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Strictly mobile first at


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Presentation held at the Desk-Net Editorial Days 2017:
Workflows and tools for a fast-moving newsroom.
Speaker: Winoc Coppens (Chief Information Officer 20 Minutes FR)

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Strictly mobile first at

  1. 1. 1 Presentation first held at Desk-Net Editorial Days on May 18th 2017 in Hamburg, Germany.
  2. 2. 22,5 million monthly users Winoc Coppens (Chief Information Officer) Mobile first : workflows and tools for a fast moving newsroom
  3. 3. Majority are mobile users
  4. 4. Who we are The company is held by a French and a Belgian media group: Ouest-France and Rossel Launched in 2001 as a free daily newspaper in Paris, 20 Minutes arrived online in 2007. Launched, before releasing the first versions of our mobile website and applications in 2008. Thanks to our global print and digital strategy, 20 Minutes is currently the media brand with the second largest audience in France, with more than 22,5 million monthly users. We are the go-to media for the 18-30 age group with 4.6 million monthly readers. We’ve had more than 5 million application downloads, and we reach an audience of 1.3 million (unique visitors) on mobile. That makes us the the second most viewed information mobile application in France according to Médiametrie (January 2017). Our Social Media presence has the below following: - Facebook: 2.3M likes - Twitter: 2.2M followers - Google+: 60k followers - Instagram: 60k followers
  5. 5. Newsroom Content creation / mobile first Front Page Editor Front Page Social Networks Social Team Print Print Team Mobile First workflow 100 journalists (National & 11 regional locations) : on site or remote
  6. 6. #AI = Agile & Innovative Artificial Intelligence ● #Scrum (test & learn) ● #API ● #Cloud ready (AWS / Google) ● #Continuousdelivery (coming soon) ● #Innovation
  7. 7. Desk-Net integration Less emails and google drive
  8. 8. Desk-Net integration Story : Accepted Task Article : Brouillon / Published Story : Published CMS 1 2 3 4
  9. 9. Desk-Net integration
  10. 10. CMS : Mobile First (article preview)
  11. 11. Newspaper : ordering contents
  12. 12. Coming soon BROADCAST COLLABORATIF Newsroom + contributors Newsroom Readers