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Mobile Audio Transcription and Submission (MATS)

Slides to accompany Keith Gilbertson and Linda Newman's pitch of their entry to the DevCSI OR2012 Developer Challenge.

Further information about their entry can be found at

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Mobile Audio Transcription and Submission (MATS)

  1. 1. OR2012  Developer’s  Challenge   MATS  –  Mobile  Audio*  Transcrip@on   and  Submission   *and  video  
  2. 2. MATS  –  Mobile  Audio  Transcrip@on   and  Submission  •  Mobile  phone  app  to  record  audio  (or  video)   oral  histories,  automa@cally  obtain   transcrip@ons,  and  submit  the  histories  and   transcrip@ons  to  a  repository          
  3. 3. Simple  One-­‐Time  Setup  
  4. 4. Record,  Transcribe,  Submit  
  5. 5. Select  file  for  transcrip@on  
  6. 6. Request  Transcrip@on  MAVIS  =  MicrosoN  Audio  Visual  Indexing  System  (computerized)    Mechanical  Turk  (humanized)      
  7. 7. Submission  of  media  and  transcripts  
  8. 8. Feasability  =  Easability  •  All  of  the  pieces  already  exist,  we  just  need  to   glue  them  together  •  Stealing  code  from  another  group’s  SWORD   submission  app  from  OR2011  challenge!   (SWORD  Share)  •  Web  services  for  MicrosoN  MAVIS  (via   GreenBuZon)    •  Amazon  Mechanical  Turk  
  9. 9. Use  Study  –  Digital  Archive  of  Literacy   Narra@ves    DALN  seeks  literacy  narra@ves  –  personal  recorded  stories  of  how  one  learned  to  read,  write  and  compose,  from  everyday  ci@zens.      Instruc@ons  for  uploading  mp3’s  today    are    mul@-­‐stepped.    Submission  from  a  smart  phone  –  with  transcripts  –  would  be  a  boon.  
  10. 10. Use  Study  –  Elliston  Poetry  Curator  •  The  Elliston  poetry  curator  at  University  of   Cincinna@  has  been  hos@ng  noted  poets  and   making  analog  recordings  for  decades  –  s@ll   doing  so  –  would  be  great  for  him  to  have  a   digital  method  that  would  not  be  mul@-­‐ stepped  and  would  not  require  mul@ple   devices,  using  an  android  tablet  or  iPad,  and   he  would  be  ecsta@c  to  have  transcrip@ons.  
  11. 11. Use  Study  –  tablets  in  the  field  •  Researchers  are  using  mobile  devices  in  the  field.     The  ability  to  upload  an  audio  or  video  file  at  the   point  of  crea@on-­‐with  transcript-­‐  would  greatly   enhance  the  rate  of  contribu@on.