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[DevDay2019] Measuring Agile Team Performance - By Trung Nguyen, Director of Technology

Many teams that practice Agile (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) struggle with measuring their processes and their team performances. In this topic, Trung would like to share what challenges of agile measurement, where he can get data to measure the agile team, how to break down problems into measurable units, and how to incorporate better agile measurement on the Agile team.

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[DevDay2019] Measuring Agile Team Performance - By Trung Nguyen, Director of Technology

  1. 1. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Measuring Agile Team Performance Trung Nguyen Center of Excellent KMS Technology
  2. 2. The U.S. based company 6 offices in the U.S. and Vietnam. 1000+ employees. OUR EXPERTISE: Software Development Software Testing Solution Startup incubator – Upstar Lab Building world-class products for clients mainly from the U.S. Providing superior independent software testing service. Supporting product development projects in Vietnam: About KMS Established in 2009 QASymphony , Katalon, Kobiton, etc.
  3. 3. About me KMS Center of Excellence member Standard processes and best practices, advisories and solutions, research and training for expanding technical capability. Marathon amateur runner HCMC Techcombank 2018 - 21.1km finisher HCMC Marathon 2019 - 42.2km finisher Dalat Ultra Trail 2019 - 42.2km finisher Danang Marathon 2019 - 42.2km (registered) Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2019 - 70km (registered) Contact Trung Nguyen Director of Technology KMS Technology Vietnam
  4. 4. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Why is Measurement Important? Why Agile Teams struggle with measurement? ● Agile definitions of measurement are not straightforward ● Agile focuses on a product, not a project ● Data is all over the place without a unified view ● People are headed down the same road but having different expectations “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” - Peter Drucker -
  5. 5. Objectives 1 2 3 Data Sources for Agile Metrics What questions can metrics answer, and where do we get the data to answer them? Applying Agile Metrics Case-studies that combining metrics to analyze and solve the problems Agile Metric Tools at KMS Technology What we build and use the Agile metrics at our company
  6. 6. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Data Sources for Agile Metrics
  7. 7. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Software Development Lifecycle Tools Project Tracking Systems (PTS) Source Control Managements (SCM) Continuous Integration & Deployment Tools (CI&DT) Application Performance Monitoring Systems (APM)
  8. 8. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Project Tracking System
  9. 9. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Questions from Project Tracking System WHO is working on WHAT? WHEN THINGS get DONE in a GOOD way? The members on your team who get assigned things Tasks, bugs, or anything that can get assigned and tracked Start/end dates and estimates The same as WHAT End dates affected by the definition of DONE The team was happy with what is took to get there ● Estimates ● Task Volume ● Bugs ● Recidivism ● Tags Key Data to Collect
  10. 10. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Source Control Management
  11. 11. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Questions from Source Control Mngt. ● Pull requests ● Denied Pull requests ● Merged Pull requests ● Commits ● Reviews ● Comments ● CLOC Key Data to CollectWHO is working on WHAT? HOW MUCH effort the work is taking? The members on your team who get assigned things Specific code changes to your software products WHO is helping WHOM? How your team is collaborating on their changes How your team is collaborating on their changes
  12. 12. DevDay Da Nang 2019 CI and Deployment Tools
  13. 13. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Questions from CI and Deployment Tools ● Test reports ● Total number of tests ● Percentage of passed/failed tests ● Static code analysis ● Coverage percentage ● Code violations Key Data to Collect HOW disciplined the TEAM is? HOW good your code is? Build stats from CI show you how well your team can follow the process Also break down by team member HOW consistently you are delivering? Maybe the most important metric you can track Through test results and static code analysis can point to overall code quality
  14. 14. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Applying Agile Metrics
  15. 15. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Story points are jumping all over the place Sample-1: Identifying Tech Debt Trending Adding volume to the pictureAdding bugsAdding tasks that move backward to the chartThe complete data over time
  16. 16. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Bugs aren’t trending downThe same data with variance decreases between bugs and other data Sample-2: Incorporating Code Quality Adding comments to the graph and finding an ugly trendEverything is trending in the right direction
  17. 17. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Sample-3: Measuring Benefits of Process Change The graph the team ended with in the Sample-2. Everything is looking goodAdding velocity and releasesMost tasks estimated at 16 aren’t completedTasks are broken down into smaller bitsVelocity isn’t dipping anymore. The good/bad build trend is continuing to improveProductivity is consistent and releases are more frequent
  18. 18. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Agile Metric Tools at KMS Technology
  19. 19. DevDay Da Nang 2019 KA - KMS Analytics
  20. 20. DevDay Da Nang 2019 Take-away ➔ If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it ➔ Combine data from multiple tools ➔ Visualize data at the right levels ➔ Provide much data as possible to gain insight your team ➔ Take ownership and measure team by teamself
  21. 21. QUESTIONS ANSWER & DevDay Da Nang 2019
  22. 22. DevDay Da Nang 2019 References
  23. 23. THANK YOU! DevDay Da Nang 2019