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Earth Island Institute


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A trip with international dolphin activists to Taiji, Japan to stop the slaughter of dolphins in "The Cove".

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Earth Island Institute

  1. 1. Mark J. Palmer - Associate Director - Earth Island Institute
  2. 2. Global OppositionOpposition within JapanTaiji Monitoring
  3. 3. 1
  4. 4. 2
  5. 5. 23,000 permits issued annually Most = Dall’s Porpoise Harpoon Hunt off northern Japan
  6. 6. Bottlenose Dolphins
  7. 7. Striped Dolphins
  8. 8. Spotted Dolphins
  9. 9. Risso’s Dolphin
  10. 10. Short-finned Pilot Whale
  11. 11. Taiji,Japan
  12. 12. Total Kill: 2007 = 13,170 2008 = 9,153 Total Kill in Taiji 2007 = 1,239 2008 = 1,495
  13. 13. ACTIVISM
  14. 14. The whole cove turns blood redfrom the slaughter of dolphins inthe cove. Dolphins being trapped within Japanese nets encircling them.
  15. 15. The fishermen bang on drums as The Japanese have placed noa tool to herd the dolphins trespassing signs to warn people totowards the cove. They will stay away and not to view thebecome trapped by nets and slaughter.then brutally slaughtered.
  16. 16. The Japanese place these green Japanese Fishermen hiding deadtarps above the killing area so dolphins under the green tarp tothat it could not be filmed. hide their brutal killing.Notice the bloody red water.
  17. 17. Japanese fishermen are about to slaughter this dolphin,squeezed next to the boat by their nets.
  18. 18. He has spent his whole life Ric O’Barry views dolphin in captivity.dedicated to freeing captivedolphins and stopping the killingof whales and dolphins.
  19. 19. Activist from all over the worldteam up to prevent dolphinslaughter in Japan.
  20. 20. A typhoon hits Taiji as we beginour Activism against Dolphin Go home Yankees!slaughter at the Cove.
  21. 21. We finally get the publicity from the To offset lies about us in the Japanese news,Japanese reporters that we want, we put a PEACE sign in the window so thehowever what they report about us people can see our integrity and to offset anyis not the truth. lies that the press give us.
  22. 22. Thank you for your support----------Your dolphin friends!
  23. 23. International Marine Mammal Project www.DolphinSafe.orgSave Japan Dolphins Campaign www.SaveJapanDolphins.orgRic O’Barry’s Dolphin Project www.DolphinProject.orgGraphic Design - Jan Newell • Presentation Specialist • • (619) 356-8483