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Vibrant Harbours: For Who? Waterfront activation projects


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Hong Kong has a spectacular 1,000km coastline, 280 islands, blue waters and white sand beaches. But unless you are super rich, there is no space to keep your boat or water sports equipment safe. Your surfboard does not fit in your home, you can’t take it on the minibus, and you can’t take it on the MTR.
Support our 15 proposals for affordable public marine centres, beach clubs, mooring areas and piers
1. Tolo Harbour Marine recreation centre
2. To Tau Beach Boat Rental Club
3. Sam Mun Tsai Boat Services Centre
4. Hebe Haven Marina Enhancement
5. East Channel Anchorage and Boat Rental Club
6. Junk Bay Marine Recreation Centre
7. Yau Tong Bay Marina
8. Kwun Tong Marine Recreation Centre
9. Wanchai Marine Recreation Centre
10. Tai Tam Marine Recreation Centre
11. Shek-O Marine Recreation Centre
12. Stanley Bay Typhoon Shelter
13. Aberdeen Harbour Boat Services
14. Ocean Park Marine Recreation Centre
15. Deep Water Bay Public Pier

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Vibrant Harbours: For Who? Waterfront activation projects

  1. 1. Vibrant Harbours: For who? 誰的活力海港? Waterfront Activation Projects 共建活力海濱 July 2012
  2. 2. Background studies 背景Feb 2010 Designing Victoria Harbour: study on integrating, improving, and facilitating marine activities by Worcester Polytechnic Institute, sponsored by the Harbour Business Forum and DesigningHongKong, February 2010; 共建維多利亞港: 整合、改善及促進海洋活動; 由伍斯特理工學院主辦, 海港商 界論壇及創建香港贊助; Preliminary Analysis of Potential Sites for New Boat Clubs in Hong Kong, study byAug 2010 Designing Hong Kong, sponsored by the Hong Kong Marine Industry Association, August 2010; 香港新遊艇俱樂部選址的初步分析; 由創建香港主辦, 香港海洋工業協會贊助 All Hands on Deck – Alternative Livelihoods for Fishermen, study by WWF,Nov 2011 sponsored by Living Seas Hong Kong, November 2011; 全體總動員— 漁民轉型工作坊; 由世界自然基金會主辦,勃勃海洋贊助 Boating Left High and Dry - A feasibility study of publicly-accessible boat storageFeb 2012 facilities in Hong Kong, by Worcester Polytechnic Institute, sponsored by the Harbour Business Forum and Designing Hong Kong, February 2012; 香港公共船隻儲存設施可行性研究, 由海港商界論壇及創建香港贊助
  3. 3. Enjoyment of seas, islands and coastlines 香港水體享用性Source:,r:0,s:0,i:68&tx=131&ty=102&biw=1024&bih=599
  4. 4. Enjoyment of seas, islands and coastlines 香港水體享用性• An archipelago of over 280 islands, and 800 kilometers of mostly natural coastline, Hong Kong has the opportunity to be the boating capital in Asia. The recognition for Hong Kong’s coastline have increased with the Geo Parks initiative and discussions over Tai Long Sai Wan, increasing the hiring of leisure boats, and tours; 香港800公里中大部份的海岸線都是天然形成, 加上座擁超過280個島嶼, 絕對具備成為 亞洲船艇之都的條件。隨著人們對地質公園的倡議及大浪西灣所帶來的討論, 不但提高 了大眾對香港海岸線的認識, 同時促使旅遊及休閒遊艇租借量不斷上升 ;• The cross harbour swim has reignited interest in water sports throughout the territory. The steady stream of sailors from LCSD water sports centres and water sports clubs demand facilities to store their own equipment; 渡海泳在香港掀起了一場水上運動熱潮。大量康樂及文化事務署水上活動中心的使用 者和水上運動俱樂部的泳手, 均需設施來儲存裝備 ;• There is limited provision of public storage of boating and water sports equipment along the waterfront. 現時沿岸海濱只提供有限度公共船隻和水上運動用具的存放位。• This places a large part of the community at a disadvantage as few people have a car to transport equipment, or a yard or shed to store equipment. The average flat is not suited for storage of the smallest craft (surfboard, canoe). Membership of private marinas is unaffordable for the greater part of the community. 由於只有極少數人擁有汽車、天井或大棚來運送大型水上用具, 對大部份社區人士可算 非常不便。現時,普通單位亦不足夠於儲存最小型的船隻工具(滑浪板或獨木舟)。而大部 份社區人士均未能負擔私人遊艇會藉的會費。
  5. 5. Shortage of public storage for boats and water sports equipment along Hong Kong’s coast 香港海岸沿線的公共船隻儲存設施短缺 X X X
  6. 6. Shortage of public storage for boats and water sports equipment along Hong Kong’s coast 香港海岸沿線的公共船隻儲存設施短缺
  7. 7. Shortage of public storage for boats and water sports equipment along Hong Kong’s coast 香港海岸沿線的公共船隻儲存設施短缺 • Demand for sheltered water for pleasure boats has overtaken supply. Private moorings and marinas operate at capacity and have waiting lists; 避風塘的需求已經超越供應, 遊艇用戶需用上長時間來輪候。 浮泡及私人碼頭只能有限 度地提供給用戶。 • 6,437 pleasure vessels and around 2,500 sampans share 3,698 berths. The remainder use public moorings and informal berths on water and on land; 大約6,437艘遊艇及 2,500艘舢舨需要共用3,698個泊位, 而其餘的船隻則需使用公共浮泡 或非正式的陸上泊位。 • Comparison of the profile of vessels owned in Hong Kong and other countries where low costs public berths are available indicate that there is another latent demand for 13,000 low cost berths to cater for affordable small vessels (16-25ft). 以香港船隻的產業與其他擁有低成本公共泊位的國家相比,指出香港有13,000個低成本 泊位的潛在需求,供16 至25 英尺小型船隻使用。 • New and additional berths and increase in vessels will create jobs, especially for those with marine experience such as fishermen who face a down turn in their business. 另外,額外的新泊位及船隻增長亦能創造就業機會, 對於擁有豐富海洋經驗的人,例如業 務下降的漁民則特別有利。
  8. 8. Proposed water activation projects 擬議公共船隻設施Link 連結 :,113.896637
  9. 9. Public marine recreation centers 擬議公共船隻設施A public marine recreation centre ….一個供公眾使用的水上康樂中心• is necessary for the public to be able to enjoy boating, sailing, wind surfing, kite surfing, rowing, canoeing, water ski, fishing, diving, etc. 讓市民享受划船、帄船、滑浪、賽艇、滑水、釣魚,潛水等的樂趣為大前提• provides affordable mooring for boats on the water and storage of water sports equipment on the land; 提供實惠的水上泊位設施,及在陸地提供存放水上運動器材的地方• is built by Government and/or by an NGO with grant and donations; 由政府和/或非政治組織 (受贈款和捐款)興建• is managed by Government and/or not-for-profit organization. 由政府和/或非牟利組閣管理
  10. 10. Site selection criteria 選址標準• Minimal impact on commercial marine traffic 減少對海路運輸的影響• Minimal ecological impact 非生態敏感地帶• Support for existing leisure marine activities 支持現有的消閒水上活動• Proximity to transport 交通便利• Land available 可利用的土地• Large catchment area 足夠的人口
  11. 11. All proposals avoid damage to sensitive shorelines 上述的建議已避免損壞敏感的海岸線
  12. 12. Water activation projects should be included in all future reclamations 將來的填海應把水陸連接列入考慮因素
  13. 13. Tolo Harbour 吐露港 Sam Mun Tsai 三門仔 Pak Shek Kok 白石角 To Tau渡頭
  14. 14. Tolo Harbour 吐露港Potential action areas 具潛質的行動地區 Planned actions 已計劃的行動Pak Shek Kok 白石角 Public marine recreation centre公眾海上活動中心 Section 12A application to zone an area of land and water along the man-made coast. 申請Section 12A – 沿著人造海岸, 把一陸地及水上面 積劃作水上活動中心To Tau 渡頭 Beach boat rental club 船隻租賃中心 Regularizing the existing boat rental facilities on the beach and anchorage of small vessels is needed. Representation made to the Town Planning Board (S/MOS/16) to safeguard the beach. 倡議規範現有船隻租用設施為 “沙灘船隻租借會” 。 為保護海灘的完整性, 馬鞍山分區規劃大綱圖 S/MOS/16的申述已提交到城市規劃委員會。Sam Mun Tsai Typhoon Shelter Boat services facilities 海事支援設施三門仔避風塘 Exploring how existing repair facilities and land around the shelter can be enhanced for boat repair and servicing. Specific actions to be confirmed. 正探討如何優化避風塘四周現有維修設施及土地及船 隻維修服務。具體行動有待確定。
  15. 15. Tolo Harbour Marine recreation centre 吐露港海上活動中心
  16. 16. Tolo Harbour Marine recreation centre 吐露港海上活動中心
  17. 17. Tolo Harbour Marine recreation centre 吐露港海上活動中心
  18. 18. To Tau Beach Club渡頭船隻租賃中心
  19. 19. Sam Mun Tsai Boat Services 三門仔海事設施
  20. 20. Sai Kung 西貢Potential action areas 具潛質的行動地區 Planned actions 已計劃的行動Port Shelter 牛尾 Marina Rationalization 提昇白沙灣Hebe Haven 白沙灣 Replacing swing moorings with pontoon systems to increase berths. Study led by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is in progress. 更換浮橋系統的擺動性來增加泊位。正由香港 皇家遊艇俱樂部進行研究。 Hebe Haven 白沙灣
  21. 21. Junk Bay 將軍澳 East Channel 東面水道 Junk Bay 澳軍澳
  22. 22. Junk Bay 將軍澳Potential action areas 具潛質的行動地區 Planned actions 已計劃的行動East Channel 將軍澳東面水道 Anchorage and boat rental club 船隻租賃中 心 Regularize the existing boat rental services and current usage of East Channel for the anchorage of small vessels. 正準備向海事處提交建議書,將現時水道的 臨時停泊位規範化。Junk Bay (adjacent to Pak Shing Kok and LOHAS Public marine recreation centrePark ) 將軍澳 (百勝角與康城交界) 公眾海上活動中心 Preparation in progress for proposals to construct a breakwater and to zone an area of land and water for a marine centre. 正準備把一土地及水上區域劃作為水上活動 中心。
  23. 23. East Channel: Anchorage and Boat rental club 將軍澳東面水道:船隻租賃中心 Existing boat rental and moorings 現有船隻租賃及浮泡Sheltered from wave and wind 遠離海浪及風力的有蓋地區Suitable water depth 適當水深Road access 路面通道Land for facilities 預留土地予設施
  24. 24. East Channel: Anchorage and Boat rental club 將軍澳東面水道:船隻租賃中心
  25. 25. Junk Bay: Public marine recreation centre 將軍澳: 公眾海上活動中心 將軍澳市中心南面調景嶺港鐵站 康城港鐵站 將軍澳擬議將軍澳-藍田隧道 將軍澳工業村 擬議將軍澳跨灣連接路
  26. 26. Victoria Harbour 維多利亞港 Kwun Tong Typhoon Shelter 觀塘公眾遊艇會 Yau Tong Bay 油塘Wanchai and Causeway Bay灣仔及銅鑼灣
  27. 27. Victoria Harbour 維多利亞港Potential action areas 具潛質的行動地區 Planned actions 已計劃的行動Kwun Tong waterfront and typhoon shelter Public marine recreation centre 公眾海上活動中心觀塘海濱及避風塘 Government is considering public marine and water sports centres with land based facilities 在一定的陸地基礎設施下, 推廣公眾海濱中心及水上 運動(賽艇)中心。Yau Tong Bay Marina 小船塢油塘灣 Various proposals are put forward by developers for marina facilities including landing steps, floating breakwater and pontoons. 倡議興建登岸梯級, 漂浮防波堤及浮橋, 以建造一個供 船隻安全系泊及停泊的有蓋地方。Wanchai and Causeway Bay Marine recreation centre灣仔及銅鑼灣 強化及新設海事設施 Proposals for enhancement of water sports and leisure marine facilities in the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter, and new facilities along the Wanchai shore and former cargo working area and basin are in progress 促進銅鑼灣避風塘現有水上運動及休閒海洋設施的優 化; 促進灣仔沿岸及前貨物裝卸區和盆地的附加新設 備。
  28. 28. Yau Tong Bay: Marina 油塘灣:小船塢闊20米的公眾海濱長廊 直徑140m機動面積
  29. 29. Kwun Tong: Public marine recreation centre 觀塘: 公眾海上活動中心
  30. 30. Wanchai: Marine recreation centre 灣仔: 新設海事設施 New facilities Enhancement 新設施 優化
  31. 31. Wanchai: New marine facilities 灣仔: 新設海事設施
  32. 32. Tai Tam Harbour and Stanley 大潭港及赤柱 Tai Tam Reservoir Pumping Station 大潭水塘抽水站 Shek-O Ex-QuarryStanley Bay Anchorage 石澳前石礦場赤柱避風塘
  33. 33. Tai Tam Harbour and Stanley 大潭港及赤柱Potential action areas具潛質的行動地區 Planned actions已計劃的行動Shek-O Ex-Quarry Public marine recreation centre 公眾海上活動中心石澳前石礦場 Adaptive re-use of the ex-quarry as a marine centre supported by the Southern District Council. 活化前石礦場作海事中心是南區區議會的工作目 標。Tai Tam Reservoir Pumping Station Public marine recreation centre 公眾海上活動中心大潭水塘抽水站 Adaptive re-use of the historic pumping station for water sports has been noted to the Town Planning Board, Southern District Council, and Antiquities and Monuments Office. 倡議活化古蹟抽水站作水上運動之用, 已提交意見 予城規會規劃申請及納入南區工作目標; 正籌備向 古物古蹟辦事處提交建議。Stanley Bay Typhoon shelter 公眾海上活動中心赤柱灣 Upgrading the anchorage to a typhoon shelter for small vessels by adding a breakwater is proposed. 為小型船隻停泊處升級作避風塘準備提案
  34. 34. Tai Tam: Public marine recreation centre 大潭水塘 :公眾海上活動中心
  35. 35. Tai Tam: Public marine recreation centre 大潭水塘: 公眾海上活動中心
  36. 36. Shek-O Ex-Quarry: Public marine recreation centre 石澳前石礦場: 公眾海上活動中心
  37. 37. Stanley Bay: Typhoon shelter 赤柱灣: 公眾海上活動中心
  38. 38. Stanley Bay: Typhoon shelter 赤柱灣: 公眾海上活動中心
  39. 39. Aberdeen Harbour 香港仔海峽Potential action areas具潛質的行動地區 Planned actions 已計劃的行動Po Chong Wan 布廠灣 Public marine recreation centre 公眾海上活動中心 Expansion of the typhoon shelter to increase space for moorings is proposed. 擬議擴建避風塘以增加系泊的空間。Ap Lei Chau Praya Road and Shum Wan Road Convert shipyards to dry stacks and maintenance yards鴨 洲海旁道及深灣道 船廠轉型: 陸上儲存及維修場地 Upgrading of land lease conditions of the shipyards to include display, sales, storage, maintenance and repair of small vessels is proposed. 倡議提升船塢使用土地的地契條件,以推廣展品、銷售、儲存、 保養及小型船隻維修服務; 移動防波堤以增加船隻可使用的停泊 空間。計劃處於進行階段, 並已把意見提交規劃署,可參閱 (Y/H15/7,Y/ H15/ 8和Y/H15/9) Ap Lei Chau Praya Road 鴨 洲海旁道 Shum Wan Road 深灣道 Po Chong Wan 深灣道
  40. 40. Aberdeen Harbour: Boat services centre香港仔海峽:公眾海上活動中心及陸上儲存場地
  41. 41. Aberdeen Harbour: Ocean Park Marine recreation centre香港仔海峽:公眾海上活動中心及陸上儲存場地
  42. 42. Deep Water Bay 深水灣Potential action areas 具潛質的行動地區 Planned actions 已計劃的行動Island Road 香島道 Public pier Upgrading the dilapidated village landing steps to a proper public pier is proposed 倡議在碼頭加設登岸梯級, 以取代破舊村落碼頭 Island Road 香島道
  43. 43. Deep Water Bay: Public pier 深水灣登岸梯級