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A Smarter World: The Mesh of Interconnected Devices and Artificial Intelligence by Olivier Klein


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Presented during DevCon Summit 2016 #DevFutureForward on November 5-6, 2016 at SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

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A Smarter World: The Mesh of Interconnected Devices and Artificial Intelligence by Olivier Klein

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. A Smarter World: The Mesh of Interconnected Devices and Artificial Intelligence Olivier Klein Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, APAC Amazon Web Services
  2. 2. 1990 John Romkey Internet Toaster (SNMP)
  3. 3. Healthcare and Life Sciences Municipal Infrastructure Smart Home Retail Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain Agriculture Education Automotive …across all Industries
  4. 4. Smart Devices
  5. 5. Devices
  6. 6. Smart?
  7. 7. Arduino Uno Raspberry Pi CPU 20MHz 8bit 700MHz 32bit Memory 2 KB 512 MB Storage 32 KB SD card Smart?
  8. 8. Logic Memory A single neuron or nerve end doesn’t make us smart…
  9. 9. Millions of Users / Consumers Millions of Devices / Producers Challenges Distributed At scale
  10. 10. Smart Devices Powered by the Cloud Virtually Unlimited Storage – Memory Virtually Unlimited Compute – Logic Cloud removes constraints!
  11. 11. 14 Regions 38 Availability Zones 63 Edge Locations Continuous Expansion AWS Global Infrastructure
  12. 12. Web Services Core Services Compute Storage Database Networking Infrastructure Regions Availability Zones Edge LocaAons PlaCorm Services AnalyAcs IoT Deployment Mobile Virtual Desktops CollaboraAon & Sharing App Delivery E-Mail Access Control AudiAng Monitoring EncrypAon Security ApplicaAons A P I & S D K s
  13. 13. The “Internet of Things” (plural)
  14. 14. SONOS Trueplay: Smart Speaker Tuning Trueplay measures the acoustics in any room and fine- tunes your speaker Launched in 2015 yet available to devices purchased over 5 years ago Data-driven evaluation and testing
  15. 15. Cloud-connected devices are constantly smarter « A 10 year old product can do things that hadn't been invented 10 years ago. Most importantly, going forward, people will expect your product to improve, and if it isn't being updated and getting better, you're literally being left behind. »
  16. 16. IoT - Building Blocks for Innovation •  Products that get smarter over time •  Processes are made more efficient and predictable •  Closer relationship with your customers •  New offerings that weren’t possible before
  17. 17. TATA Motors – Intelligent Fleet management   Collects sensor information and monitors truck fleets via AWS   Data allows to route fleets more effectively   Predict engine failures or mechanical problems and pre- emptively send trucks to repair centers
  18. 18.   Philips HealthSuite stores 15PB of patient data   Data gathered from 390 million imaging studies, medical records and patient device inputs   Doctors can look at long-term patient behavior and symptoms instead of momentary snapshots Philips HealthSuite – Improving doctor/patient relationship
  19. 19.   Stream, analyze, store and share data collected by 200,000 telematically-enabled machines   Provide growers timely and accurate data for optimal growing conditions   Help farmers plant more efficiently and improve crop yields John Deere – Plant and grow more efficiently
  20. 20. BMW – Make the car the sensor!   Connected-car application collects sensor data from BMW 7-series   Built Car-as-a-sensor (CARASSO) in only 6 months   Provide dynamically updated map information
  21. 21. “Securely connect billions of devices to AWS and interact with applications, other devices and the AWS platform” AWS IoT
  22. 22. AWS IoT DEVICE SDK Set of client libraries to connect, authenticate and exchange messages DEVICE GATEWAY Communicate with devices via MQTT and HTTP AUTHENTICATION AUTHORIZATION Secure with mutual authentication and encryption RULES ENGINE Transform messages based on rules and route to AWS Services AWS Services - - - - - 3P Services DEVICE SHADOW Persistent thing state during intermittent connections APPLICATIONS AWS IoT API DEVICE REGISTRY Identity and Management of your things
  23. 23. Official IoT Starter Kits, Powered by AWS
  24. 24. AWS Platform For IoT App Backend API Gateway Lambda Edge Service CloudFront Companion Apps Analytics RedShift Data Storage S3 SDKs C, iOS Android Machine Learning Machine Learning DynamoDB Kinesis Ingestion, Protocols & Security Device Shadows Mobile Hub EMR Reference Hardware Rules Engine AWS IoT
  25. 25. So we store all the data and perform our calculations on servers, right?
  26. 26. Dr. Werner Vogels CTO - Amazon
  27. 27. No server is easier to manage…
  28. 28. …than no server. No server is easier to manage…
  29. 29. AWS Lambda No server is easier to manage… …than no server.
  30. 30. AWS Lambda – Serverless   Run your code in the cloud, fully managed and highly-available   Triggered through API calls or state changes in your setup (S3, DynamoDB, SNS, Kinesis)   Scales automatically to match the incoming event rate   Charged per 100ms execution time Amazon Kinesis Amazon Lambda Amazon S3 Amazon DynamoDB Amazon API Gateway Amazon 
  31. 31. powered by Alexa Voice Services
  32. 32. The Power of Speech: Alexa •  Alexa, the voice service that powers Echo, provides capabilities, or skills, that enable customers to interact with devices using voice. •  Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) allows device manufacturer to build their own skill •  Skills can be powered by AWS Lambda
  33. 33. The Power of Speech: Alexa Node.js SDK available to quickly build new voice skills. var AlexaSkill = require('./AlexaSkill'); var HelloWorld= function () {, APP_ID); }; // Extend AlexaSkill HelloWorld.prototype = Object.create(AlexaSkill.prototype); HelloWorld.prototype.constructor = HelloWorld; HelloWorld.prototype.eventHandlers.onLaunch = function (launchRequest, session, response) { var speechOutput = ”Hello World”; response.tell(speechOutput); };
  34. 34. Build your own Alexa Skill! Amazon Echo Alexa Skills Kit AWS Lambda Amazon DynamoDB (Facebook Page Post)
  35. 35. Finally, Data Analytics at scale to render connected devices even smarter!
  36. 36. Ingest Store Process Visualize Data Answers Time Simplified Data Analytics Pipeline
  37. 37. Amazon S3 Amazon DynamoDB Amazon RDS Ingest Store Process Visualize Amazon Mobile Analytics Amazon EMR Amazon Redshift Amazon Lambda Amazon Kinesis Firehose Amazon Machine Learning Amazon EC2 Amazon Glacier Amazon Elasticsearch Service Amazon Kinesis Analytics Amazon QuickSight AWS Import/ Export Snowball Amazon Kinesis
  38. 38. 1 instance x 100 hours = 100 instances x 1 hour (and with Spot Pricing not only faster but also cheaper)
  39. 39. Final Thoughts   More and more “things” will amass large amount of data, build on a platform which can scale   Choose lightweight protocols and cost-effective data stores IoT and Big Data are best friends, AWS enables both   Charging model should be simple and remove infrastructure complexity   SDKs, starter kits and growing partner ecosystem can help you to get started quickly
  40. 40. Thank you! Olivier Klein Emerging Technologies Solutions Architect, APAC Amazon Web Services