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Summer Student Report #2


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Karoline is a Summer Student at Clearstream, Deutsche Börse Group's settlement and custody division. During her stay she will find out how it is like to work in a bank and share her experiences with you in weekly reports.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Summer Student Report #2

  1. 1. Summer Student Report #2 It is all about exchanging information Hello everyone, Wow, it has already been two weeks since I started my job as Summer Student here at Clearstream. Let me tell you what I did last week! Once again I had some exciting tasks to do. So, did you know Clearstream has an office in Dubai? Neither did I. Well, our colleagues over there moved to the new Conrad Tower and I helped covering this relocation in an intranet article by translating the content (all intranet announcements are available in German and English). However, the move itself does not do the job - and the devil is in the details: I also had to go through every brochure and documents where the address or telephone number of the Dubai office is mentioned, update them and sort out the old ones. Besides administrative work, I also helped with installing and testing the brand new video room, which will be used for filming interviews, testimonials or other interesting videos for Clearstream’s website and its social media channels. In addidtion, together with my team we developed a concept for activities Clearstream is going to offer to the visitors of the Sibos conference, which takes place in Boston this autumn. For those of you who are not that familiar with the financial sector (just like me ): Sibos (SWIFT International Banking Operations Seminar) is the most important event for companies of the post-trade industry, organised annually by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) - and of course Clearstream will take part, too. Last week I also participated in several meetings, e.g. the daily morning meeting or the editorial meeting which takes place once a week. Those meetings were especially interesting because they gave me an insight into how the team exchanges information, tasks and knowledge – obviously pretty important when working in Communications, right? For me these meetings are quite useful as every member of the team would explain things to me, help me with my tasks or give me work to do. In summary, this week I learned a lot more about my section’s performance for Clearstream and the wide diversity of the company’s operational areas, and I am looking forward to this week’s tasks – and to tell you about them soon! See you soon, Karoline