How to Go Above and Beyond Customer Service, Superhero Style


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In today's day and age of immediate solutions and mobile services, customer expectations of a company's support are higher than ever. In order for your business to thrive in this social world, you can't just have normal customer service need to have Agent Superheroes.

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How to Go Above and Beyond Customer Service, Superhero Style

  1. How to go above and beyond customer service, superhero style
  2. And that’s not including likes, pins and yelp reviews.
  3. Today’s environment, with its ever-present social media and mobile devices
  4. Has given rise to a new breed of cusomers with a new set of expectations.
  5. Any business that’s trying to keep their head above water, is going to need super help, and fast.
  6. It’s time to unleash your business’s secret power…
  7. Agent Superheroes!
  8. A support agent is a company’s customer service representative that handles all customer interactions.
  9. But an agent superhero is more than that…
  10. An Agent Superhero chooses to go beyond what is usual, regular or customary
  11. They take on the toughest assignments no one else wants
  12. And they are relentless about customer support
  13. If your business wants to thrive, you need to add some….
  14. Kickass to your customer support
  15. Here are 5 ways your agents can go above and beyond and become agent superheroes
  16. 1. Build a consistent support experience
  17. Today, customers are using multiple channels to reach out for help
  18. And they expect a consistent experience no matter what channel they use
  19. 9 out of 10 customers expect to receive a unified, consistent experience over multiple support channels - synthetix
  20. 65% of customers receive inconsistent information when contacting companies via multiple channels - PWC
  21. To achieve agent superhero status…
  22. 1. Combine all of your support channels into one unified inbox
  23. 2. View and respond to all customer interactions from the same location
  24. You can manage your customer interactions the hard way…
  25. Or you can manage your customer interactions the easy way with one, universal inbox.
  26. This way every customer case never goes unnoticed and every customer has a positive, consistent experience
  27. Click here to learn more
  28. 2. See All, Know All About Your Customers
  29. Superheroes have the unique ability to know everything about each and every person.
  30. Unfortunately, support agents don’t have the same luxury without the right tools.
  31. 40% of customers expect agents to know about their previous attempts to resolve an issue when switching to another support channel - Nice Systems
  32. Become a see-all-know-all agent superhero by…
  33. 1. Having a customer profile available with each interaction
  34. 2. Categorize your cases and add custom information
  35. That gives you all the necessary information to address the customer with a fast and personalized experience.
  36. Click here to learn more
  37. 3. Help Customers Help Themselves
  38. Believe it or not, most customers want to solve their own problem.
  39. 72% of customers prefer self-service to resolve their support issues over picking up the phone or sending an email - Forrester
  40. Save the day by creating an accessible, powerful online support center.
  41. If you want to go above and beyond the heroic standard…
  42. 1. Keep the search bar front and center so content is easy to find
  43. 2. Constantly update your Knowledge Base content so that it’s always fresh and relevant to the customer
  44. 4. Double up: Be Fast and Accurate
  45. The key to great customer service is the speed and quality of the response.
  46. If not managed properly, your team’s poor response times could be your company’s kryptonite.
  47. 55% of customers said a company’s failure to resolve their problem in a timely manner drove them away – RightNow Technologies
  48. 71% of customers said valuing their time was the greatest indicator of a positive customer experience - Forrester
  49. In order for your agent superheroes to provide a fast, personalized experience, they must…
  50. 1. Create a process to automatically route your customer requests
  51. 2. Organize your cases by creating work queues for different teams
  52. So agents can move at the speed of now and conquer customer service requests at ease.
  53. Click here to learn more
  54. 5. Gain Perspective
  55. The best in-class superheroes understand that continual improvement in necessary, regardless of their success.
  56. They must innovate by tracking customer support performance to constantly be improving.
  57. To amp up your customer service performance…
  58. 1. Track the volume of your customer interaction channels
  59. 2. Track agent performance to understand areas where you can improve
  60. By constantly monitoring your agents’ performance, you can keep customer satisfaction up.
  61. Click here to learn more
  62. 6. Activate Whole Company Support
  63. A true superhero can achieve just about anything…
  64. …but they know the power that an entire team can provide.
  65. In a company focused on providing amazing customer service, it should be everyone’s job to support the customer.
  66. This way, everyone is invested and the customer gets the support they need from the person who can help them the best.
  67. Everyday customers count on you to solve their problems, and be there in times of trouble, need or just because.
  68. You may not be a speeding bullet
  69. Or be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
  70. But when you go above and beyond the call of customer service to support the customer…
  71. You can be someone’s superhero, too.
  72. “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me” Batman
  73. “We’ve all been where you are. Someone helped us when we needed it. Now it’s time to pay it forward.” - Rogue
  74. “I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble” Spiderman
  75. It also doesn’t hurt to have the right tools to provide amazing customer service.
  76. Click here to watch leading is the a demo customer service application built to make you an agent superhero. Click here to watch a demo.