DesigningHongKong Waterfront Survey Site Maps and Suggestion Locations


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DesigningHongKong Waterfront Survey Site Maps and Suggestion Locations

  1. 1. An Evaluation of 48 Sites: Suggestions for a Vibrant Hong Kong
  2. 2. Quality Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground  Outdoor running and sitting-out area connected to the promenade.
  3. 3. Connectivity Leaping Dragon Walk  On the east side of the site, there is an entrance to the Leaping Dragon Walk. This connects the LCSD promenade to another section of walkable waterfront.
  4. 4. Design/Maintenance Greenery  Some planted areas are in need of maintenance. Add more greenery and flowers to the gardens.
  5. 5. Quality Obstructive Fence  Fence along the lower walkway obstructs view of the harbour. Replace fence with one that does not obstruct view. Maintain fence.
  6. 6. Connectivity Upper and Lower Promenades  Upper seating area in front of mall and area below it not connected. Add stairs for better access to water.
  7. 7. Quality Concrete Storage  Concrete storage box blocks part of the lower promenade. Move this storage to another site and replace with a garden. If unable to move, surround with taller plants.
  8. 8. Quality No Benches The lower walkway has no benches. Many benches along the upper walkway were in use. Add more benches to the lower promenade.
  9. 9. Quality Restaurants Allow outdoor seating for restaurants along the upper promenade.
  10. 10. Design/Maintenance Soccer Pitch  Replace fence around soccer pitch with one matching the tall green fences at the corner of the field.  Plant trees and add greenery around the pitch for shade.
  11. 11. Quality View from the Stands  Unobstructed views of Victoria Harbour from the stands.
  12. 12. Connectivity Construction  Construction blocks access from west side of sports centre to east side with promenade. Create connective promenade for easy access to water from either side of sports centre.
  13. 13. Design/Maintenance Rubbish Bins  Remove giant pile of rubbish bins that can be seen from the stands.
  14. 14. Quality Rooftop of Changing Rooms  Rooftop of the changing rooms is unused and close to the top stands. Use the rooftop space as a viewing area connected to the stands. Add a food kiosk and sitting area for the enjoyment of the harbour views.
  15. 15. Design/Maintenance Playground  Colorful playground with many children and parents/ grandparents.
  16. 16. Quality Harbour Views  Unobstructed harbour views. Railings against water are unobstructive.
  17. 17. Design/Maintenance Greenery  East end of promenade area was not well planted. Add more greenery and replace gardens.
  18. 18. Quality Game Tables  Sheltered game tables. Use for both games and eating.
  19. 19. Design/Maintenance Bridge  Small bridge replacing a pathway from the park to the promenade. Adds interest to the park.
  20. 20. Quality Shaded Seating Add shade to the seating along the promenade. Visitors tend to sit away from promenade due to lack of shade.
  21. 21. Quality Outdoor Exhibits  Historical area pivotal to the history of Hong Kong. Exhibits along waterfront with indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Well-maintained landscaping and exhibits.
  22. 22. Quality Toilets  Lacks permanent toilets at water level. Add toilets.
  23. 23. Quality Non-obstructive Barriers  Glass barriers do not obstruct view of water or surrounding landscaping and exhibits.
  24. 24. Connectivity Continuous Promenade  Continue the promenade from Heng Fa Chuen Playground along the water to the Museum. Add entrance booth to the waterfront path of the museum.
  25. 25. Quality Café  Add dual-language menu on top of cafe's counter, for easier communication.
  26. 26. Design/Maintenance Rubbish Bins  Unobtrusive rubbish bins. Silver bins around the park. Playground bin is an octopus.
  27. 27. Quality History Plaques  Informative plaques explain the history of the typhoon shelter.
  28. 28. Connectivity Typhoon Shelter Typhoon shelter full of boats. This unique view not seen at many other promenades
  29. 29. Quality Security  Security guard for enforcement of the rules and answering enquiries. Some interviewees feel guards are helpful for the upkeep of the park and the safety of the visitors.
  30. 30. Quality Basketball Benches  Benches at basketball court face both courts and water.
  31. 31. Connectivity Berthings  Chains block berthing stairs from promenade. Lack of gates a possible hazard to children Add gates to these berthings.
  32. 32. Design/Maintenance Unused Tiled Area  Tiled area is covered by potted plants. Replace area with food kiosk or game tables.
  33. 33. Connectivity Sai Wan Ho Harbour Park  Sai Wan Ho Harbour Park is to the west of Aldrich Bay Promenade. Separated by a residential complex. Add more signage to connect the two sites.
  34. 34. Quality Distance Markings  Add distance markings along promenade for joggers, runners, walkers. Such markings are widely used in Belcher Bay Park.
  35. 35. Quality Restaurants  Open air restaurants across the road with harbour views. Many people visit these restaurants during lunch and dinner, afterwards walking down the promenade.
  36. 36. Connectivity Water Testing Area  Large water-testing area blocked off from access. Obstructs main entrance of park. Replace large open space within fence with smaller area and smaller fence.
  37. 37. Design/Maintenance Water Selling Kiosk  Remove rusting fence from water kiosk. Fence seems unnecessary and is disliked by visitors. Add signage to water selling kiosk for its usage. And add small food kiosk (such as ice cream) to promenade side of building.
  38. 38. Connectivity Aldrich Bay Promenade Aldrich Bay Promenade located to the east of Sai Wan Ho Harbour Park. Separated by a residential complex. Add signs from Sai Wan Ho to Aldrich Bay Promenade.
  39. 39. Connectivity Quarry Bay Park  West side of park is adjacent to the entrance of Quarry Bay Park. Remove the poorly maintained greenery between the sites to continue the promenade.
  40. 40. Design/Maintenance Fitness Station  Fitness station is under disrepair. Repaint as necessary, redesign and replace old tiles.
  41. 41. Quality Dogs  Many dog-owners walk dogs right outside boundaries of Sai Wan Ho Harbour Park. Create dog park area within the park. Make sure area is patrolled to keep area clean.
  42. 42. Quality Elevated Viewing Elevated viewing area with large panoramic informational plaque that gives explanation of the history of Victoria Harbour and points out certain buildings. Sitting areas all along the platform.
  43. 43. Quality Lighting  Lighting throughout the park is unobtrusive. Gives enough light to wander the park at night. Does not limit view of Kowloon with light pollution.
  44. 44. Connectivity Entrances  Park has only two entrances. One entrance by a large overpass with steep ramp or many stairs. Add more entrances. Such as subways beneath the road.
  45. 45. Quality Rule Signs  Yellow rule signs at the entrance are hung between trees. Place signs at eye level for better viewing.
  46. 46. Quality Waterfront Seating  Very few benches along the waterside promenade. Promenade is narrow. Place benches on the grassy areas along the promenade to save room and add seating.
  47. 47. Quality Waterfront Dining  Allow waterfront restaurants, like those found in Lamma Island.
  48. 48. Quality Game Tables  People seen playing cards games and tabletop games on benches underneath the overpass. Place game tables in this area.
  49. 49. Connectivity Dirt Paths  Pathways can be seen of trodden grass areas between brick walking paths. Make these pathways official by laying them with matching brick. Connectivity between paths will increase.
  50. 50. Quality Trip Hazards  Plastic coverings over trip-hazards. Can prevent stubbed toes.
  51. 51. Connectivity Walkways  Walkway above the boat out to Quarry Bay Park. Well connected to outside.
  52. 52. Design/Maintenance White Surrounding Wall  Abrupt stop along Quarry Bay paths to white wall around the Fireboat seen from the outside of the exhibit. Insert greenery, ivy, or paint a mural to mask the wall.
  53. 53. Quality Lighting  Lighting not seen at night, makes fireboat difficult to see. Leave lighting on at night.
  54. 54. Quality Playground  Many children visit the Fireboat and enjoy its exhibits. Add nautical themed playground near the exhibit.
  55. 55. Quality Rubbish Bins  Rubbish bins within the exhibit are unobtrusive to the point of not knowing they are there. Put a “Rubbish” sticker or an LCSD logo on the rubbish bins.
  56. 56. Quality Fireboat Exhibits  There are informative video exhibits. In the middle television area the rightmost TV is not lined up properly and the languages buttons do not give the correct language. Reprogram the touch screen.
  57. 57. Design/Maintenance Landscaping  Well landscaped park. Much greenery. Much shaded seating.
  58. 58. Design/Maintenance Name of Site  The site is not a playground. Could prove deceiving for visitors with children. Change name to quot;Man Hong Street Sitting-Out Area.quot;
  59. 59. Accessibility Hidden Park  Narrow unmarked pathway leads to the site from the street. Widen pathway and add signage for easier access.
  60. 60. Connectivity ICAC Building  Located behind the ICAC building. Perhaps collaborate with ICAC building to open their gated park for beautification of area. Create lunch area for employees
  61. 61. Quality Basketball Court  Basketball court in use during visits. Technically a different LCSD site, however sites are connected. Adds activity to North Point Ferry Concourse Promenade.
  62. 62. Quality Bench Cages  Benches along the promenade had cages on the back. Keeps seated visitors safe from flyaway balls and other sports even though ball games are not allowed.
  63. 63. Quality Fence Fence as a barrier to the road. Replace fence with a noise barrier wall and plant trees to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  64. 64. Quality Open Space  Large open space at entrance of the site. Allow ball games in the open space or cycling for children. Place a playground within area.
  65. 65. Quality Food Kiosks  Few restaurants or food kiosks within the surrounding area. Add vending or food kiosk.
  66. 66. Quality Shaded Seating  Every bench was filled along the promenade at the time of first visit, most filled at time of second visit. More shade with greenery and create more shaded seating as requested by interviewees.
  67. 67. Connectivity Lots Behind Sites Very narrow promenades with parking lot or vacant lot behind. Use part of parking lot and vacant lot for the creation of larger parks.
  68. 68. Connectivity Signage  Little signage and no LCSD signs. Add LCSD signage: site name, map, rules, info, etc.
  69. 69. Design/Maintenance Chain-link Fences Surrounded by chain link and barbed wire fences. Replace these fences with ones more inviting.
  70. 70. Quality Waterside Fence  People seen fishing through the tall fence along the water. Replace with a lower fence, both removing obstruction from view and allowing for easier fishing.
  71. 71. Quality Broken Bench Benches near cement wall are not shaded and some are broken Repair broken benches and plant Broken Bench trees for shade
  72. 72. Design/Maintenance Paint Cement Wall  Add color to the site by painting cement wall.  Paint a harbour theme mural to match playground.
  73. 73. Design/Maintenance Landscape  Cement block on east side of playground.  Remove structure. Move and build large playground above this area.
  74. 74. Connectivity Barrier Black fence obstructs access to water. Replace on east side of garden with a noise barrier again the Island Eastern Corridor. Remove from west side of garden.
  75. 75. Connectivity Provident/Tong Shui Wall  There is a wall separating these LCSD venues.  Remove the wall and continue the promenade to connect. Move playground to east side of garden and extend its size.
  76. 76. Connectivity Signs  Residents unaware garden is a public site. Add site signs to all entrances. Use LCSD symbol on signs to indicate that it is a public site.
  77. 77. Quality Tunnels to promenade Tunnels under residential buildings lead to waterfront LCSD promenade. Tunnels are dark and lack colour. Add lighting in tunnel and paint concrete walls.
  78. 78. Connectivity Access to tunnel  Plants block gate that leads to tunnel and promenade. Remove barriers to the entrance.
  79. 79. Quality Concrete wall Tall concrete wall secludes promenade. Promenade does not have lighting. Add lighting to promenade and add paintings, mural, or mosaic to concrete wall.
  80. 80. Connectivity Provident/Tong Shui Wall  There is a wall separating these LCSD venues.  Remove the wall and continue the promenade to connect.
  81. 81. Quality Barrier Island Eastern Corridor obstructs harbour view.  Build underpass extending from promenade to highway and connecting to nearby playground. Idea also proposed by the Harbour Business Forum’s study, “Sustainable Transport Opportunity for the Harbour-front” (2008)
  82. 82. Quality Gazebo The gazebo provides shaded seating and shelter for visitors to the site.
  83. 83. Quality Wooden Fences Wood fences surrounding the gardens block the view of the plants. Remove them.
  84. 84. Connectivity Expansion The area adjacent to the park appears unused. Expand the park and extend the promenade.
  85. 85. Quality Seating Park contains few benches. Add more benches.
  86. 86. Design/Maintenance Gazebo Roof Chipped paint on gazebo roof. Repaint gazebo.
  87. 87. Quality Dispenser Machines No food or beverage nearby. Add dispenser machines.
  88. 88. Quality Harbour View No longer on the waterfront because of Central Reclamation Project Loss of Queen’s Pier due to construction. Place a monument of Queen’s Pier outside of City Hall.
  89. 89. Quality Landscape  Aesthetic appeal of garden and sitting area outside of building is well- maintained.
  90. 90. Informational Plaques Quality  Add informational plaques for the history of the area.
  91. 91. Quality Shops, Food/Beverage Shops and eating areas located inside building. Snack and beverage vendor outside of garden. Park used by people eating lunch.
  92. 92. Design/Maintenance Viewing Platform Add trees for shade on platform. Replace benches with wooden ones.
  93. 93. Connectivity Barrier Brick wall encloses garden sitting area and serves as noise barrier from construction. Only one grade-level entrance.  Remove glass walls and create more entrances. Leave brick walls for seclusion.
  94. 94. Back to Central and Western
  95. 95. Harbour View Quality  View of Hong Kong Convention Centre and Wan Chai. Add binoculars for viewing.
  96. 96. Travelators Connectivity  Add travelators from the IFC Mall to the Central Ferry Pier.
  97. 97. Outdoor eating area Quality Steps rarely used. Add food-kiosk at steps. Add shaded seating on promenade. Both benches and tables.
  98. 98. Shaded Seating Quality Add shaded seating along wall.
  99. 99. Connectivity Stairs  Cement wall at Pier 2 blocks direct access from upper to lower promenade. Add staircase.
  100. 100. Design/Maintenance Flooring Flooring is visibly dirty and lacks aesthetic appeal. Replace floor with stone or brick.
  101. 101. Design/Maintenance Concrete Barrier  Replace concrete barrier and guard rail with see-through fence.
  102. 102. Rooftop of Pier Quality  Outdoor restaurant located on rooftop of pier .  Add other rooftop eating and sitting areas.
  103. 103. Design/Maintenance Maintenance Ground is littered and visibly dirty near edge of promenade. Add recycling and trash bins on promenade.
  104. 104. Connectivity Sign to MTR Located near MTR but hard to find. Add signage on promenade to MTR.
  105. 105. Connectivity Temporary Sitting-Out Area Sitting-out area behind Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park construction. Area is temporary and will be added to park.
  106. 106. Connectivity Western Sports Centre  Western Park Sports Centre is behind wall. Connect the Centre with the park. Continue promenade past the Sports Centre.
  107. 107. Quality Swimming Complex Create harbour views by making windows, decks along waterfront side of swimming pool complex. Allow restaurants and food kiosks on north side of building.
  108. 108. Accessibilty Subways Add subways to park for greater access.
  109. 109. Quality Shaded Seating Ensure there is shaded seating along promenade.
  110. 110. Quality Information  Leisure Link Self- Service Kiosk: reserve Service Kiosk facility in building using this and Octopus card. Add sign above machine.
  111. 111. Quality Information  Most information and brochures in Chinese. Advertise other events for LCSD sites at sports centre in both English and Chinese.
  112. 112. Quality Barrier Harbour view is obstructed at ground- level. Remove fence blocking waterfront from sports centre. Use windows in building for viewing points.
  113. 113. Connectivity Food Kiosk  Food kiosk on the third floor. Add signs to the kiosk. Advertise the kiosk at the ground level and within Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park.
  114. 114. Design/Maintenance Landscape Landscape and nautical theme increase aesthetic appeal.
  115. 115. Connectivity Public dock area  Public dock area located across the street from north end of park. People use area for biking, fishing, walking. Connect dock area to park through bike path or walkway and directional signage.
  116. 116. Connectivity Paths in park  Secluded running path runs the north side of park.  Create a trail from running path to main path in park to increase connectivity within site.
  117. 117. Accessibility Add Signage  Hard to find.  Add signs from Bus terminus.
  118. 118. Promenade Quality Unobstructed view of water and Green Islands. Part of promenade is being renovated.
  119. 119. Quality Covered Benches Benches covered with arbours and greenery. Replace benches with double-sided ones to view either soccer or water.
  120. 120. Design/Maintenance Maintenance Flooring, some cracked concrete, and paint maintenance needed.
  121. 121. Connectivity Continue Promenade Continue promenade.
  122. 122. Design/Maintenance Perimeter of grounds Recreation ground is located in an industrial area. Add trees along the back to block from road and add greenery.
  123. 123. Design/Maintenance Soccer Pitch  Add colour to grounds by painting the concrete soccer pitch.
  124. 124. Quality Shed & Changing Room  Extra benches and trash bins are stored behind east fence. Make a shed that serves as storage and permanent changing room/toilets.
  125. 125. Quality Open Grass Area—Dogs Allowed  One of few parks where dogs are allowed—known as a “dog-park” to residents. Keep open grass areas.
  126. 126. Signage Accessibility Route to promenade from hinterland: narrow, unclear. Add signage directing visitors to site.
  127. 127. Connectivity Site Signs Site sign not located at all entrances. Text of site name is hard to see. Place a standard LCSD site sign at all entrances.
  128. 128. Design/Maintenance Maintenance of Entrance  Remove chain-link fence. Plant trees along outside of chain-link fence. Replant flowers on brick.
  129. 129. Design/Maintenance White Fence White fence with barbed wire on the top separates helicopter pad from park. Remove fence.
  130. 130. Quality Landscape Park located adjacent to busy road. Plant trees along outer perimeter of park to block noise, add shaded seating.
  131. 131. Quality Amenities Fence along waterfront does not appear sturdy—signs say “do not lean.” Replace fence with a see-through, glass barrier.
  132. 132. Quality Dispenser Machines/Toilet Remove temporary office and utilize space for dispenser machines and permanent bathrooms.
  133. 133. Quality Well-Maintained Used by school track events where up to 1,000 kids visit premise. Facility is colourful and well-maintained.
  134. 134. Quality Harbour View  Construct seating and food-kiosks on the harbour-front side of sports ground. Continue the stands around the harbour perimeter of the building as a raised viewing platform.
  135. 135. Accessibility Signs to site Fence surrounds perimeter and centre has one grade-level entrance. Add signs on sidewalks directing visitor towards entrance.
  136. 136. Signage Connectivity Difficult to find entrance. Mark entrance with LCSD sign.
  137. 137. Signage Connectivity  Located near Wan Chai Sports Ground , Harbour Road Sports Centre, and promenades. Passage to nearby ? LCSD sites and waterfront is not clear. Add signage.
  138. 138. Wan Chai Swimming Pool Design/Maintenance  Walls between pool and sidewalk are uninviting. Repaint walls, with murals and signs.
  139. 139. Connectivity Signs Entrances hard to find. Harbour Road Add signs around Sports Centre perimeter of building towards entrance. Add more visible site signs at entrances.
  140. 140. Quality Information Signs publicizing activities are hung on fence. Publish these signs in both English and Chinese.
  141. 141. Quality Scheduling Machine  Add a Leisure Link Self-service Kiosk.
  142. 142. Design/Maintenance Repaint Pink wall along perimeter of building has no signs and is uninviting. Replace fence with one similar to the other side of the centre.
  143. 143. Connectivity Viewing Platform A viewing platform connects to shopping plaza and Harbour Rd. Sports Centre.
  144. 144. Quality Harbour view & seating Overlooks Victoria Harbour. Orient benches towards harbour- front.
  145. 145. Quality Food & Seating Children using sports ground eat here. Allow temporary food-kiosks. Replace stair area with shaded benches and tables.
  146. 146. Design/Maintenance Landscape Platform attracts visitors from shopping plaza. Add trees and greenery for both shade and aesthetic appeal.
  147. 147. Design/Maintenance Pipe Remove pipe at edge of platform.
  148. 148. Quality Harbour View  Unobstructed view of TST from edge of promenade. Promote this feature as a tourist attraction.
  149. 149. Quality Waterfront Dining Allow eateries to have outdoor seating along the promenade and park area. Exclude celebration days from seating licensing.
  150. 150. Quality Outdoor Performances Promenade located directly outside Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. Allow outdoor performances on promenade area outside of centre.
  151. 151. Quality Sheltered seating Sheltered sitting areas block harbour- view and need maintenance. Remove sitting- areas and replaces with shaded benches, picnic tables or food-kiosk.
  152. 152. Accessibility Landscape Concrete and lack of greenery detract from aesthetic appeal. Replace concrete ground with brick and add trees and flowers for colour.
  153. 153. Connectivity Connect to nearby promenade Wan Chai Waterfront Promenade located within walking distance. Connect promenades with a bike path or waterfront walk. Add signs directing visitors to and from promenades.
  154. 154. Design/Maintenance Litter on Shore •People observed walking over trash to lighthouse. •Remove the broken bottles and litter from the beach.
  155. 155. Connectivity Difficult to Find •Difficult to find Rest Garden from Waterfront Sitting- Out Area. •Add signage in the residential area between these two sites.
  156. 156. Quality Make Playground Bigger •Mother at playground suggested more playground equipment for neighborhood children. •Add more playground equipment •Extend playground boundary across footpath.
  157. 157. Quality Light House •Harbour view from lighthouse. •Popular attraction for visitors; people seen climbing to lighthouse.
  158. 158. Quality Harbour Views •Vistas from the inside of the rest garden and on the beach provide views of eastern Hong Kong Island.
  159. 159. Design/Maintenance Clean •Walkway and plants were very well maintained.
  160. 160. Quality Steps to Water •The steps to water allow people to access their boats and fish without climbing over the fences.
  161. 161. Connectivity Openings in Fence •Fishermen seen climbing over fence to fish. •Create a few openings throughout the fence allowing people to access the rocks.
  162. 162. Connectivity Site Map •Create an official map located at the entrance of the site that marks the sitting-out area, Lei Yue Mun Sports Centre and Lei Yue Mun Rest Garden, and the Lei Yue Mun Typhoon Shelter Breakwater Sitting-Out Area.
  163. 163. Quality Glass Roof on Benches •Roof lets sun through, heating up the benches underneath. •Replace roof with wood, metal, or a material that provides true shade.
  164. 164. Quality Tables in Sitting-Out Area •Add tables in front of Sports Centre to allow for people to eat, socialize, and play table games.
  165. 165. Quality Windows •Large windows with automated shades provide great harbour views. •Act as a way to solar heat or cool the facility.
  166. 166. Quality Suggestion Box •Suggestion box is unique to this site. •Provides way for users to give the LCSD feedback on all aspects of the facility.
  167. 167. Connectivity Site Labeling •Put site name on side of building. •Only Public Library is labeled on waterfront side of the building.
  168. 168. Quality Advertising for LCSD Venues •Framed posters and pamphlets were available in the lobby and on the second floor. •Allow public to see what are the upcoming cultural and athletic attractions.
  169. 169. Design/Maintenance LCSD Logo and Greenery •The lobby has plants along the windows that provide colour . •The LCSD logo playing sports was unique and inviting.
  170. 170. Quality Views •Unique views of Lei Yue Mun fishing village and boats in typhoon shelter.
  171. 171. Quality Green Wall •Green wall obstructs view of harbour. •Remove green wall and build a promenade fence or build a platform allowing visitors to see over the wall.
  172. 172. Design/Maintenance Plants •Replace dead plants.
  173. 173. Accessibility Ferry Pier •Adjacent ferry pier allows for easy access to site from ferry. •Bus stop is nearby
  174. 174. Connectivity Site Name •Shorten the name of site. •Lei Yue Mun Breakwater Sitting- Out Area.
  175. 175. Design/Maintenance Repave Ground •Replace cement ground with brick or colored tile. •Make the same as the Lei Yue Mun Waterfront Sitting-Out Area.
  176. 176. Quality Granite Benches •Replace with wooden benches.
  177. 177. Design/Maintenance Rubbish Bins •Add a couple more rubbish bins. •Add a recycle bin.
  178. 178. Quality Fishing •The site allows fishing which lets visitors fish carefully.
  179. 179. Quality Remove Wall •Remove wall and relocate site sign.
  180. 180. Design/Maintenance Repaint/Repave •Change the colour scheme. •Repave area behind waterfront fence. •Replace railing.
  181. 181. Quality Benches •Orient the benches towards the water.
  182. 182. Quality Fishing •Located near a ferry pier and in an ideal fishing location. •Observed people fishing from promenade sitting- out area.
  183. 183. Design/Maintenance Shaded Seating and Greenery •The park contained a large amount of shaded seating that was constantly in use during time of visit. •There was abundant greenery throughout the park.
  184. 184. Quality Cultural Monuments •Fishtail rock and the Pagoda are two monuments that are found in the park that are part of the site’s history.
  185. 185. Connectivity Connected Promenades •The park promenade is connected to the neighboring non- LCSD site. •This extends waterfront access and allows visitors to easily get to the nearby ferry.
  186. 186. Design/Maintenance Paint •Repaint miscellaneous areas throughout park.
  187. 187. Connectivity Blocked Off Bench •Remove fence that obstructs the bench
  188. 188. Quality Game Tables •The current game tables are very popular. •Add more game tables. Add them under this shelter or in the open space behind it.
  189. 189. Design/Maintenance Promenade •Replace and add more benches to the promenade. •Provide shade over benches by revitalizing trees •Clean up the promenade and paint the waterfront fence
  190. 190. Design/Maintenance Paint the Wall •Paint the wall that is bordering the swimming pool. •Make the colour match the waterfront fence or create an ocean theme.
  191. 191. Quality Shaded Seating •Add shaded seating along the promenade. •Benches with potted plants and trees.
  192. 192. Quality Shaded Bench Area •Replace wall separating seats from playground with glass •Add game tables. •Orient benches towards water
  193. 193. Quality Change Fence •Replace the fence between the playground and the promenade with glass
  194. 194. Quality Bathroom •Closest bathroom is located in swimming pool complex. •Add bathroom
  195. 195. Quality Various Pools •Pool sizes available for all age groups.
  196. 196. Quality Viewing Stands •Viewing stands accommodate large crowds and makes the swimming pool available for competitive swimming.
  197. 197. Quality Harbour Views •The swimming pool has an unobstructed view of Kwun Tong and eastern Hong Kong Island
  198. 198. Quality Underwater Viewing •Repaint outside wall or •Create a glass side of the pool so swimmers will be able to see the harbour and so visitors of the promenade can watch events from a different perspective.
  199. 199. Quality Shaded Seating •Add more shaded seating to the open space around the pools.
  200. 200. Quality Large Open Park The venue is very large and there is a lot of open space.
  201. 201. Quality Harbour View The site has an unobstructed view of the Central waterfront.
  202. 202. Quality Long Cycling Path The park supports cycling with a 1.5km cycling track and a cycling ground. Bicycles can be rented for use in the park.
  203. 203. Quality Dragon of Lanterns The entire park features the Dragon of Lanterns, a 1.6km row of tall lanterns. The lanterns light up at night and they have wind chimes as well.
  204. 204. Quality Expand Playground Areas The park features several small playground areas. Each area is small and has only a few pieces of equipment. Expand playground areas.
  205. 205. Quality Repair Boardwalk The promenade features a boardwalk for visitors to walk on. Many parts of the boardwalk are in need of repair.
  206. 206. Design/Maintenance Paint Cycle Track The cycle track is unpainted cement. Paint the cycle track.
  207. 207. Design/Maintenance Dragon of Lanterns The Dragon of Lanterns is in need of maintenance in many areas. Replace the sides with painted glass.
  208. 208. Connectivity Add Signage Site lacks sufficient signage. Add site name signs and site layout maps.
  209. 209. Design/Maintenance Maintain Greenery Replace dead plants.
  210. 210. Quality Relocate Facilities The bike rental, toilet, and office facilities are located at the water’s edge. Move these facilities away from water and extend boardwalk to waterfront.
  211. 211. Accessibility Getting to the Site •Cultural Centre marked in the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.
  212. 212. Connectivity Connection to Rest of TST •Directly borders the Avenue of Stars, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and the Hong Kong Space Museum.
  213. 213. Quality Events •Concerts occasionally take place outside of the Centre. •Indoors used for exhibitions and fairs.
  214. 214. Quality Triangle Skirting •Remove skirting allowing for the addition of shops with outdoor shaded seating. or •Keep skirting and insert shops in between.
  215. 215. Quality Building Design •Install a glass viewing façade over the present waterfront wall. The current wall would be left intact allowing non- destructive construction.
  216. 216. Quality Blank Wall Place advertisements for upcoming events in Hong Kong. Line with LEDs to make a large screen .
  217. 217. Quality Shaded Seating Add more benches outside of the Cultural Centre.
  218. 218. Quality History Install a historical plaque for the clock tower or recreate parts of the train station for education and exhibition.
  219. 219. Quality Upper Deck Contains upper deck with sculptures and restaurant.
  220. 220. Quality Upper Deck Walls Replace walls on upper deck with a glass fence.
  221. 221. Connectivity Signage to Restaurants Add signage on the promenade to the Starbucks and the restaurant on the upper deck.
  222. 222. Quality Advertising •Hang giant banners from the front of the museum. Try not to keep plain wall. •Make banners, artwork or advertisement for public events and art exhibits.
  223. 223. Connectivity Spiral Staircase •Make spiral staircase adjacent to Avenue of Stars open, allowing people to go into the Museum from waterfront. •Add benches next to staircase behind Museum. •Add shrubbery with benches.
  224. 224. Quality Outdoor Exhibit •Add a sculpture in the open area in front of museum.
  225. 225. Quality Restaurant/Café •Build restaurant/café underneath the upper deck.
  226. 226. Design/Maintenance Planetarium Dome Paint dome to look like a globe or have covers made for decoration, for example, Hong Kong flag, constellations, cultural advertisements.
  227. 227. Design/Maintenance Theme and Greenery •Implement a space theme outside. Add more greenery around dome and in back of building. •Add a small space- themed playground.
  228. 228. Connectivity Signage •Add a site sign in the back of the building and have more smaller directional signs nearby.
  229. 229. Quality Food Carts and Stars •Orient the food carts on the other side of the promenade and make them face the harbour. •Move stars.
  230. 230. Accessibility Buses •Area along promenade allows tour buses and city buses access to the promenade.
  231. 231. Quality Cafés/Restaurants/Bars •Add bars, restaurants and cafes all along the promenade. •Utilize the views and open areas to the fullest potential.
  232. 232. Accessibility Crossing •Add signaled crossing across Salisbury Road.
  233. 233. Quality Harbour View •Popular tourist destination. Provides views of Hong Kong Island.
  234. 234. Design/Maintenance Landscaping •Well maintained greenery in back of promenade. Provides shade and smoking area.
  235. 235. Connectivity Advertise •Use waterfront gift shops to advertise surrounding museums, attractions, and transportation.
  236. 236. Quality Solicitors and Vendors •Minimize the picture stands for a better view of the harbour. •Get rid of solicitors.
  237. 237. Quality Restaurants •Add more waterfront restaurants and cafés. •Place these on side of promenade that does not face the water. •Orient the restaurants toward the harbour.
  238. 238. Connectivity Connected •Connected to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Museum of Art, Space Museum, and Star Ferry Pier. •The Hong Kong Coliseum is also nearby.
  239. 239. Quality Harbour Views The beach has a view of the Ting Kau Cable Stay Bridge.
  240. 240. Quality Beach Sports The beach provides facilities for beach sports such as volleyball.
  241. 241. Quality Barbeque Pits Add barbeque pits so people can cook food at the beach.
  242. 242. Quality Playground Adding a playground would help the venue to cater to the all age groups.
  243. 243. Quality East End The east end of the beach is covered in rocks and debris. Clean up the rocks to extend the usable beach.
  244. 244. Quality Open building roof for seating The roof of the building would provide a shaded place to sit and enjoy the view Open the stairs and provide seating on the roof
  245. 245. Quality Historic Tree The historic tree located in the playground provides shade.
  246. 246. Design/Maintenance Replace playground equipment Playground equipment is old, some is broken. Upgrade entire playground with more equipment.
  247. 247. Design/Maintenance Remove chain link fence Chain link fence surrounds playground. Replace with barrier plants.
  248. 248. Connectivity Playground Ting Kau Village Playground is connected.
  249. 249. Quality Harbour View Has an unobstructed view of the water and of the Ting Kau Bridge
  250. 250. Connectivity Boats Locals are able to use the site to launch and land boats.
  251. 251. Connectivity Ting Kau Sitting-out Area Ting Kau Sitting-out Area is located under bridge, but not connected. Create a promenade that connects the two sites.
  252. 252. Accessibility Signage There is a lack of signage from transportation at the street entrances and through Ting Kau Village. Add signage to and from the beach.
  253. 253. Quality Seating There are only two benches at the beach. Add more shaded benches to accommodate more users.
  254. 254. Quality Harbour View The beach has an unobstructed view of the harbour.
  255. 255. Connectivity Beach The beach is long and one can continue walking for a long way beyond the end of the site to the east.
  256. 256. Quality Renovate buildings There are several dilapidated structures that are in need of repair. Renovate the buildings and open for public use or rent to businesses.
  257. 257. Design/Maintenance Clean Beach There are rocks and debris in some areas of the beach. Clean up the beach to make it more usable.
  258. 258. Accessibility Signage There is a lack of signage at the street entrance and from the edge of the city nearby. Add signage to and from the beach.
  259. 259. Quality Seating There is little seating available at the beach. Add benches with shade on the back side of the beach, away from waters edge.
  260. 260. Design/Maintenance Art/Theme The park contains lots of art and decorations. The entire park is done with an aquatic theme.
  261. 261. Quality Jogging Trail The park has a well marked and painted jogging track that runs along much of the promenade.
  262. 262. Connectivity Adjacent Promenades The northern end of the promenade is connected to an adjacent non-LCSD venue. This helps create a continuous waterfront promenade.
  263. 263. Quality Shaded Seating Cover the existing benches.
  264. 264. Quality Expand Park/Eateries There is a large vacant lot that borders the park on 3 sides. Expand the park into this land. Allow food and eatery pavilion.
  265. 265. Design/Maintenance Barbed-Wire Fence Barbed-wire fence along the border of the MTR station. Replace fence.
  266. 266. Design/Maintenance Fountains The fountains in the park are not functioning and are in need of repair.
  267. 267. Quality Sports Facilities The park provides facilities for several sports and there is a booking station in the park.
  268. 268. Design/Maintenance Well-Maintained The park is very well maintained, the walkways are clean and the greenery is well cared for.
  269. 269. Connectivity Wall Wall between Tsuen Wan Park and Tsuen Wan Riviera park. This wall is unnecessary. Remove wall.
  270. 270. Design/Maintenance Fences Chain-link fences at northern and southern ends of park. Plant trees in front of fences.
  271. 271. Connectivity Signage Area around the park has malls and restaurants. Add signage both to and from these attractions and park.
  272. 272. Design/Maintenance Blocked Promenade Promenade along the water’s edge is closed and not maintained. Clean, repave, add seating. Open area for public use.
  273. 273. Design/Maintenance Theme Walls along the street side of the park provide noise barrier from industrial area. Decorated with a fish theme.
  274. 274. Design/Maintenance Utilities Area Fenced utilities area with barbed wire fence at south end of park. Plant trees and add shrubbery to block view of equipment.
  275. 275. Quality Facilities No facilities at promenade. Add elderly fitness stations, game tables, foot massage path or playgrounds.
  276. 276. Quality Food/Beverage Area surrounding the park is industrial. Add food and beverage kiosks or rent space to a restaurant or café.
  277. 277. Connectivity Signage Add signage in the surrounding area to the park. Add signage to and from TsingYi Promenade.
  278. 278. Connectivity Adjacent Sites Swimming pool is connected well with adjacent sports ground and promenade.
  279. 279. Quality Restaurant Small restaurant located next to the swimming pool. Provides food so people don’t leave the area to get something to eat
  280. 280. Connectivity Connecting Restaurant No direct route from restaurant to promenade. Open with connectivity through pool area.
  281. 281. Quality Seating Add seating around the pool area. Add picnic tables.
  282. 282. Design/Maintenance Well-Maintained Facility is very well maintained and clean.
  283. 283. Connectivity Signage Add signage marking entrance to sports ground from the promenade.
  284. 284. Connectivity Entrances Add entrance on the north side of the fence that borders the promenade.
  285. 285. Connectivity Adjacent Promenades Both ends of promenade are connected to non- LCSD promenades.
  286. 286. Connectivity Maritime Square Promenade is directly connected to Maritime Square Mall at the TsingYi MTR station. Mall provides places to eat and shop.
  287. 287. Connectivity Residential Buildings Private access to promenade from residential buildings.
  288. 288. Quality Viewing Tower Large viewing tower. Add seating or binoculars at top of tower.
  289. 289. Quality Ferry Landing Ferry landing is no longer in use. Use the structure to provide bathrooms, game tables, or rent to business.
  290. 290. Quality Outdoor Dining One restaurant along the promenade. Allow buildings to use their ground floors for commercial use. Allow restaurants outdoor seating.
  291. 291. Design/Maintenance Bench Shelters Some bench shelters provide neither shade nor shelter. Replace covers with more functional ones, or grow plants on top.
  292. 292. Quality Site Sign Remove fence blocking site sign.
  293. 293. Quality Add playground Site has some playgrounds, an interviewed user suggested a bigger one. Add large playground to the unused space in the middle of the promenade.