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16 Design Rules To Break In 2016
Rule #1: Remember all the rules.
Nope. instead, ditch all the rules. Because great designs are designed outside of the box.
Rule #2: Design for the audience.
You are the designer. you know it, right?
Seriously, forget who you are designing for. Just make sure you do justice with ...
Rule #3: Follow the brief.
Follow your instinct (not brief).
Brief is not bible. It is okay to read through th
e brief but don't follow it religiousl...
Rule #4: Simple design rules.
Forget it. Go as FANCY as you like.
Design is never simple. It is a myth that simple designs do
better than realistic ones...
Rule #5: Keep it in grid.
Who cares if your design is well-balanced and looks good?
Don't over complicate design through grids and layouts. If you a...
Rule #6: Design with hierarchy.
In a flat world, where's the hierarchy?
The last time we heard, the world was going flat. So, how does hierarchy
fits into...
Rule #7: Follow a color theme.
Whoever said that did not know Picasso. Because Picasso summed up this
rule pretty right, "Why do two colors, put one next...
Rule #8: Stick to two or three typefaces.
Why there are so many fonts when two are enough, ever asked?
If not, it is time you ask. Font is not just text written in ...
Rule #9: Good designs are flat.
Good designs are good. not flat. No matter how much
you have heard about flat-is-the-thing-and-everybody-
loves-it, it is ...
Rule #10: Whitespace is your friend.
Oh Yes. And It loves playing games. Do you know why whitespace is so
cool and awesome? Because it tricks our mind to un-se...
Rule #11: Golden ratio.
ICYMI: golden ratio is reverse engineering. The fact that
nobody tells you is that every good designs sets perfectly
well ...
Rule #12: Always think cross platform.
Yeah, and what about responsive? Responsive does not
mean designing for various platforms or in different
environments, it...
Rule #13: Don't stretch that font.
Stretch it till you break it. The reason we are told
so is because outstretching a font makes it look
ugly and out of prop...
Rule #14: Do paperwork.
Use whatever tools you are comfortable with. If
paper is not your thing, it is okay to do
preliminary work on your Tab, iP...
Rule #15: Be unique.
Uniqueness is contextual. What is unique today may not be
unique tomorrow. And what is unique here may or may not
be uniqu...
Rule #16: Bring consistency into design.
Humdrum. who likes seeing the same thing over and
over again? Imagine looking at things that are designed
on a similar pat...
Thank you!
Rule #3: Follow the brief.
Rule #3: Follow the brief.
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Rule #3: Follow the brief. 16 Design Rules To Break In 2016

Rule #3: Follow the brief.