Lights, Camera, Internet: Video + Marketing = Impact


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Video is the ultimate medium for reaching an audience of 100, 500, or even thousands. What makes a video good, bad, or successful? Is it the message, the overall cost, the quality, or a combination? Whether you're a beginner or have experience in the making of a video, this presentation provides valuable information into the production process, how to select a company, and where and how to seek cost cutting techniques—without sacrificing quality. Get insight into industry techniques; solutions to challenges; and useful tools for producing a cost-effective, quality video for your next meeting, convention, or trade show.

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Lights, Camera, Internet: Video + Marketing = Impact

  1. 1. Video + Marketing = IMPACT Brad Gentile Bottomline Video & Creative Group Jason Chmiola WebLink Audio Video #destshow
  2. 2. Why Video? Why Now? 50% of Internet traffic in 2011 was video 4 billion daily views on YouTube Facebook is now the 5th largest provider of videos Increases a buyers decision by 64% Businesses are 50x more likely to appear on the first page of Google with video on their webpage 52% take action following the viewing of a video #destshow
  3. 3. Why Video? Why Now?"According to a study by the University ofPennsylvania Wharton School of Business,prospects are 72% more likely to purchasea product or service when video is usedand they make their buyingdecisions faster.“ #destshow
  4. 4. Video + Marketing = IMPACT Video offers the ability to connect with your audience. Video is a people magnet. Video is now expected. Video creates a point of separation from competitors. Video provides one clear, concise and consistent message. #destshow
  5. 5. Social Media / Live Streaming • Drive viewers to your website • Interactivity; chat windows • Increase brand awareness • Facebook, Google pages, Business website • Cross-channel marketing • Imbed video/web streaming to your web page and social media sites. #destshow
  6. 6. A Scalable Process Select the right production partner Create relevant, targeted messages Don’t assume it has to be big crews and big budgets. Production Variables = time and cost #destshow
  7. 7. Cost Effectiveness Scriptwriting Content Development Crew Size Days of Taping/Editing Music, Narration, Graphics Production Gear Toys R Us HD vs. SD Use of Stills Delivery Mechanism File Conversions #destshow
  8. 8. Preparation and Process  Discuss your vision  Approve a budget  Educate yourself  Competitors  Likes, wants and needs  Reputable and knowledgeable producer  Production partners  Industry experience  Samples and references  Value added #destshow
  9. 9. Preparation and Process  Explore your options  Effective, feasible, reasonable  Distribution  Do your homework  Be passionate . . .You’re the key! #destshow
  10. 10. Contact Information Brad Gentile Bottomline Video & Creative Group 301.514.1560 Jason Chmiola WebLink Audio Video 202.596.2861 #destshow