Bermuda triangle


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Bermuda triangle

  1. 1. Thesis Argument 1-7 Fact Reiteration ConclusionPersentation >>
  2. 2. Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle is sometimes also called DevilsTriangle is an area in the Atlantic ocean area of ​1.5 million mil2or 4 million km2 that form a line between the Bermudatriangle, the territory of the United Kingdom as a point on thenorth, Puerto Rico, the territory of the United States as point inthe south and Miami, the state of Florida, the United States as apoint on the west. Bermuda Triangle is very mysterious sea.Often there is the issue of the paranormal in the area that statesthe reason for the loss of ships passing events. There is also asaying that has become a natural phenomenon that should notbe across the region.
  3. 3. Various kinds of opinions about the Bermuda Triangle :Christopher Columbus At the time of Christopher Columbus voyage, whenmoving through the Bermuda Triangle area, said one of his crewsaw "a strange light berkemilau on the horizon". Some people saythey have observed something like a meteor. In his notes hewrites that the navigation equipment is not functioning properlyduring their stay in the area.
  4. 4. Methane gas and whirlpool Another explanation of some of the events of thedisappearance of planes and ships mysteriously is thepresence of methane gas in these waters. This theorywas first published in 1981 by the United StatesGeological Investigation. This theory was successfullytested in the laboratory and the results satisfy somepeople on a reasonable explanation about themysterious disappearance of planes and ships that passin the region.
  5. 5. Sea earthquake and huge waves This theory says friction and turbulence in the soil at thebottom of the Atlantic Ocean produces powerful waves andships immediately became lost control and headed straight forthe sea with a strong base in just a few seconds. As for itsrelationship with the plane, then a strong shock wave andcauses the loss of the balance of the aircraft and the lack ofability for pilots to control aircraft.
  6. 6. Gravitation Gravity (gravity field is reversed, the magnetic anomalygravity) and its relationship to what happens in the BermudaTriangle; real compasses and other electronic navigationequipment in aircraft when flying over the Bermuda Trianglewill be shaken and moved not normal, so does the compass ona ship , which show strong magnetism and gravity are curiouslyreversed.
  7. 7. Base U.F.O. U. S. Government and Independent Academic said theBermuda Triangle because it was the UFO Base group ofcreatures of outer space / aliens are not disturbed by humans,so that any vehicle that passes through the territory will beexploited and abducted.
  8. 8. Islamic opinion In a hadist narrated from Abu Hurairah from the NabiMuhammad, said that the meeting between the hot and coldtemperatures (cool) is said to be a place like this ban because itis the most favored by Devil. Because according to someopinions some say that the Bermuda Triangle is the centermeeting between the flow of cold water with hot water flows,so that it will result in a large whirlpool / terrible.
  9. 9. Time tunnel (worm holes) In history, people, ships, aircraft and many others aremissing under mysterious circumstances as we often hear inthe waters of the Bermuda Triangle, is actually entered intothis mysterious passage of time.
  10. 10. Some ship and plane lost in the Bermuda Triangle1. 1840 : HMS Rosalie2. 1872 : The Mary Celeste, one of the greatest mysteryof the disappearance of some ships in the bermuda triangle3. 1909 : The Spray4. 1917 : SS Timandra5. 1918 : USS Cyclops (AC-4) disappeared in the stormysea, but before leaving the control tower said that the sea wascalm, no storm may occur, is very good for shipping6. 1926 : SS Suduffco missing in bad weather7. 1938 : HMS Anglo Australian disappeared. Thoughthe report said the weather was very calm day.
  11. 11. Some ship and plane lost in the Bermuda Triangle8. 1945 : Flight 19 disappeared along with the teamsavior.9. 1952 : British York transport plane lost with 33passengers10. 1962 : US Air Force KB-50, a tanker, vanishes11. 1970 : French ship goods, Milton Latrides vanished;sailed from New Orleans to Cape Town.12. 1972 : German Ship, Anita (20,000 tons), disappearedwith 32 crew13. 1976 : SS Sylvia L. Ossa lost in the ocean 140 mileswest of Bermuda.
  12. 12. Some ship and plane lost in the Bermuda Triangle14. 1978 : Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902,disappeared after takeoff and lost radio contact15. 1980 : SS Poet; sailed to Egypt, disappeared in astorm16. 1995 : Ship Jamanic K (built 1943) reported missingafter going through Cap Haitien17. 1997 : The sailor disappeared from the German cruiseship18. 1999 : Freighter Genesis missing after sailing fromPort of Spain to St Vincent.Etc…
  13. 13. Bermuda triangle or Devil Triangle is a place where more than1000 ships and planes have disappeared in the triangle areaover the past five centuries and continue to do so. . What isthere in Bermuda Triangle, it is unknown to the smartestcreature on the earth, human. Even though many ships andaircrafts sank into the ocean, none of them asked forhelp, they have radio communication with them, and theydidn’t pass any information to anybody. They just disappeared.
  14. 14. Conclusion Many ships and aircraft lost in the waters surrounding theBermuda Triangle due to bursts of methane gas in the waters of theBermuda Triangle. This is reinforced by the evidence according to Bill Dillonof the U.S. Geological Survey. That the Bermuda Triangle area, but also inseveral other areas along the coast of the continent, there is a "MineMethane". This gas can escape when suddenly the sea floor cracks. Withincredible strength, stack gas was sprayed onto the surface while boilingwater, forming compounds metanahidrat. So, in conclusion, scientificallyBermuda Triangle that had been considered as a frightening sea watersapparently are regular but marine waters due to human activities thatdestroy and exploit the natural wealth too much, causing these watersclaimed many victims.