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The Bonobos Ninjas Handbook to Customer Service


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In this recorded webinar, rolls up their sleeves and shoots straight with the Bonobos Ninjas asking about their secret sauce to providing world-class customer service and how they gained a competitive edge for their business.

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The Bonobos Ninjas Handbook to Customer Service

  1. 1. 60 minutes5-10 minutes!Introduction tospeakers and goover agenda35-40 minutes!Webinardiscussion15 minutes!Closing DemoKevin Baldacci Cole SicklerModerator   Speaker’sContent MarketingAnalystNinja Chief of Staff
  2. 2. 1.  Introductions and Housekeeping Items2.  Who are the Bonobos Ninjas?3.  The Ninja’s Customer Service Goals4.  The Downfall of Gmail for Customer Support5.  3ThingsYou Can Implement By the End of theWeek6.  10 minutes of what’s under the hood of
  3. 3. Facts & Learning PointsQuestions to @Desk or @bonobosninjas
  4. 4. The Customer Service Team:The BonobosNinjas  30 Ninjas onthe team!  
  5. 5. Question #1Give us some background onthe Bonobos Ninjas and whyyou formed this uniquesupport team.
  6. 6. Early challenge: new company and new brandThe Ninjas: not  your  Grandpa’s  customer  service  Ninja Fun typically leads to customerswanting to join in
  7. 7. Question #2What are some of thebenefits that you have seenfrom having a company well-known for their customerservice?
  8. 8. Word of Mouth/Buzz  §  People WANT to talk about agood customer serviceexperience§  New customers often shop withBonobos because of theirreputation for world-class service“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it againand bring their friends.”– Walt Disney  
  9. 9. Trust  §  Converts 1-time buyers intolong-term customers§  Returning customers trust theNinjas – gives them a lot oflatitude for error  3 in 5 Americans would try a new brand for a betterservice experience.– American Express Survey, 2011  
  10. 10. Make Up for Other Areas  §  Bonobos is small and new – they make mistakes likeall companies do§  Customers know that if Bonobos makes a mistake,the Ninjas will always do everything they can tocorrect it  
  11. 11. Oklahoma fans showing ushow they sport theirBonobosCustomer sharing someBonobos love on the interwebs#CustomerLove  
  12. 12. Question #3What are some of the goalsyou have for the Ninjas? Whatare the specific metrics thatyou measure?
  13. 13. Ninja Service Goals  §  Provide  quality,  personable  service  §  We  keep  the  Ninjas  sharp  through  peer  review  –  AKA  Peer  Pong  
  14. 14. Peer Pong  §  Once  a  month,  Ninjas  are  given  a  sample  of  another  Ninja’s  customer  interacBons.    §  Review  and  grade  the  emails  then  meet  to  discuss  how  peer  can  improve  §  The  vast  majority  is  ranked:  EXCELLENT  
  15. 15. Strive for the bestemail ratingsScreenshot of Reporting
  16. 16. Respond to everyphone call in30 secondsThe Ninjas often hit thisover 90% of the time
  17. 17. Respond to each email in 24 hoursScreenshot of Reporting
  18. 18. Question #4Prior to using, whatwere you using for customersupport? What are some of theresults you have seen from using atool such as
  19. 19. Shared Gmail Inbox  §  Used to print out the day’scases and manually crossthem off§  Really easy to accidentallywork the same case§  A lot of dropped cases ascustomer base grew
  20. 20. Upgraded to Slightly Better Platform  §  Upgraded to a customerservice platform§  Hard to manage, limitedmetrics, required constantdeveloper support
  21. 21.!  §  Plug and go, filters &prioritization, metricsfor progress§ prioritizingand filtering = farsuperior to oldapproach
  22. 22. Filters and Priorities  General Q Filters Task Force FiltersScreenshot of Filters
  23. 23. Question #5What are some best practicesyou have for our audience?What can they implement bythe end of the week?
  24. 24. Segment cases by category andtime received  §  This achieves two things:1.  Makes it easier to see and understand the day’stasks and what you need to prioritize2.  Breaks up the volume§  Makes the mountain appearsmaller to the team  
  25. 25. Divide and Conquer theDay’s Work  §  Working on the same task allday can burn a ninja out –switch it up§  Divide up the team into taskforces
  26. 26. Empower your Customer Service Teamto actually HELP customers  §  It is called Customer Service for a reason§  A Customer Service Team’s goal should be creatingpositive customer outcomes…period.
  27. 27. Make it fun for your employees  If your employees are having fun on the job,they will deliver  “Our ninjas will provide safe service” “How do you do formal Friday?”
  28. 28. THANK YOU!Stay tuned for the BonobosDiscount and Demo