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Traffic Building & Search Engine Optimization


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Presentation for a University Internet Marketing class on website traffic building & search engine optimization. For search engines such as bing, google & yahoo

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Traffic Building & Search Engine Optimization

  1. 1. Traffic Building & Search Engine Optimization<br />presented by Owen Moore<br />
  2. 2. An Introduction to the back end of the online world<br />Currently in the business world there is a major miss conception that if you build a website, then automatically traffic will come.<br />Top 10 most viewed websites online & what they do:<br /> – enables users to search the web<br /> – a social utility that connects people<br /> – a video sharing hub<br /> – personalized content and search options<br /> (formally Live) – search engine from Microsoft<br /> – an online collaborative encyclopaedia<br /> - free web-blog publishing and hosting tool<br /> – music search engine and free MP3 + video streaming<br /> (includes Hotmail) – news source and provides free email<br /> – Chinese search engine, news source and email provider<br />Source:<br />
  3. 3. Website Traffic Building<br />Create valuablecontent.<br />Create original content.<br />Create timelesscontent.<br />Create a unique service or application (eg: mortgage calculator)<br />Write content forhuman beings first, computers second.<br />Know why youwant a high-traffic site.<br />Be transparent - Let youraudiencesee the real you.<br />Distribute your content – Digg, Reddit, Stumble upon, Technorati, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, PR News Wire & PR Web<br />Encourage link building (from quality sites) with industry or external partners<br />If you forget the rest of the steps, just focus on genuinely helping people, and the rest willtake care of itself.<br />
  4. 4. Search Engine Optimization<br />How search engines work: Google -<br />Definition: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “organic" or un-paid search results.<br />
  5. 5. Search Engine Optimization<br />Do not change a domain name.<br />Optimize your site for your target audience, not for the search engines.<br />Research your keyword phrases extensively.To find the optimal phrases to optimize for, use tools such as KeywordDiscovery, Wordtracker, Google AdWords, and Yahoo Search Marketing data. Make lists of relevant phrases for your site & choose a few different ones for every page.<br />Design and categorize your site architecture and navigation based on your keyword research.Navigation should showcase the various ways of searching your product or service. Make sure you have links to specific-brand pages as well as specific age ranges, specific types, etc. <br />Program your site to be "crawler-friendly."<br />Label your internal text links and clickable image alt attributes (aka alt tags) as clearly and descriptively as possible. <br />Write compelling copy for the key pages of your site based on your chosen keyword phrases and your target market's needs, and make sure it's copy that the search engines can "see."<br />Incorporate your keyword phrases into each page's unique Title tag.The information that you place in this tag is what will show up as the clickable link to your site at the search engines. <br />Make your site is "link-worthy."Other sites linking to yours is critical for successful search engine optimization, as all of the search engines focuson your site's overall link popularity.<br />Don't be married to any one keyword phrase or worried too much about rankings.Forget about where your site ranks for any specific keyword phrase and instead measure your results in increased traffic, sales, and conversions.<br />
  6. 6. Thanks for your time<br />Any questions?<br />Email me at –<br />