrester  –  ‘NoOps’   Ronnie  Colville  of   Gartner:  ‘ARA  is  a   Key  to  DevOps’   2014   SDX   CloudOps  
  10. 10. DevOpstastic TIP:Read ‘The Phoenix Project’ by Gene  Kim,  Kevin  Behr,  and  George  Spafford
  11. 11. DevOpstastic Where to start BASELINE
  12. 12. DevOpstastic The DevOps Maturity Index (DMI) giving your DevOps state a number People   Culture   Process   Interac0ons   Tools   Automa0on   Measuring   Current Industry Average DMI 63  report & reward SUCCESS
  13. 13. DevOpstastic The DMA Process 1   • Iden7fy  business  drivers  and  outcomes   2   • Assess  current  state   3   • Visualize  future  desired  state   4   • Iden7fy  poten7al  inhibitors  and  roadblocks   5   • Establish  roadmap  to  adop7on   6   • Iden7fy  trackable  metrics   7   • Execute  and  measure  
  14. 14. DevOpstastic DMA Deliverables GO   LIVE   Vision  of  Desired  Future  State   Con7nuous  Delivery   Fit  Assessment   Organiza7onal   Ini7a7ves   Approved  Project  Plan   Cultural  Ini7a7ves   Baseline  Assessment  &  Metrics   Architectural   Impera7ves   Process  Ini7a7ves   Technology   Ini7a7ves   Priori7za7on   Quan7fied  Value   DevOps  Reorganiza7on   Cultural  Change  Program   Deployment  Process  Automa7on   ARA  Tools  Implementa7on   Test  Process  Review   APM  Rollout   Service  Virtualiza7on  
  15. 15. DevOpstastic TIP:Subscribe to the DevOps Café Webcasts
  16. 16. DevOpstastic Customer Story: Financial Services ISSUE:  Volume  of  defects   1. The  organisa7on  was  not  op7mally  aligned  to  enable   improved  delivery  performance  to  flourish   2. The  requirement  defini7on  process  was  slow  and   disconnected  from  tes7ng   3. Manual  tes7ng  was  too  slow   4. There  was  no  centralised  configura7on  recording/ coordina7on   5. Tes7ng  was  not  indica7ve  of  client  usage   6. The  deployment  of  releases  was  too  slow    
  17. 17. DevOpstastic Recommendations 1.  Process  and  organiza7onal  re-­‐design  took  place  across  the  business  to  enable   op7mal  and  agile  delivery  performance  and  to  take  full  advantage  of   investments  made  in  tooling   2.  A  requirements  management  tool  was  implemented  and  populated  with   detailed  requirements  with  a  focus  on  tes7ng   3.  A  test  automa7on  tool  with  suitable  test  scripts  was  implemented   4.  Configura7on  informa7on  for  the  applica7on  environment,  containing  client-­‐ specific  configura7on  data,  was  compiled  and  made  available  for  use  via  a   central  repository   5.  A  (physical/virtual)  test  lab  was  constructed  that  accommodated  parallelized   (automated)  tes7ng  of  mul7ple  client  environments   6.  A  deployment  management  framework  was  delivered  that  automated  the   deployment  of  new  release  components  
  18. 18. DevOpstastic Results •  Reduction in number of defects through unclear requirements •  Evidence of consistently delivering requirements •  Reduction in number of defects by spotting defects early •  Reduction in test time through process automation •  Reduction in number of defects due to client uniqueness •  Improved faith in quality of releases •  Consistency of deployment at all times •  Ability to manage more clients without increasing overhead •  Elimination of repetitive tasks DMI   52   83  
  19. 19. DevOpstastic email me to request your DevOps Maturity Assessment: