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Art and Design: What Sets Them Apart?

Art and Design, the two terms have become so intertwined in the popular vernacular that generally speaking, people forget that these two things signify different things altogether. One is about having free rein, about your imagination running amok. One is about playing with a set of rules, other is all for breaking them. One is about being practical, whereas the other is about not letting practical and impractical notions come in the way of creation.

Let today be the day that your consciousness recognizes art and design effortlessly.

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Art and Design: What Sets Them Apart?

  1. Art and Design: What Sets Them Apart?
  2. Art is non-commercial. Design is commercial.
  3. Art inspires. Design engages.
  4. Art is talent. Design is skill.
  5. Art is abstract. Design is calculated.
  6. Art adheres to no rules. Design follows guidelines.
  7. Art sees no barrier. Design is specific to a goal.
  8. Art is universal. Design is perspective.
  9. Art sings no language. Design uses language.
  10. Art stimulates different meanings for different individuals. Design delivers a consistent message.
  11. Art needs no prior training. Design needs education and practice.
  12. Art is interpreted. Design is understood.
  13. Art is free to express. Design works under certain boundaries.