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Howard Go of Mochibits on Opportunities in Mobile development in Philippines at DevCon Summit 2013 #MobileDevNBeyond


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Howard Go of Mochibits on Opportunities in Mobile development in Philippines at DevCon Summit 2013 #MobileDevNBeyond

  1. 1. Opportunities in Mobile Development in the Philippines DevCon Summit 2013 Howard Go @HowardDyGo
  2. 2. Why am I giving this talk? • • My answer to my mother, two years ago • It’s a huge, huge market • No worries • Indies can and should help each other • My advocacy My answer to you, today • The slice for us is much smaller now • There is urgency • Indies should help each other • Still my advocacy
  3. 3. The Situation A note on zombie apps (not the fad)...
  4. 4. Some Choices • • • • Get yourself employed (Php20k to 100k) Sell your skills (Php5k to USD25k) Make your own apps (USD0 to ???) Do all three… If you choose to make your own apps, be aware of the following…
  5. 5. Stand on the Shoulders of Giants • • More sources giving advice Engines/frameworks to code faster In the meantime, here are some ideas I’d like to share…
  6. 6. Marketing Matters… • • More… • Making it harder for new developers • And for existing small ones as well And less… • Because it doesn’t affect long tails • Because something else matters more
  7. 7. This is is from Annie, November 2013 This from App Annie, September 2012
  8. 8. Retention is Required • • Not why will they use your app… • But why will they play it again • And again Influencing player behavior • Not just with gameplay but content • Levels that push, rewards that pull
  9. 9. Research is Rewarding • • Your idea is not a unique snowflake • Find out what is out there • Improve, but also imitate Understanding success and failure • Games you love, games you respect • Core loop, monetization, retention
  10. 10. Final Words • • There is still opportunity • To develop for others • To develop for yourself But it will get harder • Because the market is saturated • Because the users want an upgrade So what are you waiting for?
  11. 11. Open Forum