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Christie Digital Systems offers world-class projection displays and visualization solutions for any type of content. In order to maximize their product development and ensure quality of design Christie has established its own in-house prototyping and testing facility. Christie has recently formed a new division called Hyphen which offers this facility to outside businesses.
Hyphen leverages both FDM and Inkjet 3D Printing technology. Efficiency, speed and material properties have been huge factors for Christie/Hyphen and Mark Barfoot, Managing Director of Hyphen, will present on the value of each of these technologies. With Objet (Inkjet) and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technologies now under the Stratasys name, designers are able to choose the best tool for their prototyping needs.

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Start to Finish 3D Printing with Christie Digital

  1. 1. Start  to  Finish  3D  Printing     with  Christie  Digital  
  2. 2. Before We Start q  This webinar will be available afterwards at & email q  Q&A at the end of the presentation q  Hashtag for this webinar: #DWwebinar
  3. 3. Moderator Leslie Langnau Design World Presenters Mark Barfoot Christie Digital Bruce Bradshaw Stratasys
  4. 4. Start-to-finish 3D printing Presented by Mark Barfoot Managing Director, Hyphen, A Division of Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.
  5. 5. •  •  •  Christie, a global visual technologies company, offers diverse solutions for business, entertainment and industry Christie has installed more than 100,000 commercial projection solutions worldwide We provide display solutions for a variety of industries including: o  o  o  o  o  Cinema Large-audience environments Control rooms Business presentations Training facilities o  o  o  o  o  3D & virtual reality Simulation Education Media Government
  6. 6. World movie premiere, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  7. 7. Expo 2012 Yeosu, Korea
  8. 8. NASDAQ Marketsite Broadcast Studio, New York City, USA
  9. 9. Christie MicroTiles®, London Stock Exchange, London, UK
  10. 10. Weill Cornell Medical College, New York City, USA
  11. 11. US Air Force boom operator weapons systems trainer
  12. 12. Over the past ten years, Christie has invested in state-of-the-art prototyping and environmental testing equipment to help shorten lead time and design cycles in the development of our own projectors and visual displays. o  The centre began its transformation in 2003 with the purchase of a Stratasys® FDM Titan machine. Now the centre is a full-service centre. o  We added Objet Connex 500 in March 2011 to provide smooth surface models and the ability to simulate rubber for gaskets and grips o  We added the Fortus 400 in October 2012 to increase overall FDM capacity and expand our range of available materials.
  13. 13. •  In October 2012, Christie made this infrastructure available for firms across southern Ontario and beyond through the launch of Hyphen. •  Hyphen is a full-service, rapid prototyping and environmental testing center with Canada’s widest range of prototyping and environmental testing capabilities under one roof. •  Our team of professionals has firsthand experience at shortening lead times and project-design cycles. •  Anyone who has an idea that needs to exist in a tangible form can create and physically test their ideas/research at Hyphen.
  14. 14. Rapid prototyping services Additive manufacturing •  •  •  •  Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) PolyJet/Objet Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Stereolithography (SLA) Conventional manufacturing •  •  •  Variety of CNC milling machining centers – 3- 4- 5-axis machines CNC lathe with live tooling Various conventional mills, lathes, sheet metal, welding and woodworking equipment
  15. 15. Rapid prototyping services Polyjet/Objet FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling
  16. 16. Testing services
  17. 17. Why did Christie start down this path for Rapid Prototyping? •  •  •  •  Build prototypes earlier to try out designs Iterate and optimize designs Investigate user serviceability issues early in the design phase Ensure proper design before going to tooling
  18. 18. The benefits of rapid prototyping Cost savings •  Outside vs. internal charges •  Not required to ship product outside and less demands on engineers •  No tooling changes •  No losing market opportunity because of project delays Time savings •  Project cycles shortened and loop backs minimized •  Control of scheduling and timing •  Eliminate shipping time •  Eliminate engineers being away from the office
  19. 19. Christie Medical - VeinViewer® Flex •  •  We’ll walk through from start to finish how we used prototyping to create one of our new products – the VeinViewer® Flex VeinViewer ® projects an image much like a picture on a movie screen, but VeinViewer ® does this in real time making the patient’s skin the “screen”
  20. 20. Christie Medical - VeinViewer® Flex Goal: •  Take an existing large unit and fit it into a handheld device •  Add enhanced features to the unit •  Develop a range of accessories (e.g. arms, stands, cases)
  21. 21. Conceptual modeling Start the development process off with some concepts of the potential product….
  22. 22. Design iterations Encourage engineering to iterate the design to get the optimum result – not just take the first design that works.
  23. 23. Design iterations Don’t just limit yourself to iterating the overall design but look at every detail including knobs and buttons.
  24. 24. Presentation models Create presentation models to explain concepts or help with clarifying final design concepts.
  25. 25. Innovative vibration solutions •  •  Conduct modal analysis Don’t just limit it to your final product - check modules (early in the design phase)
  26. 26. Innovative thermal solutions •  •  •  •  •  Optimize cooling fin designs Use heat pipes and other advanced cooling methods Check for outgassing concerns Optimize airflow to reduce sound FDM – Ultem and PPSF are great for high temperature applications (190°C)
  27. 27. Enhance sound perception •  Don’t just try to lower your sound level – have the sound enhance your product!
  28. 28. Drop testing •  FDM is the only suitable technology •  Objet – parts are too brittle for this type of testing – unless you use ABS-like
  29. 29. Field/demo testing •  •  Create parts that look like the final product Over-molded parts and painted parts can look like the real thing!
  30. 30. Molds Create molds on either FDM or Objet •  Vein mold to create veins with material properties similar to actual veins •  Create molds for gaskets •  Simple injection molds for 20-40 shots
  31. 31. Jigs and fixtures Create a variety of jigs and fixtures •  Layout jigs •  Fixtures for life testing •  Custom interfaces to measurement equipment
  32. 32. Production fixtures •  Create ESD fixtures, either complete with FDM technology or joined to standard CNC machined parts
  33. 33. Low volume production parts •  You can make parts that cannot be made with conventional manufacturing methods •  Combine multiple parts into a single part •  Enables low-volume products to have the same look and feel as high-volume production products •  Build custom parts specific to your customer
  34. 34. Hyphen is a creative playground for all types of industry to commercialize ideas in. BUILD – TEST - OPTIMIZE
  35. 35. Stratasys Overview Bruce Bradshaw
  36. 36. Stratasys - A Powerful Resource •  Headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN and Rehovot, Israel •  Global workforce of over 1100 employees •  $359M combined revenue (2012) •  500 granted or pending additive manufacturing patents globally •  20 technology & leadership awards •  Over 29,000 3D Printers installed worldwide
  37. 37. Stratasys Customers More than 8,000 customers worldwide Global brands as well as smaller companies Our customers are from multiple industries Automotive Aerospace & Defense Industrial & commercial Consumer products Medical Government Education Architecture Toys
  38. 38. A Stratasys for Every Product Stage Concept Prototype Production
  39. 39. A World of Material Possibilities Thermoplastics Durable –  ABS –  Production-grade –  Realistic parts –  Translucent Functional –  Anti-static –  High strength –  Manufacturing tools Industry-Ready –  High strength –  Sterilizable –  Food & drug High-Performance –  Flame retardant –  Chemical-resistant –  Low-toxicity –  Finished parts Photopolymers Rigid –  General purpose translucent –  Polypropylene-like –  High-temperature –  ABS-like –  Transparent Flexible, Rubber-like –  High-elongation –  Wide range of Shore Scale A values (Hardness) –  High Tear Resistance Medical –  Biocompatible for Hearing Aids –  Biocompatible clear material –  Dental Digital Composite Materials –  Pre-defined Digital Materials™
  40. 40. Polyjet & FDM Technologies Polyjet FDM Liquefier Plastic Filament UV Light Extrusion Material B Material Cartridge Material A •  Fine feature details •  Multiple thermoplastics •  Material Versatility (>120) •  Accuracy
  41. 41. Questions? Christie Digital Design World Leslie Langnau Phone: 440.234.4531 Twitter: @DW_RapidMFG Mark Barfoot Phone: 519.749.3115 Stratasys Bruce Bradshaw Phone: 603.689.4597
  42. 42. Thank You q  This webinar will be available at & email q  Tweet with hashtag #DWwebinar q  Connect with q  Twitter: @DesignWorld q  Facebook: q  LinkedIn: Design World Group q  YouTube: q  Discuss this on