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City Speak XI - Is transport the solution or the enemy? Julian Kwong - Road safety engineer



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Development and transport are closely related, but how do we connect the dots and guarantee a livable city for future generations?

Lifting the moratorium in Mid-levels, reducing the threshold for redevelopment and the constant pressure to increase density are all choking the older parts of Hong Kong with more traffic and roadside air pollution.

How do we deal with the increased traffic on new roads to the Mainland? How many more roads are we planning to build on our waterfront? Is there too much public transport clogging up our roads? Is replacing pedestrian crossings with subways and footbridges a good thing?

What plans are there for environmentally friendly transport and aesthetically more pleasing transport infrastructure in Hong Kong? Where are the hopes for making our city more pedestrian-friendly? Can new engine technology solve our problems? Could electronic road pricing help? Will the new rail lines be enough? Do we have a sustainable (transport) plan for our city?

Planners, engineers, academics and officials will discuss whether transport is our solution or our enemy.

Designing Hong Kong is a not-for-profit organisation focused on sustainable urban planning. See:

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City Speak XI - Is transport the solution or the enemy? Julian Kwong - Road safety engineer

  1. 1. CITY SPEAK XI - Is transport the solution or the enemy? Julian TH KWONG Road safety engineering consultant 24th April 20 10
  2. 2. T he pedestrian safety problem Courtesy: Transport Department 2009
  3. 3. P e de strian s prefer level crossings …..
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  7. 7. Courtesy: CERTU, France Urban traffic calming – 30km/h zones
  8. 8. Rural traffic calming
  9. 9. Quality of living Streetscape, Landscape
  10. 10. Design Standard current Hong Kong standard largely based on British approaches of the 80s assumptions and reality need for research and development need for visionary approaches
  11. 11. Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 UN General Assembly resolution (A/64/L.44/Rev.1) 10 March 2010