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[DevDay 2017] Startup with emerging technologies - Speaker: Nguyen Tran - CEO at Da Nang Business Incubator (DNES)


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This topic aims at sharing:
- Updated information about startup community in the recent years and the orientation for the development of the startup ecosystem in general and in Da Nang particular. Startups are now actualizing fiction movies of the past.
- Technology trends and tech startups, especially for emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI. IoT

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[DevDay 2017] Startup with emerging technologies - Speaker: Nguyen Tran - CEO at Da Nang Business Incubator (DNES)

  1. 1. Tech Startup Trends Another story-telling Danang, DevDay 2017
  2. 2. WHO AM I? Tran Bung CEO and “Á thần” at DNES
  3. 3. New tech has changed our lives forever!
  4. 4. Connected Agriculture Farmers are no more farmers but controllers.
  5. 5. Virtual / Augmented Classrooms Students are no more listening but seeing and feeling.
  6. 6. Chatbot / Virtual Assistants Consumers are no more looking around but chatting.
  7. 7. Autonomous Cars Drivers are no more drivers but doing whatever they want.
  8. 8. New Technology New tech emerges every day!
  9. 9. Top tech-trend watching organizations
  10. 10. We should distinguish technologies vs. their applications.
  11. 11. Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning – Deep Learning
  12. 12. Now, we talk about trending tech startup sectors EdTech Education Technology FinTech Finance Technology AgriTech Agriculture Techonology HealthTech Healthcare Technology TravelTech Travel Technology AdTech Advertising Technology $$$ $$$$ $$$ $$ $$ $ AR/VR IoT AI Blockchain BigData IoT BigData IoT AR/VR AI AI BigData AI
  13. 13. Danang-based startups do have an equal chance to advance in these sectors
  14. 14. A very good example:
  15. 15. It’s your turn to disrupt, but remember… RUBICON AGENCY’S 3 DEGREES OF DISRUPTION
  16. 16. Join us at #SURF2017
  17. 17. July 21 & 22 Grand Tourane * Tech talks (by founders) * Tech exhibition * Startup competition * Startup recruitment