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Leading In Style


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Allison McClintick delivered this presentation during the 2013 Destination Michigan Showcase of Ideas on Wednesday, Nov. 6, at the Eagle Eye Golf Club in Lansing.

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Leading In Style

  1. 1. Lead In Style! “Ch-ch changes….”
  2. 2. What are the communication challenges you need to deal with on a daily basis in order to get the job done right?
  3. 3. “Ch-ch changes….” Leadership is not about YOU... …and it is always about you.
  4. 4. What is Leadership? “…inspiring others to move toward a common goal…” relationship impact influence Intentional individual development “Ch-ch changes….”
  5. 5. Leadership in Operational Life & Behavior Leadership as a Concept
  6. 6. Details Mindset -Effective time management and prioritizing -Organized, structured -Task Oriented -Even paced workers -thorough preparers -Methodical -prefers routine -perfects “comfort zone” -relatively “internal” -Avoids risk I N T E G R A T E D Big Picture Mindset -Connectors -Relationship builders -Overall -Less structure for innovation -Driven by growth -Driven by change for improvement -Expansive personalities -less interested in details
  7. 7. 39 29 19 Erik: L 30/M9= L21 Micaela: L 25/M13= L12 19 Sandra M 24/L15= M9 29 39
  8. 8. What does this mean…really? • We come by the style naturally and often, subconsciously. • It influences everything we do. • We should seek to integrate. • We should seek to acknowledge people’s style. • We have many hats; know which one to put on, when. IT IS NATURAL TO THE WAY WE ORGANICALLY THINK AND APPROACH TASKS IT IS A DIFFERENT WAY OF COMMUNICATING AND GETTING THINGS DONE.
  9. 9. Leadership & Management as ROLES We are headed to the same place…but how we get there may look different.
  10. 10. Managers: Leaders: Collective Contribution Universal, Basic Emotional Needs Mission Success Individual Contribution Diversity Strengths/Talents Style(s) Motivation Page 9
  11. 11. Effective Managers without effective leaders are “all dressed up and nowhere to go” Effective leaders without effective managers are creating a vision that won’t go anywhere. How does this relate to the meeting planning world? Managers without leadership skills are…….. Leaders without management skills are……
  12. 12. Roles/Functions/Attitude of “Leadership” Sets the vision by creating the bigger picture. Identifies change/adjustments Assesses risk, takes action. Foresight. Strategy, innovation. Idea people. Aligns relationships (in and out of organization. Circle of concern is the overall picture and the connectivity of all parts. Inspires through action & behaviors. Connects people. Page 7
  13. 13. Roles/Functions/Attitude of “Management” Handles change details Breaks the vision down into tasks. Manages risks, monitors and reports results and progress. Strategy detail; budgeting, planning, etc Aligns people with the right tasks Circle of concern is department, team and how it performs, contributes Works closely with team, taps into intrinsic motivation, style. Page 8
  14. 14. Why is it so tough getting there????
  15. 15. For Details People -Give them ample time to prepare -They feel more comfortable and confident with more detail -Deadlines not met throw them off internally -Too many moving parts (that they didn’t move) may make them upset. -Always have options in a pinch -Are usually wanting to know who is doing what and how it is going. Big Picture People -Are able to wing it fairly well -Too much detail at once and you might lose them. -Might need reminders of deadlines. -They can juggle many moving parts with ease -May not be verbalizing or recording all those parts. -Are usually “good” with everyone taking their piece and going with it
  16. 16. Lead in Style! For more information call (517)285-0059 or find us at