Juliet Calvert campaign


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An interactive campaign created for a fictional online dating service called LoveOnlineAndForever (MA Digital Media).

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Juliet Calvert campaign

  1. 1. Interactive campaign ‘Juliet Calvert’We propose a campaign, which combines guerrilla marketing with transmediastorytelling. “Guerilla marketing uses unconventional means to promote a product,attract attention, and create memorable encounters” (Blakeman 2011, p.199).Transmedia storytelling means telling a story across multiple media. It is different fromtelling one story repurposed for multiple media in that each platform contributes to theoverall story. Together, the stories across each media platform create a rich narrativeexperience (Buckner and Rutledge n.d.; Long 2007; Gargan 2011; Demartino 2012). The campaign would be ideal leading up to Valentine’s Day, but could be executedat any time of the year. The core elements of this campaign are red (colour of love(ColorMatters 2012)) binoculars with a white heart on it. In this white heart thequestion ‘Have you found your love yet?’ is printed in black with the name@julietcalvert. The @ refers to the Twitter name, but to make it more clear a smallTwitter logo is printed next to it. These red binoculars will be disseminated in citiesacross the UK, mainly in expensive business districts (target group). The binoculars willbe given out to several newspaper offices and a few big binoculars will be placed inupper class working areas in cities across the UK. State and local laws need to beresearched in this case or events should be cleared with city officials to make sureLoveOnlineAndForever will not attract negative publicity (Blakeman 2011). Thepurpose is to create curiosity among people. This unconventional method of advertisingwill trigger people to find out more information about what these binoculars mean. It will lead them to look up the Twitter name @julietcalvert, which will bringthem to the Twitter page of Juliet Calvert1. In the Twitter bio of Juliet Calvert people canread that she is a ‘Mystery poem writer embarking on a treasure hunt for love’. She is‘Looking for that missing piece’ and ‘Likes puzzles and New York’. Her profile picturewill be of an actress that is hired by us for this campaign. This profile picture includesthe logo of LoveOnlineAndForever, without the name. Currently, LoveOnlineAndForeverdoes not have a logo2. To make the Twitter profile look more real, it is important that shehas a few followers (they could be people from your company who do not publicly statethat they work for LoveOnlineAndForever) and that she follows some accounts as well.Juliet Calvert’s Twitter feed displays a number of tweets; e.g. love quotes and facts aboutNew York. Furthermore, it contains tweets from Foursquare with a few locations whereshe has given out the binoculars or where they are placed. Many of these tweets will usethe hashtag #findthatlove. The tweets to do with New York will use the hashtag#winNYtrip. The most important tweet is the upper one, which states: “This articlehelped me understand the concept of love. It might help you find what you are lookingfor too: >link to blog post< #findthatlove”. The link will lead to a blog post about romantic movies. In this blog post there area few words in red, which if placed after each other will give the text phrase “Find me onFacebook Juliet Calvert”. This provides the audience with a new clue to look up JulietCalvert on Facebook. On this Facebook page, the first post on her wall says that Juliet Calvert justpinned a video to her board “Favourite videos”. This link is clickable and will lead you tothat post with the video on Pinterest. The video on Pinterest will lead to a YouTube clip,which is the actual commercial for LoveOnlineAndForever, stating that love can be atreasure hunt sometimes. It could however be so much easier. The benefits of usingLoveOnlineAndForever will appear and the Valentine’s Day event will be promoted. If1 Juliet Calvert is a combination of the names Juliet from Romeo and Juliet and the name Calvert , which is the lastname of Rose in Titanic. Both are iconic lovestories and this might be a nice ‘Did you know’-fact for the making off.2 For this brief we assume that LoveOnlineAndForever does not have a logo or that the current logo is not usableanymore.
  2. 2. people unlock the Juliet Calvert badge on Foursquare (which will have to be created)they can win a trip to New York. Finally, the logo will appear and the name ofLoveOnlineAndForever will be revealed. The tagline for this campaign will be repeated:“It could be so much easier”. The idea behind the campaign is an online scavenger or treasure hunt 3. Therecurring themes are the red binoculars, #findthatlove, New York and obviously JulietCalvert herself. A visual representation of the campaign and commercial can be found inAppendix A and B.LogoLoveOnlineAndForever will need a graphic logo, which is distinctive, easily recognizableand memorable. Creating a unique logo, will give LoveOnlineAndForever a personality.Logos are important for brand identity and can help audiences recognize the brandinstantly (Blakeman 2011; Smith and Zook 2011). During the campaign the audiencewill be exposed to this logo, so that the audience will become familiar with it. In the endof the campaign the logo will be linked to LoveOnlineAndForever and its website.Website and social mediaBesides the campaign it is also essential that the website of LoveOnlineAndForever isclear and pleasant to use. Is the website classy, visually attractive and engaging? Does itoffer information that the target audience is looking for and is it presented in aninteresting way? (Middleton 2010). These are all questions that are of significantimportance when it comes to the website. If potential consumers go to the website afterhaving seen the campaign and then cannot find what they are looking for, it will makethem go to the competition. Furthermore, presence on social media platforms can help create buzz aroundthe brand LoveOnlineAndForever and can be a convenient channel for customer service.Given the fact that 98 percent of online UK population uses social networks, it isimportant not to dismiss social media (comScore 2011). We suggest Facebook andTwitter as the main channels, because they are currently the most popular (Sparkes2011; eBiz 2012) and they have proven to work well for customer service. Apart fromanswering questions, LoveOnlineAndForever can also provide good content that is ofinterest to the target audience on these networks. It is important to speak in adistinctive voice and that this message is unified on the web, Twitter, Facebook etcetera(Young 2011). Lovestruck is a good example in this case: they talk in a fun and a slightlyironic way to their consumers, which has already led to 22.470 followers on Twitter (asconsulted on the 8th of May 2012). A well working mobile version of the website orapplication is also needed given the fact that surfing the web on mobile phones is on therise (Rushton 2011).3 The idea behind this campaign is based on the concept of the ‘Ten-minute transmedia experience’ at SXSW. Theoutline of this session can be read here: http://www.thingstheydont.com/2010/03/why-transmedia-is-next-social-media.html. The campaign is explained in more detail in this post: http://nomimes.com/newsblog/category/meta/.
  3. 3. Appendix A: The Juliet Calvert campaignThe red ‘Juliet Calvert’ binoculars
  4. 4. The binoculars will be handed out in several business areas, An indication of how the bigger binoculars could be placed in citiesincluding tube stations. The photo portrays female promotional across the UK. For this photo the binoculars are placed at Trafalgarworkers, but the binoculars will also be handed out by male square in London.promotional workers.
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  6. 6. Appendix B: The Juliet Calvert commercial1. Short film clip of Juliet Calvert looking through the red 2. Love can be a treasure hunt sometimes.binoculars.3. It could be so much easier. 4. Next, the advantages of using LoveOnlineAndForever will be shown in short film clips. Personal matching.
  7. 7. 5. Luxury events. 6. Holidays and romantic trips.7. Come to our Valentine’s event on the 14th of February in your 8. Unlock the Juliet Calvert badge on Foursquare andcity. #findthatlove.
  8. 8. 9. O, and you could win a trip to New York. 10. We advise you to find that love first though.11. The logo* of LoveOnlineAndForever, which is also shown on 12. It will now be revealed that LoveOnlineAndForever was thethe profile pictures of Juliet Calvert, will appear. creator of this campaign.
  9. 9. 13. The commercial will finish with a clip of Juliet Calvert sayingthe tagline of the campaign: It could be so much easier.*The logo shown in the visual representation of this campaignand the commercial was for visualization purposes only. Thefinal logo for LoveOnlineAndForever Ltd. will be created by aprofessional design agency.