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120124 samaranta corporate for dir

  1. 1. SAMARANTA MININGCORPORATIONGold in ColombiaJanuary 2012
  2. 2. DisclaimerThis presentation may contain forward-looking statements which involve known andunknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results,performance, or achievements of Samaranta Mining Corporation (“Samaranta”) to bematerially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressedor implied by such forward-looking statements.Forward looking statements may include statements regarding exploration results andbudgets, resource estimates, work programs, strategic plans, or other statements thatare not statements of fact.Although Samaranta believes the expectations reflected in such forward-lookingstatements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that such expectations will proveto have been correct. Various factors that may affect future results include, but are notlimited to, foreign currency exchange fluctuations, risks relating to exploration,including resource estimation, requirements for additional financing, political andregulatory risks, and other risks described in Samaranta’s Joint ManagementInformation Circular filed on SEDAR under legion Resources Corp. Accordingly, unduereliance should not be placed on forward-looking statements. Samaranta does notassume any obligation to update such forward-looking statements.
  3. 3. Samaranta Colombian Focused Gold Exploration Multiple gold exploration properties in one of the most prospective and underexplored jurisdictions - Colombia: excellent geology, many new discoveries, supportive jurisdiction  Guadalupe is the core property; located in heart of historical gold mining camp; adjacent to / on strike with Frontino Gold Mines; million of ounces produced over 150+ years;
  4. 4. Frontino Gold BeltLocation
  5. 5. The Frontino Gold Belt Columbia’s Preeminent Production District Large Belt: 200 km by 15 km Strong continuity: e.g. El Silencio mined +2,000m along strike & 1,800m down dip. Widespread mineralization hundreds of deposits; small artisanal & large gold mines Town of Segovia: built around FGM Hosts Frontino Gold Mine to accommodate gold mining => ~50% of vein gold activities production in Colombia
  6. 6. Frontino Gold Mine (“FGM”)History & Reserves  Largest underground gold mine in Colombia; four operating mines,  + 4.8 million oz recorded production(1)  grades > 50 g/t common, highest grades 900 g/t (1)  antiquated mining technology (1)  Indicated 315,000 T @ 13.1 g/T Au; inferred 914,000 T @ 15.4 g/T Au (1) (1) 43-101 Report Frontino Gold Mines, June 9, 2010 Scott E. Wilson C.P.G. Photos from Sandra K Mine; lower sample 150 g/T Au; 214 g/T Ag 5.65% Pb
  7. 7. Guadalupe Propertyrelationship to FGM Guadalupe Property Producing or past producing mines at Frontino Gold Mines
  8. 8. Guadalupe Gold Prospect Overview• 786 hectare concession contiguous with the northern boundary of Frontino Gold Mines (“FGM”)• Underlain by Segovia Batholith – same granodiorite host as FGM
  9. 9. Guadalupe- Surface Geology
  10. 10. Guadalupe Total MagneticsFGM mines appearassociated withmargins of North Easttrending magnetic lowFGM San NicholasFGM CristalesFGM Sandra KFGM El Silencio
  11. 11. Guadalupe 1st Vertical Derivative1st Vertical Derivativealso supports NorthEast trendFGM San NicholasFGM CristalesFGM Sandra KFGM El Silencio
  12. 12. Guadalupe – Potassium AlterationFGM mines associatedwith K-Alternation &North East trendFGM San NicholasFGM CristalesFGM Sandra KFGM El Silencio
  13. 13. Guadalupe – Airborne Compilation
  14. 14. Guadalupe – Target Summary
  15. 15. Guadalupe – Target Detail Target 1 & 2 priority targets Airborne anomalies Area of hydrothermal alteration
  16. 16. ManagementDirectors & OfficersVolkmar Hable (Ph.D) - CEO, President & Directoro Ph.D. geoscientist fluent in English, Spanish, German and FrenchJim Walchuk, (B.Sc. and P. Eng.) - Directoro P.Eng with over 29 years of national and international experienceRobert McMorran, CA - Directoro Provided accounting services to junior public companies since 1997.Gunther Roehlig – Directoro 15 years experience restructuring, managing and financing junior public companies.Sharon Muzzin, CA - Chief Financial Officero 25 years experience providing management services to private and public entitiesJames L. Harris - Secretaryo over 25 years experience in corporate, securities and business law based
  17. 17. Share Structure• Plan of Arrangement with Legion Resources (LR) completed May 20, 2011• 36,872,147 shares issued & outstanding• 45.96 million outstanding fully diluted• Seeking approval to amend exercise price of warrants• 52 week high $0.48 low $0.09
  18. 18. Contact Us Dr. Volkmar G. Hable Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 3E2 Tel: +1 604 641 1210 info@samaranta.ca www.samaranta.ca Or Barry Girling barry@samaranta.ca 604 639 4521