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[DevDay2018] Javascript on the Rise - By Trang Tran, Co-founder & Manager at ENOUVO


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There was a time when the word JavaScript reminded developers about form validations or adding animation in web pages. However through time, Javascript has grown to be one of the most popular languages in the development world with its implementation usage in back-end and front-end development. With the rise of Javascript front-end frameworks such as AngularJS, React JS or VueJS, as well as the invention of cross-platform mobile development frameworks such as React Native, Native Script, Javascript once again has proved its popularity and ability to become the most powerful language that truly breaks the platform barrier and allows developers to solve problems in various platforms.

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[DevDay2018] Javascript on the Rise - By Trang Tran, Co-founder & Manager at ENOUVO

  1. 1. Javascript On The Rise A summary of javascript trend through time
  2. 2. Trang Tran Co-founder & Manager of Enouvo IT Solutions
  3. 3. What you get today Learning why Javascript has become so popular ➔ What is Javascript? Brief intro about JS ➔ What can you do with JS? Wait for it, and you will know ➔ How popular is JS? Reports will show you all ➔ Where to start? From a passion to learn something cool
  4. 4. What is Javascript? Why was it created?
  5. 5. Introduction of Javascript - Created in 1995 by Brendan Eich for Netscape Navigator (browser) - Original name was Mocha - “Javascript” was named after Java to get developers’ attention. - Started as browser scripting language, and grow to become more powerful later
  6. 6. Introduction of Javascript (ctd.) - Language Specification for Javascript is created in 1997 – ECMAScript 1st Edition - The biggest updated version is ES6 (ECMAScript 2015) - Latest version – ECMAScript 2017 (naming convention changed)
  7. 7. What do you think you can do with Javascript? Yes, I would love to hear from you first
  8. 8. Before - Form validations - Dynamic Content Update through AJAX help for partial loading - Animated Graphics - JQuery – JS library makes things run smoother, nicer with an easy-to-use API working across browsers
  9. 9. Web applications from backend to frontend, mobile applications, desktop app, even entering to Machine Learning world Source: Now
  10. 10. The ability to become FULLSTACK developer is easier than ever
  11. 11. Javascript popularity and how it becomes so popular? Story Through few surveys and reports, you can see the popularity of the language and its various frameworks in today’s development world.
  12. 12. How popular is JS? - 2.3M of pull requests on Github - Python – 2nd place with only 1M - Java – 3rd place with 986K Javascript Is the most popular language in Github among the developers. More than double of the # of pull requests compare to the 2nd popular language – Python. Source: 15 most popular language on Github
  13. 13. Stack overflow Developer Survey 2018 showed: For the 6th year in a row, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language.
  14. 14. It says: Node.js and AngularJS continue to be the most commonly used technologies in this category, with React and .Net Core also important to many developers.
  15. 15. Continue: React & NodeJs stays number 2nd and 4th in the list, showing the love of developers to our JS Frameworks.
  16. 16. Continue: React is the framework developers say they most want to work with if they do not already.
  17. 17. NodeJS - the lift for JS popularity - Node.js is actually not a framework, but a runtime environment that allows to execute JavaScript on the server side. - NodeJS is fast, easy to learn, have an active community available for support. - Especially popular in real-time applications or when we seek a fast & scalable solution Ryan Dhal A software engineer and the inventor of NodeJS. He introduced NodeJS in Nov 2009.
  18. 18. Javascript implementations and what make it so appealing? Since the invention of NodeJS, Javascript has become more powerful and is used in most type of applications in today world.
  19. 19. You can develop almost everything with Javascript ➔ Backends through NodeJS ExpressJS, KoaJS, Meteor etc. ➔ Frontends ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, EmberJS etc. ➔ Mobile Apps React Native, Ionic, Native Script, Weex etc. ➔ Desktop Apps Electron. ➔ Training & deploying ML Models TensorflowJS Examples Javascript Implementations
  20. 20. NodeJs – who use it?
  21. 21. React websites There are many of them, but here are a few famous ones ➔ Facebook - social network service ➔ AirBnb - biggest online community marketplace ➔ Product Hunt - discover new products ➔ Atlassian - domain provider ➔ Cloudflare - company of delivery network ➔ Dropbox - cloud storage provider ➔ BBC - public service broadcaster ➔ Netflix - the world's leading Internet TV network ➔ Paypal - worldwide online payments system Big Fishes
  22. 22. Apps built using React Native WalmartFacebook AdsFacebook Bloomberg SoundCloud Pulse WixTownske Gyroscope Instagram Skype
  23. 23. What makes JS so appealing? - Increase no of development environments/platforms - Better specifications you can write JS in (e.g. adding new language features through releasing of ECMAScript versions) - Browsers quickly adapt to the new specifications and support it - More options you want to write JS, without, well, writing JS (e.g. TypeScript, ClosureScript or Elm etc.) - And good demands out there for the skills “If you know JavaScript, you can write code for anything”
  24. 24. The example road to become JS Fullstack developer Source:
  25. 25. Where do I start? You can learn everything from … GOOGLE :) Get started with these first ➔ Best place to learn the basic ➔ 30 day vanilla JS coding challenge ➔ Quick and easy place to test your JS codes ➔ Jump on Google for more specific framework learning :)
  26. 26. Once you learn the basic, try this cool open-source project... The mother of all demo apps - The Realworld project - a replicate of clone which is built in different frameworks. Source:
  27. 27. Frontend
  28. 28. Backend
  29. 29. Brandan Eich Extracted from his presentation for the dotJS conference in 2017
  30. 30. So what do you think? You you like your school/uni to teach you about these JS frameworks? How many of you have worked on JS frameworks? If you haven’t, do you think it’s interesting to learn JS now? Then it’s time for Q&A session
  31. 31. Thank you! I hope you’ll find these information useful. If you want to explore more on Javascript development, contact me at Enouvo IT Solutions Ltd. #welovewhatwedo