How Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors Could Be Costing You a Fortune


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This webinar from Capvidia will show you how to use CompareWorks to diagnose the geometry you import into SolidWorks and show where there are differences and/or give you the assurance it is correct. With CompareWorks, you can establish a documented, traceable procedure in your company workflow. If you work with imported geometry and data integrity is a must, you should attend this webinar.
View this webinar to learn:
• How hidden SolidWorks import errors can corrupt your work in ways you may not discover until it’s too late.
• How to kill hidden SolidWorks import errors, before they kill your project schedule.
• How to avoid expensive mistakes due to incorrect imported geometry.
• Why SolidWorks users need to validate imported data.

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How Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors Could Be Costing You a Fortune

  1. 1. How Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors Could Be Costing You a Fortune
  2. 2. Before We Start This webinar will be available afterwards at & via email Q&A at the end of the presentation Hashtag for this webinar: #DWwebinar
  3. 3. “How Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors Could Be Costing You a Fortune” PRESENTER Lyle Fischer Technical Marketing Director Capvidia MODERATOR Evan Yares Senior Editor Design World CompareWorks
  4. 4. Company: • • • • • Founded in 1994 Development of engineering software applications CAD data translation and CFD services 60+ programmers & engineers (20% PhD) SolidWorks Gold Partner since 1995 Applications Areas: • • • • 3D CAD data translation, 3D CAD validation, 3D CAD quality assessment CFD simulations Capvidia Worldwide
  5. 5. Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors? CAD Data Translation If you enter the following quote from William Shakespeare into a popular online translation tool: "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." Translation Korean translation Translated back to English, we get the following translation: "It can hold our destiny in the stars, but it does not own."
  6. 6. SolidWorks Import Errors Differences between SolidWorks and other CAD systems: • Formats • Kernels • Model tolerance • Geometry and Topology 13 surfaces 226 surfaces 226 surfaces ? 226 surfaces
  7. 7. Model Tolerance Known issues: Different tolerance for MBD solid definition System CAD CATIA V4 CATIA V5 I-DEAS UGS NX SolidWorks Parasolid ACIS Tolerance [mm] 0.1 – 0.02 0.001 0.01 0.0254 0.0254 0.0254 0.001 CATIA - Solid Geometry inconsistencies: • Overlaps • Gaps • Deformations SolidWorks - Geometry deformation
  8. 8. Kernels Differences Known issues: UGS NX, ACIS, SolidWorks, Parasolid CATIA, Pro/E Shared Entities Shared Entities Non-manifold Geometry inconsistencies: • Touching surfaces Manifold
  9. 9. Kernels Differences Known issues: Closed surfaces. Export from SolidWorks to CATIA CATIA UGS NX, ACIS, SolidWorks, Parasolid I-DEAS SolidWorks CATIA V5 SolidWorks CATIA
  10. 10. Hidden SolidWorks Import Errors Model deformations • • • • • • Visible Non visible Surface Fragmentations Surface Curvature Loss Surface Tangency Loss (G1/G2) Entity Definition Change Model Changes are impossible to trace within SolidWorks External audit is required
  11. 11. CompareWorks Demo – Native ProE
  12. 12. How These Errors Can Cost You Money ?
  13. 13. Boeing Supplier Boeing Commercial Boeing Defense
  14. 14. Practical problem SolidCAM Imported Geometry Surface Roughness Finished Part Rejected by Boeing Original geometry after SW Import is unnoticeably changed, resulting in huge cusps on the finishing surface
  15. 15. Practical problem Validation fails due to surface fragmentation It is the same surface where CNC had a problem
  16. 16. Cause of the problem Surface de-fragmentation in data translation 13 surfaces 226 surfaces Neutral (IGES, STEP) Authority Model SolidWorks
  17. 17. Influence on the surface roughness Tool path direction Tool path direction changed Surface explosion No surface explosion < Ra Smooth Ra Raw
  18. 18. Model Alteration by SolidWorks • • • 13 surfaces Import diagnostics (healing) Feature recognition (rebuilding model) Manual Re-Mastering (new design) 226 surfaces
  19. 19. Model Alteration after Import SolidWorks Import Diagnosis Tool • Attempt to Heal All…. After Before Are you aware that this happened? The change is not visible and you are not informed
  20. 20. Model change after feature recognition Feature Recognition SolidWorks Imported part – BREP solid
  21. 21. Model change after feature recognition Feature Recognition Is it still the same as the original model?
  22. 22. Model change after feature recognition Feature Recognition CompareWorks has detected a change by FeatureWorks
  23. 23. How does CompareWorks work? Is the Original Model the same after import to SolidWorks? ? Original Authority Model is the point of reference • Volume? • Surface Area? • Center of Mass? • Geometry? • Topology? • Attributes?
  24. 24. CompareWorks Process Workflow Parasolid Kernel CompareWorks External Audit API SolidWorks Import Authority Model Capvidia Kernel Authority/Reference Model Report
  25. 25. CompareWorks Demo - IGES
  26. 26. CompareWorks Report • • • • Documented and Traceable Process Compliance with Quality Standards – ISO 9000 Boeing D6-51991 Fully Integrated with SolidWorks
  27. 27. CompareWorks Implementation based on Boeing D6-51991 recommendation D6-51991 Validation criteria CAD translation CompareWorks
  28. 28. Who should use it? CompareWorks: • Compares and validates CAD models against user defined criteria • Identifies and manages CAD model shape changes Typical application areas: • Digital process certification of 3D CAD data (e.g. Boeing D6-51991) • Detection of CAD model changes (data translation, re-mastering, etc) • Tracking undocumented changes in design revisions • Detection of changes in CAD assembly structure Benefits: • • • • • Brings prediction into processes based on the reuse of 3D CAD data Complies with standards - Boeing D6-51991, DOD MIL 31000, ISO Documents and validates processes involving 3D CAD data Easy to implement and use Easy to integrate with existing company procedures
  29. 29. CompareWorks Advantages Validation of Data Migration to SolidWorks • CATIA • CREO-Pro/E, • Autodesk, • Siemens NX, … Compare SolidWorks V1 (Parasolid Kernel) to SolidWorks V6 (CATIA Kernel) Eliminate manufacturing errors using SolidWorks • • • • Comply with standards and quality assurance Documented and traceable workflows DOD – Provide documented proof for government Aerospace - Boeing D6-51991, Northrop Grumman, Vought Ensure Confidence using SolidWorks to import CAD models • • • Digital proof that SolidWorks import of data is correct Avoid costly mistakes in manufacturing Detect problems early in the design phase
  30. 30. Conclusion There will be always a differences between CAD systems... but once you know how to find them you will be safe
  31. 31. CompareWorks Free Trial Offer Download CompareWorks from our website for a free time limited trial version
  32. 32. Questions Design World Evan Yares Twitter: @EvanYares Capvidia Lyle Fischer Phone: 507.794.5447
  33. 33. How we handle different native CAD Data? PRO/E KERNEL Entity List Capvidia Capvidia Kernel Kernel Entity List CATIA V5 KERNEL Entity List PARASOLID • • • Based on Capvidia’s Geometry Kernel: Design to capture data from all CAD systems Able to Maintain Original Entity Definition for each Kernel
  34. 34. ASCO - Independent Third Party Verification • Known errors are introduced in the CAD model • Original CAD-model and model with errors are compared • All the introduced errors should be detected by CompareVidia 0.0002 [mm] Introduced Errors: Diameter: + 0.0002mm - 0.0002mm + 0.001mm - 0.001mm + 0.01mm + 0.1mm Plane: - 0.0003mm + 0.001mm - 0.1mm Radius: + 0.01mm Surface: - 0.001mm + 0.01mm + 0.1mm Parallel planes: 0.001mm 0.01mm Hole position changed: + 0.0002mm + 0.001mm + 0.01mm Angled plane: + 0.1mm Hole removed Hole added
  35. 35. Thank You  This webinar will be available at & email  Tweet with hashtag #DWwebinar  Connect with  Discuss this on