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Ind eng-718-ppt

  1. 1. The aim of our campaign was to keep our city “MUMBAI” clean and also to make people aware about the importance of our environment and to keep our city and country clean.
  2. 2. Cleanliness of our surrounding plays an essential role in today's world. Accumulated wastes besides emitting foul odor can attract mosquitoes, flies and also rodents which can cause deadly diseases.  Accumulated waste can cause following health hazards:  Domestic waste often thrown on roads make the place dirty and narrow for movement.  The beauty and greenery of a place is also spoilt due to waste.
  3. 3. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle should be our motto.  REDUCE: Don’t buy too many things as they will end up creating too much garbage, so buy as much as you require.  REUSE: Use things which can be used repeatedly instead of throwing them after using them just once  RECYCLE: Recycle whatever possible like newspaper, metals, plastics, paper, tin cans, etc.
  4. 4. We informed stundents what they should do and not do about garbage.  Garbage attracts dogs who eat the garbage and fall sick and may also die.  Not to leave food uncovered which attracts disease causing germs  To throw garbage in the bins and not on the road as the land may become dirty and unhygenic.  Also not to throw garbage in water bodies as these may become dirty and cause harm to us as well as nature.
  5. 5.  We educated the children and the people about the importance of clean surroundings and problems faced due to unclean surroundings.  We did so by giving speeches and displaying posters to the children and the people.  It really worked well and we saw a change in our surrounding.  We made a number of posters and went with it outside the school and in each class of our school.
  6. 6. We visited each class of our school and educated the children about the importance of clean surroundings through speeches and posters that we prepared. Also rewarded some students with the “KING CLEAN” and “QUEEN CLEAN”. Some of them were:  Surbhi  Kushal  Vidhi  Arjun  Disha and many more…
  7. 7. We went to “OLD NAGARDAS ROAD” and we saw many people littering around on the roads causing harm to the city. We informed people about the consequences which we all could face due to littering. Many people with whom we talked responded nicely but others were least bothered about what we had to say including some youngsters. Some people who were littering, spiting and using poly bags promised us not to do so. Some of them were:-  Shweta Mathius  Praveen  Amar  R.B Gada and many more….
  8. 8.  On 6th October ,2010 we went outside our school to educate the people that they should not litter , not spit ,should not use polythene bags and should not throw cigarette buds on the road as they take 12 years for nature to recycle and they are non- biodegradable wastes.
  9. 9.  On 7th October ,2010 we went outside our school in order to clean our surrounding and to make Mumbai “clean and green”.  When we saw the roads ,they were very filthy so we decided to clean the roads and after cleaning it once again when we walked back , it looked much more clean than it was in the beginning.
  10. 10. And by now we know the importance of our surroundings and how cleanliness is important. We prepared a jingle for our campaign. This is the jingle:  Do not waste  Learn to reuse or else earth life will soon reduce  Save paper and conserve the rest  This step will make our world the best
  11. 11. A Project By- Vissanji Academy