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StereoTyped 101


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Karith brings her wit, wisdom and humor to two of the hottest people topics in DevOps: Interpersonal Communication and Imposter Syndrome.

Primary to breaking down silos in organizations is breaking down barriers between people who look at the world in very different ways. Karith breaks us out of the traditional view of diversity and inclusion by offering a truly inclusive perspective on communication, learning, and creating an environment vital to organizational success.

DevOps is also about learning to build a habit of continual personal improvement. Negative internal dialogues, like imposter syndrome, can act as obstacles for living our best life personally, professionally and academically. Karith cuts right to the heart of the matter on the messages we tell ourselves in this high-energy, interactive presentation. Karith will tell us why “You are enough” and how to cultivate growth and personal improvement.

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StereoTyped 101

  1. 1. A Presentation for
  3. 3. Human Nature
  4. 4. Learned
  5. 5. EGO/ Id
  6. 6. Unconscious Bias EGO Human Nature Learned
  7. 7. A Presentation for
  8. 8. A Presentation for
  9. 9. SERIES OF EVENTS Tyler Clemente Trayvon Martin,Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Philando Castille… Gay Marriage Debates & Transgender Legalities Being Encouraged to “Lean In”… Standing Rock Our Most Recent Presidential Election University of VA, Charlottesville NFL- National Anthem Starbucks
  10. 10. onscious Empathy
  11. 11. onscious Empathy hat is it like for them? ow would that feel?
  12. 12. ctive Listening
  13. 13. esponsible Reactions
  14. 14. ackhanded compliments & eneralizations
  15. 15. outh/ lass urious lueless areless allous The 5 C’s
  16. 16. Mellody Hobson
  17. 17. Mellody Hobson Cory Booker
  18. 18. Responsible Reaction in Action Mellody Hobson Cory Booker
  19. 19. nvironmental Awareness
  20. 20. ommunication cceptance espect ngagement
  21. 21. @karithfoster @stereotyped101 #INVERSITY
  22. 22. hank you