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The New Teacher


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10 Things I wish they'd told me (advice for new teachers)

Published in: Education
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The New Teacher

  1. 1. TheNewTeacher 1. Thou shalt make MANY mistakes. 2. A wise man once said “It is best to never let a pupil see you smile before Christmas comes.” Unfortunately, he suffered a terrible attack of the heart and is no longer with us to confirm the usefulness of this strategy. 3. You shall appear as a parent, a pastor, or even a parole officer to some. 4. It might be expected that, as a teacher, you are skilled in developing novel approaches to teaching boring stuff that matters. 5. If you do not know an answer, do not be afraid to call upon Gog (Great Oracle Google). 6. Know thyself. Be a cool teacher and they will like you; be yourself and they will learn from you. 7. Herein lies the paradox of teaching: your aim is to get your pupils to need you less. 8. Be ye not fooled! Your students actually prefer order over chaos and challenging work over menial tasks. 9. Question all matters of teaching and teach your students to question all matters of learning (do not confuse a good question with a good challenge). 10. Do not expect praise from adults, lest ye be willing to suffer grave disappointment. Rather, look to your students for signs that your efforts are paying off. Des Floyd “10ThingsIwishthey’dtoldme”