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Ind eng-789-ppt

  1. 1. Title Our story of Change from Satya Bharti School, Labana, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Bharti Foundation Problem being attempted to change: Road Accidents and Disobeying Traffic Rules
  2. 2. • Bharti Foundation – Bharti Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Bharti Group Companies. – The prime objective is to bridge the existing education divide and make quality education accessible to underprivileged children in rural India. – The Foundation aims to help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential. • Satya Bharti School Program – The Satya Bharti School Program is the flagship program of Bharti Foundation. – It aims to deliver free quality education to underprivileged children, with special focus on the girl child across rural India. – Present Operational Status: • Number of Schools Operational: 236 • States of Operation: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Tamil Nadu • Number of Students Enrolled: Over 30,000 Introduction
  3. 3. About the Community • Geographical Location: Situated road side to the Jaipur – Delhi Highway, Labana a village backward in many respects. Labana is itself a Gram Panchayat, Block Amer, District Jaipur. The majority of population is of SC and ST. There is a small market in Labana just side of the highway • Cultural Background: The problems of liquor in taking and driving the vehicle in their own way is the concern for the village. Main source of livelihood is Agriculture and Business. • Role of Satya Bharti School in the Village: Satya Bharti School Labana worked like a catalyst to change the rotten culture of the village. We mixed with the community, there was many challenges but we faced it. As a result we have 115 students from the very backward community and it is our achievement. Through our other community development campaigns on Saturdays, we paid efforts to change the belief system of the people and encouraged to make them think for their children. • Participation in ‘Design for Giving’ School Contest: When the students came to know about they are going to conduct such a campaign with a vision – “To protect the people, to protect themselves” spreading the awareness for road safety and traffic rules. Our students makes realize to the community members that EOM – Every One Matters, so we have to save our live and it is short and we do not suppose to make it shorter.
  4. 4. • In Labana near about 20 people died in the road accidents and three people met with an accident in Jaipur because of their fault and unawareness for the traffic rules. • Often it is also come in ears, when the people goes to Jaipur or other towns, they mostly have to pay challan for wrong driving and disobeying traffic signals. • The campaign is designed to resist such incidents in future and generate awareness for the highways rules and regulations also because the school is located just side of the highway. We ‘Felt’: Photograph (If any)
  5. 5. • To take initiative to change the habit of people for disobeying the rules for driving. • Make the people understand buying vehicle is another thing and driving it is a another thing. • Inhibit regular practice to wear helmet. • Keep license, insurance and pollution certificate while driving bike or having bike. • Incorporate the culture to drive slow and safe. We ‘Imagined’: Photograph (If any)
  6. 6. • The awareness rallies were organized. • The street meetings and plays has been conducted. • One to one communication. • Helmet introduction activity to address benefits of the Helmet We ‘Did’: Photograph (If any)
  7. 7. • It is only the beginning, plenty to do, but transforming the society is begin with the transforming an individual. • Community members listened and convinced through our campaign and decided to follow the Road and Traffic Rules. Impact on Community: Photograph (If any)
  8. 8. • Students are now more motivated now. • Encouraged to take initiatives. • Can plan and implement. • Enhanced leadership and team spirit among the students. • Ignited the feeling of ownership among the students • There is now more association and bonding among students to think innovatively and creatively. • It is now reflected that our students proved the theory of Bloom Taxonomy – Recall, Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation through this campaign • Teachers were feel more empowered in the process of execution and implementation and wined the more faith of the people. • Teachers got appreciation and positive responses from the community, which added jewel to their rapport and identification as a social activist for a social change. Impact on Us:
  9. 9. Experience of Community Members & Teachers: • Shivram Gurjar – Hum logo ko bahut aacha lag raha ki hamerey baccho may itna atm vishwas dekhney ko mil raha hai, jo bacchey kuch bhi bolney may sharmatey thhey aaj wo logo ko samajha rahein hai, vishwas nahi hota hai. • Badrinarayan Sharma – “Baccha jo chiz, jo bata maaney batya, bai sari bata apna boaat kam ki chhey. Aapa sadak maley dayan – bayan dekh kar chala toh koi accident ko no ho sakey. Sabse chokhi bat maney ya lagi ki baccha jo mobile ki bat bataya ki gadi chaalta samay mobile par baat na karey”. • Rohit Gurjar (Student Class Vth) – We are happy and enjoyed so much and want to do such things again and again. We learned many things from this campaign. • Amit Sharma (HT) – A very good thought now turned into reality, we did it, is our success half success and complete victory when each of the people from labana drive safe and adopt the things spread by our students and they can also circulate it as much as possible.
  10. 10. • Construction of School signal in the out side of the school, as the vehicle coming through the highway and when crossing the school, its speed will turn slow after seeing that board. • The board can be easily appear from 50 mt. away by which the driver will able to take necessary action. • It is also planned by the community members to lay Zebra crossing in the front of the school on the highway, the another safety measure to prohibit any mishaps or accidents. • The more such community awareness programs will be initiated to prohibit the habit of liquor in taking while driving vehicles. The Road Ahead…..(in the next 3 months)
  11. 11. Students Participating in the Contest: # State District School No. of Students Participating Name of Student Class 1 Rajas than Amer, Jaipur SBGPS Labana 17 Vishal Barolia Vth 2 17 Jitendra Raiger Vth 3 17 Yogesh Gandhi Vth 4 17 Krishn Barolia Vth 5 17 Sonu Bunkar Vth 6 17 Chandra Bunkar Vth 7 17 Rakesh Bunkar Vth 8 17 Mahesh Meena Vth 9 17 Rohit Gurjar Vth 10 17 Pooran Bunkar Vth 11 17 Priyanka Bunkar Vth 12 17 Priyanka Bunkar Vth 13 17 Rachna Verma Vth 14 17 Radha Raiger Vth 15 17 Monika Meena Vth 16 17 Rekha Meena Vth 17 17 Koushlya Gurjar Vth
  12. 12. • School Staff – Mentor Teacher(s) Mr. Amit Sharma, Rajkumar Bunkar, Pradeep Sharma, Priyanka Sharma, Rajni Chouhan and Meenakshi Pareek • State Team – Cluster Coordinator – Affaque Haider – District Coordinator – Mr. Brajesh Bhardwaj Team Responsible:
  13. 13. Thank you