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Presentation Pet Peeves


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This presentation is designed to assist professional development facilitators/trainers in avoiding common practices that weaken presentation effectiveness. It's free for public/educational use.

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Presentation Pet Peeves

  1. 1. PRESENTATION PET PEEVESThings We Love to Hate About Each
  3. 3. TimelinessandRelevanceIf your subjectmatter isn’timportant, well-timed, or usefulto some degreethen it might notbe worth sharing(or listening to).
  4. 4. DON’T treat me like I’m a child!Adultsprefertobetreatedlikeadults.Thebestpresentersrespecttheknowledgeandexperiencelevelsofparticipantsintheaudience.
  5. 5. Don’t load your slides with informationthen read every word on the screen.Zzzz…Huh?What!!?I can’tsee theslides!Honey, wake up.It’s almost over.
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  7. 7. Be sure to P.R.E.PNothing’s more annoyingthen hearing the presenterrepeat,Oh, that shouldn’tbe in there!orThat’s supposed toread _________.then
  9. 9. Picture this!You stare out into an audience only to notice participants reading,staring-off into space, frowning at you, pointing, and having privateconversations with each other. Sure—these are tell-tale signs thepresentation stinks but at least show a little respect!
  10. 10. Cell phones can be disruptive.Even the hum of vibrating phonescan distract presenters and disruptthe flow of the presentation.
  11. 11. Should I choose a differentcareer path?…I mean…I’mnot getting any younger.Don’t make it about you.Unless it’s an audience of one, try not to turn the spotlight on you. Personalinformation and private challenges irrelevant to the topic should not be introducedin large, open forums.
  12. 12. Reflect(1) Think about the last time you servedin either role (audience or presenter).(2) Generate a brainstorm ofwords and phrases that bestdescribe your experience.(3) Share your list with a partner or in asmall group.
  13. 13. Des FloydThis presentation is free for public/educational use. Pleasedirect questions and/or comments note: The views expressed in this presentation do not necessarily reflect the views of the FloridaDepartment of Education.