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10 UX Design Tips to Maximize Conversion Rate


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Have you ever visited a website and were so turned off by something that you wanted to hurtle off it immediately? It could be anything; perplexing site navigation, an incongruous color palette, poor readability, inapt content structure, bad design, you name it! Chances are you did leave immediately! Would you ever want to subject your website visitors to the same nightmarish experience?

The challenge however, lies in leveraging UX design to receive actual, tangible profit via conversion rates: more sign-ups, higher sales, better leads, etc. Here’s what every UX designer should know to be able to tweak UX to maximizing conversion rates.

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10 UX Design Tips to Maximize Conversion Rate

  1. 1. 10 UX Design Tips to Maximize Conversion Rate
  2. 2. USER EXPERIENCE (UX) is the way toward increasing user sa tisfaction by enhancing the accessib ility, usability and efficiency of user i nteraction with the website.
  3. 3. Follow These 10 UX Design Tips to Maximize Conversions
  4. 4. Craft Winning Homepage Keep it short and simple and place the lo go, essential content and information ab ove the first fold of the homepage.
  5. 5. Leverage The Content Pay attention to the content quality across website and blog, because 70% consumers learn about a com pany through blog posts.
  6. 6. Factor of Humanization Powerful visuals evoke powerful f eelings and emotions which can h ack your users’ attention for a fav orable reaction.
  7. 7. Add Interactive Images Attractive images have got the pot ential to captivate website visitors and provide them superb user ex perience.
  8. 8. Entice with Call-to-Action CTA or Call-to- Action are indirectly related to provi ding exceptional UX experience to th e clients. Use appealing words in you r CTA buttons.
  9. 9. Minimize The Navigation The current trend is toward hiding navigation behind the ubiquitous th ree-line- icon. Make sure visitors know to cli ck there for more options.
  10. 10. Be Mobile Responsive Leveraging responsive techniques while creating your website could help to grab an extended number of users across different devices.
  11. 11. The Social Element Put social sharing buttons next to the content users would want to s hare. Narrow the scope of social s haring function.
  12. 12. Cross Device Compatibility Research your audience’s d evice preferences well. Mos t people have a mental bloc k when it comes to making a purchase on mobile.
  13. 13. Experience After Conversion A good UX design does not end with a click on the CTA. You need to provide value i n your other offerings as we ll.
  14. 14. Connect for More Tips an d Tricks