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DevOps in Banking


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This is the slide deck used by Helen Beal in a webcast on June 15th 2017 talking about the particular challenges banking organisations face when 'doing' DevOps.

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DevOps in Banking

  1. 1. DevOpstastic Helen Beal DevOps in Banking WEBCAST
  2. 2. DevOpstastic Agenda • Digital disruption • Particular challenges in Banking • What the leaders are doing • How we can help
  3. 3. DevOpstastic DIGITAL DISRUPTION
  4. 4. DevOpstastic
  5. 5. DevOpstastic • According to Gartner and IDC, by 2018, banks and financial institutions’ clients will access and contact their banks mainly through mobile devices • Banks and financial institutions CIOs’ main concern to 2017 and beyond is what will be done with their companies’ branches • According to the 2016 MX Consumer Survey, clients find it more important to have an easy digital banking experience (67 percent) rather than a friendly teller or staff (33 percent) when choosing where to open an account • According to the 2016 MX Consumer Survey, banks and financial Institutions clients are now more likely to access their banks in a more impersonal way, and only 19 percent use a personal method (branch or call center)
  6. 6. DevOpstastic How banking IT executives listed their 3 main priorities for 2017:
  7. 7. DevOpstastic
  8. 8. DevOpstastic
  9. 9. DevOpstastic
  11. 11. DevOpstastic LEGACY
  12. 12. DevOpstastic
  13. 13. DevOpstastic REGULATIONS
  14. 14. DevOpstastic WHAT THE LEADERS ARE DOING
  15. 15. DevOpstastic
  16. 16. DevOpstastic Topo Pal, Director & Platform Engineering Fellow “Tools are a big part of today's Agile and DevOps methodologies. A typical project deals with Agile Project Management tool, Source Control, Continuous Integration (CI) tool, Testing tools, Static Code Analysis and Security Scanning tools, Deployment and Monitoring tools to name a few. Large enterprises and complex systems sometimes use multiple CI, Testing and Scanning tools. Each of these has nice dashboards to present key information stored in it. But what is lacking is a single, comprehensive end-to-end view of the state of a delivery pipeline in near real time. At Capital One, we believe that while tools, automation and collaboration are very important, a continuous feedback loop is critical to DevOps success.” Benefits • 100s of code commits per day • Integration from once a month to every 15 minutes • QA from once per month to 4 times per day • Deployment from manual to completely automated • Production release from monthly/quarterly to once per sprint “Driven by “data, technology, and data science.”
  17. 17. DevOpstastic Ron van Kemenade, CIO “We wanted to establish a culture and environment where building, testing and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently and more reliably. When beginning this journey we started with what matters most: people. There was a beginning to this journey, but there will be no end. An end would put a stop to the transformation, while in fact you always need to make sure you keep getting better for the customer.” Benefits • Transformed from risk averse organisation to agile powerhouse • Improved time to market from 13 weeks to less than 1 week • More automated processes • A sharp reduction of handovers • A collaborative performance culture “IT has become the beating heart of the bank.”
  18. 18. DevOpstastic Carlos Gonsalves, Global Chief Technology “The return on investment (ROI) of the effort is extremely important for others in the organization.” “It’s important to establish two sets of indicators. The first is the transformation itself. In other words, you need to measure how fast you’re moving towards the transformation. The second indicator is about the business value—what is the time to market from idea to production, including sprint velocity and quality?” Benefits • Transitioned from a high-workload, waterfall-based approach • Turned around an unsatisfied user base • Continuous Delivery has seen: – 45% reduction in time-to-market – 10% savings in their (very considerable) operating budget
  19. 19. DevOpstastic Dave Corlett, Head of Application Lifecycle Management Benefits • 9 – 18 month deployment cycles reduced to weekly • Customer outage time dropped by 90% • Delivery twice as much value • Cross functional teams drive customer value “We didn’t need to spend money on transformation. It was based upon improved efficiency. Value only occurs in the heads of customers. A measure of ‘structural efficiency’ is how much of every dollar invested goes to customer value. Mainframe people can move just as fast as anybody - it was just process slowing them down. We used to have meetings of managers - the wrong people were in the room We don’t do projects – we now have a model of standing capacity. We work with the business to prioritize work.” “It started with a question: ‘what would a great day at work feel like?.”
  20. 20. DevOpstastic The Beal-Hedemark Golden Square Cost Time Quality Delight With DevOps you CAN have it all!
  21. 21. DevOpstastic
  22. 22. DevOpstastic “One way to enable market-oriented outcomes is for Operations to create a set of centralized platforms and tooling services that any Dev team can use to become more productive…a platform that provides a shared version control repository with pre-blessed security libraries, a deployment pipeline that automatically runs code quality and security scanning tools, which deploys our applications into known, good environments that already have production monitoring tools installed on them.” The DevOps Handbook 22
  23. 23. DevOpstastic HOW WE CAN HELP
  24. 24. DevOpstastic The Emerging DevOps Superpattern DevOps
  25. 25. DevOpstastic RealisationIdea Value Stream
  26. 26. DevOpstastic RealisationIdea Value Stream
  27. 27. DevOpstastic Ideation Integration ValidationOperation Realisation DevOps The DevOps Loop ©Ranger4
  28. 28. DevOpstastic How insurers need to evolve with DevOps BE AGILE Most organisations have embarked on an Agile journey but few are doing it well. Keep the focus on the organisational why. EXPLOIT THE CLOUD Don’t look to the Cloud for productivity savings but rather for ways to improve time to value – the ability to adapt and scale. IT AS INNOVATOR It’s not IT aligning with the business, it’s not IT integrating with the business – it’s IT IS the business. MEASURE IT VALUE Being able to measure from ideation to realisation is essential to DevOps – how much is that change worth in £/$ NOW? FOCUS ON FLOW Where is the waste in your organisation? How can you get delight into the hands of your customers at optimum speed. PLATFORM CONSOLIDATION Fragmentation equals fragility and waste. It also means it’s hard to move fast and increases the risk of trailing the competition.
  29. 29. DevOpstastic DevOps Benefits VALUE REALISATION What value does your application deliver, and can you quantify it? How much revenue will it generate every hour? What if you deliver it earlier? REWORK How much of your development, quality assurance, and operations time do you spend just finding and fixing things? DOWNTIME How many outages and disruptions have you had in production in the last year? What’s the value of the applications affected? AUTOMATION How much extra capacity will you gain as you implement automation across the DevOps delivery chain? How will you use that capacity to produce greater business value? COMPETITIVE RISK What if your competitor goes to market first with a new feature that takes away your business's market share? How much revenue will it cost while you catch up? GO LEAN How much waste is there in your value stream? What are the productivity gains and the value realisation opportunities?
  30. 30. DevOpstastic E3 EXPLORE EDUCATE EVOLVE Discovery & Diagnosis Physical Assessment Virtual Assessment DevOps Foundation The Phoenix Project Game Value Stream Mapping Agile & Agile Service Management DevOps Test & DevSecOps Engineering Continuous Delivery & Leadership The DevOps LoopTM DevOps LiftOff Workshop Coaching & Workshops
  31. 31. DevOpstastic Be DevOpstastic