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The Art of Crafting A Memorable Logo


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What makes logo designs memorable? Why some brand logos are instantly recognizable while others just fail to make an impression? Why some logos are more likely to catch and retain audience's attention?

If you are bothered by these questions often, rest assured, you are not alone. Logo designing is not at all as simple as it sounds. Siegel+Gale, a global branding agency, recently conducted a new study to understand the science of memorable logos. And according to the findings, logos that are most memorable to the general public use a clear and simple design. Nike, Apple, McDonald's and Coca-Cola are the most memorable global logos; Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, Amazon, Target and Adidas round out the top 10.

Lets dig deeper and find out what it takes to design a truly memorable logo ...

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The Art of Crafting A Memorable Logo

  1. 1. The Art of Crafting A Memorable Logo
  2. 2. Memorable Logos are 13% more likely to get customers’ attention.
  3. 3. Memorable logos are 6% more likely to suggest that a company is more unique than others in its market.
  4. 4. Memorable logos are 7% more likely to make them want to learn more about the brand.
  5. 5. Here’s how world’s most iconic logos look like…
  6. 6. The common traits of a memorable logo
  7. 7. Most importantly, ASSOCIATION is the key to designing memorable logos.
  8. 8. There's a familiarity bias in the sense that when people are familiar with brands, they're much more likely to assign positives, and they're much more likely to assign negatives to the same design if they're not familiar with it.
  9. 9. Here's how certain attributes are associated with certain design elements according to Sie gel+Gale ...
  10. 10. Geometric logos are more powerful, innovative and respected.
  11. 11. Serif Wordmark Logos are more traditional, original, sophisticated and exclusive.
  12. 12. Organic logos are more warm and caring.
  13. 13. Illustrative custom wordmark logos are fun, trendy, friendly and stylish.
  14. 14. Holding shape logos are more approachable, original and reliable.
  15. 15. Initial logos are more edgy and powerful.
  16. 16. How are you making your logos memorable?