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  1. 1. ENGLISH  4  /  VANTAGE  1   FUNCTIONS  AND  STRUCTURES   PHILIPPINES  TYPHOON  APPEAL             Philippines  typhoon   appeal             I  can  say  that  I  have  not  done  anything  but  that  something    has  happened  to  me.   I  can  say  :  ‘My  bike  has  been  stolen’.     intro  of  new  story     detail  of  new  story   old  story   fact/habit     impossibility     now               More  than  10,000   people     have been killed in   one   Philippine     city   by   Super   Typhoon  Haiyan.   Tacloban  City   was hit five  days  ago.   Chris  Ducker  :  ‘We   are/get hit quite   regularly   with   storms.   But,   yes,  this  was  something  else.’   Dennis  Chiong  :   ‘Most  of  the  Cebu   province   Oxfam  :  ‘Water   couldn’t be contacted by   landlines,   cell   phones   or   radio.’   is needed both  for  drinking  and  cleaning.   £27   could   provide   10   Oxfam   buckets   to   help   provide   clean   water.’