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[DevDay 2016] Cross-platform desktop app with Electron - Introduction. Speaker: Tho Pham – CTO at Agility IO


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You are a web developer for years and your upcoming project is a desktop app. Should you learn C++, Python or Java? No, you don’t need to. This topic introduces Electron, the awesome framework behind Atom text editor, for building native desktop applications with web technologies


Speaker: Tho Pham – CTO at Agility IO

Published in: Software
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[DevDay 2016] Cross-platform desktop app with Electron - Introduction. Speaker: Tho Pham – CTO at Agility IO

  1. 1. Welcome to DEVDAY 2016!
  2. 2. Cross-platform desktop app with Electron Introduction Presented by   / AgilityIO / Tho Pham @thopth
  3. 3. AGENDA Agility - Intro Electron Q&A
  4. 4. Agility
  5. 5. Who we are a team of  ,  and  UX designers software developers hardware engineers who help tech entrepreneurs transform  into   and ideas game-changing apps IoT products
  6. 6. Where we are New York Singapore Da Nang Photo credit:
  7. 7. Agility in Da Nang  members~ 150
  8. 8. What we offer Lean UX Mobile Apps Web Development Cloud Development Games Development Big Data Scraping and Reporting Internet of Things
  9. 9. How we work
  10. 10. How we develop
  11. 11. Why desktop app
  12. 12. Which platform should be supported Windows Mac Linux
  13. 13. Which developer tools  with  ?C++ Qt  with  ?Python Kivy  with   or  ?Java SWT Swing
  14. 14. They are awesome, but you love web you have been worked as a web developer for years you don't need to ...
  15. 15. Formerly known as Atom Shell Made by Github
  16. 16. Electron Built on   (, Google Open Source V8 JavaScript engine Node Use Chrome browser for rendering
  17. 17. Apps built with Electron Slack Visual Studio Code and so many more.
  18. 18. Installation Node (with nvm) Electron boilerplate Or Yeoman generator
  19. 19. What's next? Packaging Application upgrading Using JavaScript frameworks to build application like React, Angular, Meteor, etc.
  20. 20. Resources Electron documentation
  21. 21. Q&A
  22. 22. Thank you! Made with love from DEVDAY 2016