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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Ind eng-525-ppt

  1. 1. First of all we visited the village Mohie. We saw number of public places like Dharamshala, local bus stand, stadium and village panchayat rest room. The cleanliness on these places was not satisfactory. No one took responsibility to clean these places. BEFORE
  2. 2. Nobody was taking the responsibility to clean the common places
  3. 3. We decided to clean these public places and make arrangements accordingly. The enthusiasm of all the children brought a lot of warmth to every heart as well.
  4. 4. Village rally, Community participation
  5. 5. Associates with the help of community members worked hard and improved the public places. The villagers also appreciated and joined us for this cleanliness mission. The pictures, shows how the community members associated with our team. Community Youth club members
  6. 6. School Children went around the village to create awareness
  7. 7. Joint Effort by Community and Children Our school team Sarpanch & community members
  8. 8. Our efforts achieved the goal. The deserted places with the efforts of our students now attract the eyes of the villagers.
  9. 9. AFTER Panchayat ghar Stadium Dharamshala
  10. 10. Students of Satya Bharti School Mohie Sr.No. Admission No. Name of the students Class     1 91 Archana Devi 4th 2 85 Mamta Devi 4th 4 134 Anu Kumari 4th 5 196 Sangeeta Devi 4th 6 148 Manpreet Kaur 4th 7 83 Arshdeep Singh 4th 8 86 Jaspreet Singh 4th 9 93 Rohit Kumar 4th 10 133 Abhey Kumar 4th 11 155 Arvind Kumar 4th 12 61 Shiv Datt 4th 13 111 Milan Singh 4th 14 135 Harpreet Kaur 4th 15 195 Prema 4th