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10 Inspirational Quotes About Emotional Design


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Every design is emotional and comes with its own emotional range, whether intended by the designers or not. The rules of thumb for innovation design dictate that the trick of the trade is to mold the emotion to the benefit of your product and make it instill positive emotions in the consumers.

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10 Inspirational Quotes About Emotional Design

  1. 1. 10 Inspirational Quotes about Emotional Design. Say it with heart.
  2. 2. Design must seduce, shape, and most importantly, evoke an emotional response. April Grieman
  3. 3. Coca cola supports diversity and evokes the feeling of happiness.
  4. 4. Design is a fundamental human activity, relevant and useful to everyone. Maggie Macnab
  5. 5. Google’s apps are so useful they actually help to save lives.
  6. 6. Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. Brian Reed
  7. 7. Apple celebrates those who think differently, and encourages us to do the same.
  8. 8. Attractive things work better… when you wash and wax a car, it drives better, doesn’t it? Or at least feels like it does. Donald A. Norman
  9. 9. Volkswagen scraps one in fifty cars to ensure that the best is delivered to customers.
  10. 10. Good design touches you, great design touches your soul. M. Cobanli
  11. 11. The user friendly UI design makes Microsoft the ultimate choice for users.
  12. 12. Designing a product is designing a relationship. Steve Rogers
  13. 13. P&G targets mothers in their campaigns since they are the biggest consumers of household products.
  14. 14. Every great design begins with an even better story. Lorinda Mamo
  15. 15. The world’s largest online retailer, was started out of Bezo’s garage at 30 years old.
  16. 16. Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up. Tate Linden
  17. 17. Facebook continued to be customer’s favorite by evolving strategically.
  18. 18. Let us know of any of your favorite emotional designs.